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Statement of Intent


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Statement of Intent

  1. 1. City & Guilds Assignment 305 Photo image capture Pro forma for task 1a) Statement of intentCandidate name: Theme:Julie Barnes ArchitectureTitle of the theme:Professional application of the photography to be undertakenI plan to take a series of photographs of architecture in Salford Quays andManchester City Centre. I will be focusing on the contemporary buildingsspecifically those with less traditional design, for example, those buildingswith an unusual profile giving it an exceptional outline or silhouette, forexample, buildings with curved profiles, protruding edges, etc.Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)I have lived and worked in Manchester for most of my life and I haverecently started working at Salford Quays. I think that Manchester has beendeveloped significantly since the bombing in 1996. I think the developmentover the recent years has been amazing and it has been wonderful towatch an area which I love develop into a much more vibrant place withmany contemporary buildings. I wanted to be able to capture that in thisproject.Personally this was a more challenging subject for me as I tend to beattracted to photographs of nature or historic buildings rather than modernarchitecture. The project has made me look at the buildings around meand really see them for the first time.
  2. 2. When I was researching for this project, I have been studying a number ofdifferent photographers who work specifically on architecturalphotography. However, there were three in particular which I felt that Iidentified with and appreciated their work.Iwan BaanIwan Baan who is a Dutch architectural photographer who usedunexpected perspectives to revive the traditionally static art ofphotographing structures. He grew up outside Amsterdam, studied at theRoyal Academy of Art in The Hague and worked in publishing anddocumentary photography in New York and Europe.Konstantinos KontosProfessional architectural photographer with 20 years experience inadvertising and business area based in Athens and from review of hiswebsite, the majority of his photographs are from the Athens area.Joel LassiterProfessional commercial photography with 15 years experience based inCharlotte, North Carolina after completing a Fine Art degree in sculptureand photography. He focuses on detail oriented images and portrayingthe form in a two dimensional setting.For more information on the way these photographers influenced mydecisions during this project is shown in Section 2: Contextual Research.These photographers have inspired me to do the same in the photographswhich I take in Manchester and Salford Quays.The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and whyI will be using a Canon EOS 500D Digital SLR Camera using Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens. I will be using digital photography as it is quicker and easier toprocess and manipulate.The photos will be taken both during the day and in the evening. I will beusing a tripod for the night shots to ensure the stability of the camera tominimise the effects of camera shake as I will be using a slow shutter speed.
  3. 3. Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visualmessageThe photos will be taken from street level although some of the buildingswhich I will be photographing are high buildings. This perspective willconvey the size and extent of the buildings.In the composition of the photographs I will try to use to lines, curves, andshapes which are the focus of my photos within the composition to theylead the eye through the photograph.I will also be trying to establish a three-dimensionality to the photographs bythe taking the shots from a corner viewpoint, for example, to better showhow the overall structure of the building.Different shutter speeds and aperture will be varied for the time of the day andalso for the different shots and will be detailed in Section 3: Explanations ofTechnical ConsiderationsHow light quality can be used to help convey the visual messageI will be using natural lighting for the photos. I will be planning my photoshoots on the days which the weather is clear and fine to enhance thenatural light.????? – can’t think what else to write Talk about shadows (or lack of them) what kind of effect will the naturallight have on the QuaysRisk and health and safety considerationsAll photographs will be taken in public places in town or city centre. Carewill be taken to ensure that I do not blocking any pavements particularlywhile I am working with the tripod for the evening shots. As a result, therewas little risk to be taken into account with regard to safety.???? – what else to say?Just put you will carry out a risk assessment