Ignition five 18.06.12


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Ignition five 18.06.12

  1. 1. 18.06.12
  2. 2. This Week...Tourism British Columbia, a bright light App, the little guy inside the ATM, the UK national lottery andthe Smart Drop ProjectTourism Vending MachineTourism British ColumbiaBright Light AppRay BanThe little guy inside the ATMBBVA FoundationLife Changing CampaignUK National LotterySmart Drop ProjectEvian
  3. 3. Tourism Vending MachineTourism British ColumbiaIn what might be seen as the ultimate vendingmachine, Tourism British Columbia placed a giant, 14-foot tall, 10-foot wide vending machine, in JustinHerman Plaza in San Francisco for a few days, openingthe locals up to a whole new world of British Columbiaholiday experiences, in the form of vending machinegifts, both big and small.A lovely way to promote a tourist destination, byshowing people all the things that can be done there!
  4. 4. Ray-BanBright Light AppTo show that Ray Ban is a brand that cares about theircustomers they introduced “Bright Light”, an applicationthat helps customers to get the most out of the sun andtheir sunglasses during spring.This app helps customers get back outside to hang outin the sun by showing where and when to find sunspotsin their cities.
  5. 5. The little guy inside the ATMBBVA FoundationA smart creative idea from Peru to get people’s attentionon a problem that affects seven out of ten children inthe country: illiteracy. A man was placed inside an ATMmachine to deliver the message in one of the momentswhen people is simply forced to read what’s on thescreen. At the same time they also made it possible tomake an immediate donation to the BBVA Foundation’sReading is Being program.Quite invasive but an innovative idea!
  6. 6. UK National LotteryLife Changing campaignAs part of the National Lottery – Life Changing campaignBBDO launched an ad campaign demonstrating toviewers that the 1 in 10 million chance to win half amillion pounds is money well spent, as money is alsoused to fund things other than the basic functions ofstate government.So this ad shows a true story of the Olympian JennyMeadows and her mother Barbara who always wanted tobe a runner, and now her daughter Jenny, who sharesthe same dream, is representing her country in London2012 with the sponsorship of the National Lottery.
  7. 7. Smart Drop ProjectEvianEvian Smart Drop, an innovative Wi-Fi fridge magnet inthe shape of a drop of water. In a fun and simple waythe Evian Smart Drop allows users to order naturalmineral water, for delivery to their doorstep, withouteven using a computer or phone.The idea is to simplify peoples lives by making it possibleto order bottled water the moment they realise they’rerunning out, when they’re in front of your fridge. Nomore carrying of heavy bottles from the shop.A lovely example of creating a new product that helpsenhance the brand experience.