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Tamaño 160x160 ingles

  1. 1. AERONUR+34.963.04.30.03 > aeronur@aeronur.com
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION.Today, airports are not only required to provide a quality public service to their catchment areas, butare also expected to function as important drivers of the regional economic activity. Efficient andprofitable business entities.Since the airport privatisation process began in the 80s, the constant development of airports ascommercial entreprises has not ceased. The reason is that airports are not only important elements inthe national and international transportation systems, but also attractive businesses due to their: Sustainable Competitive Advantages. Airports are subject to limited competition for passengers in their catchment areas, resulting in steady growth and low volatility. Low risk and High Growth. Airports have many characteristics of infrastructure assets combined with exposure to the high volume growth of the aviation sector. World air traffic is expected to sustain its historic growth rate at around two times the growth rate of GDP. Under-Geared Capital Structures. Airports are capital intensive businesses which provide significant opportunities to enhance cashflows to equity through aggressive capital management.
  3. 3. ABOUT AERONUR.AERONUR is an international consultancy firm based in Spain specialised in airports development.Stimulating the development of airports; facilitating their integration in the regional socio-economicenvironment; and helping them achieve their full financial and economic potential.WHAT DOES AERONUR OFFER.We concentrate our activity in three areas:Analysis of existing airports aimed at identifying those areas that can help stimulatetheir traffic and economic development and improve services.Feasibility Studies for new airports. Business planning, analysis of potentialdemand, evaluation of alternatives and comparative research.Develop Technical Arguments for Airports and its Stakeholdersto attract services and to apply for investment and development funds, as well as to provide anindependent and objective analysis of an airport’s potential.
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES.Airport Analysis and potential for development. We provide a realisticanalysis of an airport’s performance with the aim of determining its true potential. The analysiscovers: management, economic and financial performance, route development, master planning andbusiness planning.Development of new airport infrastructure. AERONUR carries outfeasibility studies for new airport infrastructure, paying particular attention to potential competitorsand the air transport market. We identify potential revenue sources and operators.Business planning. We develop business plans for existing airports, green field projects orthe conversion of military air bases into civilian use.Route development. AERONUR analyses existing air services, identifies new markets,evaluates the connectivity of the airport and proposes alternative route development opportunities.
  5. 5. Traffic forecasting. AERONUR develops air traffic forecasts, considering different socio-economic scenarios and each airport’s particular infrastructure characteristics.Commercial development. Airports have become attractive locations for thedevelopment of commercial activities. Today, commercial revenues are vital to the economic viabilityof any major airport. Within this context, we consider the potential for commercial development andpropose the optimum plan, including space allocation, commercial contracts, and service and qualitystandards.Marketing and market research analysis. The airport business is becomingincreasingly competitive. AERONUR evaluates the alternatives for generating and stimulating thedemand for airport services, including in-depth market research and taking into consideration the keyfactors that affect the demand for airport services as well as the economic performance of theairport, thus resulting in specific marketing plans aimed at developing new routes and/or attractingnew operators.
  6. 6. AERONURAERONUR S.L. > Játiva 14_73. VALENCIA 46002. > phone +34.963.04.30.03 > aeronur@aeronur.com