Ignition five 05.06.12(approved)


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Ignition five 05.06.12(approved)

  1. 1. 05.06.12
  2. 2. This Week...Volkswagen “Original Click” Youtube ads, Hovis TV ad, Lorem Ipsum Recruitment, Charlie Sheen andBavaria and the Driving/Phone experiment“Original Click” Youtube adsVolkswagenHovis Farmer’s LadHovisLorem Ipsum RecruitmentJung Von MattCharlie SheenBavariaDriving/Phone ExperimentRoad Safety Authority Belgium
  3. 3. “Original Click” Youtube adsVolkswagenHere’s a really simple, but suitably smart digital mediaplacement from Volkswagen, attempting to warn peoplenot to stand for imitation Volkswagen parts.To do this, Volkswagen bought YouTube ads acrosspopular videos that were imitations of great ones, andserved them with an ad saying “Don’t accept Imitations.Prefer Original Parts” which would click through to theoriginal version of the video duplicate they werewatching!
  4. 4. Hovis Farmer’s LadHovisWatch a heart-warming relationship between a farmingfather and the hard work that goes into a farmers dailyroutine, as the young boy overcomes the dailychallenges his father faces.The Farmers Lad earns his fathers respect throughdetermination to make him proud, reinforcing the hardwork and endeavour that goes into every Hovis 100%British Farmers Loaf.
  5. 5. Lorem Ipsum recruitment campaignJung Von MattAn innovative recruitment campaign.How to reach creatives and art directors? Target themusing a site they frequent regularly – LoremIpsum, where they cut and paste text when mocking upcreative. Over 50,000 people a day visit the site, givingyou a very tight target market.Jung Von Matt, the creative agency in question, hid thejob ad in the Lorem Ipsum itself. The results showed220,000 people pasting the job offer into theirlayouts, with over 14,000 of them clicking through to thejob landing page.A clever way to catch the attention of potential artdirectors for JVM.
  6. 6. Charlie Sheen RebornBavariaWe witness how Charlie Sheen leaves the Rehab clinic.While driving home he notices that everybody on thestreets -even cops and pregnant women- is drinkingbeer. When he arrives home, he finds out what hashappened to the world: everybody is drinking Bavaria0.0% (alcohol free beer).He joins the party!
  7. 7. The driving/phone experimentRoad Safety Authority Belgium People who are on their phone whilst driving are 70% more likely to cause an accident. If you’ve never experienced a road accident, talking on your phone doesn’t seem to cause any harm. So, the best way to educate people was to allow them to experience the direct consequences of their actions. The Road Safety Authority in Belgium teamed up with a popular video sharing site, to turn normal internet videos into an interactive experience. Through letitring.be, you can register your friends email address and phone number, and they receive a link to an unsuspecting car crash video. What they don’t realise is that they’re playing the main role as driver. Watch and see!