06 Isaac Potoczny-Jones: Open, Mobile, and Linux: A basic introduction to Android G1 development


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Android is a Linux-based open source operating system by Google that can be used to power smart phones like TMobile's G1. It's a very open platform, and easy to develop software for. Isaac will give an overview of the development environment and highlight some key features of the operating system with a focus on what makes the open nature of the Android so powerful.

Isaac will illustrate these topics by giving a brief overview of the encryption system he and others have been building into Android:

For programmers, this talk will aim to be an effective introduction to Android so that you can go home, install the development tools, and start hacking even if you don't have a phone. For non-programmers, this talk will aim to give you a taste of how open-source principles will soon affect a cell phone near you.

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06 Isaac Potoczny-Jones: Open, Mobile, and Linux: A basic introduction to Android G1 development

  1. 1. Open, Mobile, and Linux: Android G1 Isaac Potoczny­Jones  ijones@syntaxpolice.org  Twitter:       SyntaxPolice  http://www.syntaxpolice.org     
  2. 2. What is that thing? The TMobile G1 is a smart phone.  A smart phone is a computer.  Android makes the smart­phone go.  Android is Linux!      
  3. 3. Finally, Robotic Beings Rule the World!    
  4. 4. Android is Open Source.    
  5. 5. Apple: A step in the right direction    
  6. 6. Apple: A controlled user experience    
  7. 7. Google: Openness is good for the software industry.    
  8. 8. Freedom!    
  9. 9. The Android Platform Application separation  Each application is digitally signed  Each application runs as its own user  Applications can't interfere with each­other  Anyone can upload signed apps to the Market  Well­defined API for inter­process communication  Translation: Good fences make good neighbors     
  10. 10. Platform: What Are Intents? Android's method of inter­process communication  ACTION: org.openintents.ACTION.ENCRYPT  Parameters: org.openintents.EXTRA.TEXT  Return Value: org.openintents.EXTRA.TEXT  Translation: Here's a picture of a cute kitten:     
  11. 11. Intents & the OpenIntents Project Intents combine capabilities of multiple apps  Smart­phone application mashups!  OpenIntents:   A hub for open source Android applications  Focus on application inter­operability  Create re­usable ”Intents”  Bring open­source concepts to the way applications   on your phone interact.    
  12. 12. Development: Java, Eclipse, Debugger,  Emulator, User Interfaces,  and SQLite    
  13. 13. Crypto Intent (The nerdy program I wrote) Translation: Encryption is the reason you can't understand a word I'm saying.    
  14. 14. Collaboration    
  15. 15. Android Ventures Open source is not inconsistent with ventures  You can write closed­source apps for Android  All Market apps are currently free, but this will change  Might be interested in starting some kind of venture     
  16. 16. Social Entrepreneurship Social Businesses compete in the marketplace with all other competitors but are inspired by a set of social objectives.    
  17. 17. Meditation Words: Sell Android Apps & Donate the Proceeds    
  18. 18. Getting Involved in Android OpenIntents:  (Google for ”openintents”)  Needs Translators, Testers, Documenters  Developers:  Download the SDK (Google for ”android sdk”)  Try ”Hello World” Tutorial  Pick an OpenIntents project to work on:  Notepad  Shopping list  RSS Reader  You don't need a phone to try it out!     
  19. 19. Local Android Action Don Park's IceCondor: quot;open source continuous   location trackingquot;. Android Meetup (Mobile Love, Android Style)  Developers & Power Users  Check upcomming.yahoo.com  Lucky Lab – SE Hawthorne  Every 2nd Monday @ 6PM     
  20. 20. Thank You! Isaac Potoczny­Jones  ijones@syntaxpolice.org  Twitter:     SyntaxPolice  http://www.syntaxpolice.org  I like giving talks :) 