Gamification of Health


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Fabio Gratton, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Ignite Health, presents in Pecha Kucha style at Kru Research's 2011 ePatient Connections conference in Philadelphia. To watch a video of the presentation go to

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Gamification of Health

  1. 1. I love you Pecha Kucha! You cheating bastard!ePatient Connections | Philadelphia, PA | Sept 21, 2011
  3. 3. Breathe easier w/Cystic Fibrosis Blast cancer and learnFight iron overload Shred diabetes
  4. 4. HealthSeekerNike+ FitBit Zamzee HealthMonth
  5. 5. A pedal-powered vending machine? Why didn’t I think of that?!?! Because you’re too busy with your stupid video games, moron!
  6. 6. Puzzle-loving Gamers Solve One of Science’s Biggest Riddles in 10 Days! Competitive social interaction is a strong driving force.
  7. 7. Achievements Blissful Behavioral Bonuses Appointment Cascading Productivity Momentum Dynamics Information Theory Combos Community Countdown Discovery Epic Meaning Free Lunch Collaboration Infinite Levels Loss Aversion Lottery Ownership Points Gameplay Progression Quest Reward Status Urgent Virality Schedules Optimism
  8. 8. Game Mechanics GamificationRule-based systems that The applicationfacilitate, motivate, and of gameencourage users to mechanics andexplore and learn the game-thinking inproperties of their non-gamepossibility space environments tothrough the use of increase fun andfeedback mechanisms. engagement. Source: Wiki
  9. 9. Countdown Dynamics
  10. 10. ProgressWars.comThe ultimate game of being better than all your friends at filling progress bars
  11. 11. “Reality doesn’t motivate us effectively.Reality isn’t engineered to maximize ourpotential. Reality wasn’t designed from thebottom up to make us happy.Reality, compared to games, is broken.” Jane McGonical, author of REALITY IS BROKEN (2011), speaks at TED 3/11
  12. 12. Reality: Worst Game Ever
  13. 13. Player on the verge of an EPIC WIN
  14. 14. Introducing…a health gaming modelExperience | Purpose | Incentive | Catharsis
  15. 15. experience Create an experience set in a engaging environment
  16. 16. purpose Ensure players progress with w/plan & purpose
  17. 17. incentive integrate incentives to drive increased involvement & interaction
  18. 18. catharsis Deliver cathartic moments on a continuous course of escalating challenges
  19. 19. It will thank you laterLet’s Myagi the world @SKYPEN | IGNITE HEALTH | THANK YOU!