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Ignition five 11 06 12


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Ignition five 11 06 12

  1. 1. 11.06.12
  2. 2. This Week...Pedigree Donation Glasses, Chat Roulette on Facebook, The rescue drive, Lego’s greatest Euromoments and the Outdoor shoe storePedigree Donation GlassesPedigree Adoption DriveAirtimeChat roulette on facebookRescue DriveOrca ChevroletLego create greatest Euro momentsLegoOutdoor Shoe StoreGoertz
  3. 3. Pedigree Donation GlassesPedigree Adoption DriveThe Pedigree Adoption Drive offers support to thousandsof abandoned dogs across the country. While thenumbers hadnt dropped, unfortunately public interesthad.Colenso BBDO thought up this innovative interactive wayto drum up public interest in New Zealands PedigreeAdoption Drive, the brands effort to rescue and put upfor adoption abandoned dogs around the world.By adapting the way 3D glasses work they were able tosimultaneously project two entirely different films on thesame screen.Viewers at screenings of The Avengers were offered thechance to make a small donation to the PedigreeAdoption Drive and be provided with a pair of yellowglasses. If they didn’t donate, they were handed redglasses.Utilising the technology, they shot two beautiful parallelstories - one of a mistreated dog who gets rescued, theother of the same dog who tragically never gets found. Video of un-rescued dog saved here:
  4. 4. AirtimeChat Roulette for FacebookAirtime is, in part, a service that allows people to easilyvideo chat with friends.Described by its founders Shawn Fanning and SeanParker of Napster fame (in Parkers case Facebook fametoo), as a way to reach people outside their socialgraphs.The is the only live video chat product that is fullyintegrated with facebook that allows you to chat withyour friends and also experience live video together andwatch friend reaction.Airtime allows you to discover new friends based onshared interests.
  5. 5. Rescue DriveOrca ChevroletTo promote the new Chevrolet Cobalt, a complete newapproach in test-driving was used. The most idealmoment to convince people to buy a new car is whentheir ‘old’ car lets them down. So when people ordered atow truck, a brand new Chevrolet came with it and theywere invited to use this car to get to their destination.
  6. 6. Lego create the greatest Euro momentsWith the European championship underway, Lego haverecreated some of the best moments from the last 24years of the competition and it’s an absolute treat forfootball fans!
  7. 7. Outdoor shoe storeGoertzSimilar to Tesco’s virtual store Tesco’s virtual storeexperience, German shoe retailer Goertz has turnedoutdoor media into retail space. What’s interesting thistime, is that the experience is getting more personal andmore social.An installation using 3 Kinect sensors means people canvirtually try on any shoe from the Goertz catalogue.Social sharing is built into the experience viafacebook. A QR code is generated linking users to themobile commerce site with the shoe, size and colour –ready for purchase and next day home delivery.