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Interport Global


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Interport Global

  1. 1. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. total logistics solution provider
  2. 2. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Pr of i l eOne of the most professional solution providers in thelogistics industry IGL has come a long way since itsinception. Established in 1991 by current Chairman &Managing Director Mr. Sham Bendre mainly to cater tolocal transportation services IGL gradually expanded toencompass critical services like Warehousing, Stevedoring,Custom Broking, Forwarding, Project Cargo Handling,NVOCC, 3PL logistics and Export/Import consolidation.Today, IGL has established offices in major cities and ports in India with warehousingfacilities and transport equipment to handle any cargo independently. The company alsohas access to major international ports through its branch offices.
  3. 3. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.M s s i on / Vi s i on / Val ues i Mission: Our mission is to provide economical and efficient logistic services to our clients helping their business to become more profitable and competitive in the global market place. IGL is one of the leading service providers for total Vision : logistics requirements in India. Our door-to-door services are available at load ports and discharge ports.v Vision: To provide professionally managed reliable “One Stop, Door-to-Door Global Logistics Solutions” with commitment, dedication and promise to maintain and enhance the quality of services at realistic costs.
  4. 4. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.M s s i on / Vi s i on / Val ues i Values : Customer Focus > We listen and anticipate your needs > We are easy to do business with > We deliver on our commitment and strive to exceed expectation Ethics & Integrity > We believe in being honest and truthful at all times > We are committed to the training and development of our people > We instill trust and loyalty from our suppliers
  5. 5. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.M s s i on / Vi s i on / Val ues i Quality & Innovation > We aim for total quality in all we do > We are constantly innovating with new ideas and technology > We have a policy of continuous review How can we help? > We will take nothing for granted! > We believe in providing a dedicated customer service manager who will become fully conversant with all your needs and who will work closely with you in identifying opportunities for further cost savings. > Our services and pricing structure are based on innovation and on the fair and equitable assessment of the market.
  6. 6. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Managem ’ s Des k ent“Our employees are our biggest strength in delivering optimum solutions to our clients.” Mr. Sham Bendre - Chairman Mr. Vaidyanathan B. - Managing Director E-mail: E-mail:
  7. 7. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Managem ’ s Des k ent Mr. Amit Bendre - Director Mr. Sameer Bendre - Director E-mail: E-mail:
  8. 8. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Fr ei ght For w di ng arOur Unique Selling Prepositions are:> Single Negotiable Documents.> Our own Custom Clearance License register in all ports, ICD’s & airports.> Door-to-Door Service to any worldwide destination.> Documentation Support System.> Ability to offer customized solutions based on individual customer requirements.> Range of services that cover every aspect of supply chain solution.> Wide international network of partners to expedite cargo movement.> Excellent relationships with shipping lines to achieve priority shipping.
  9. 9. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Sea Fr ei ghtOur customized services includes:> Consolidation of Cargo.> Full-container-load (FCL) Consolidation> Less-than-container-load (LCL) Consolidation> Multimodal Transportation by Sea/Air/Road> Worldwide Consolidation Service> Dry or liquid bulk shipments> Refrigerated Services for perishable products> Freight Insurance and packing options> Full documentation Service
  10. 10. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Ai r Fr ei ght Some of the salient features are: > Worldwide import/export Consolidation Services. > Cargo pick up from warehouse of the consignee. > Expediting / Vendor Management. > Export clearance at the country of origin. > Import clearance of cargo at the port of discharge. > Export packing in-house. > Documentation specialists. > Track and Trace System. > Safe handling of General cargo / Perishable cargo.
  11. 11. > INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. >Rai l Fr ei ght > Rail Freight can provide a cost-effective and convenient way to ship your goods, but whether it is reliable has always been a problem. > In todays business world, where any delay can spell disaster, IGL can be your competitive advantage - with a dependable, cost-effective rail option. > Non-perishable or general freight can also be handled with seamless efficiency. > Our rail freight services offer climate-controlled trailers for perishable products that need protection from the heat or cold, such as produce, flowers, poultry, beverages, etc. > With the necessary experience behind us, we ensure your products will reach their destination on time while you reduce transportation costs.
  12. 12. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Tr ans por t at i on / Di s t r i but i on > Transportation of general cargo. > Transportation of heavy & over dimensional consignment. > Civil engineering and structural engineering > Multi-modal transportation by road / rail / barge etc. > Design and fabrication of special structure. > Specialized transportation of very heavy consignments by hydraulic axle trailers. > Arranging all clearance from PWD / RTO / Police / Forest dept. etc. > Civil engineering and structural engineering > Feasibility study for the port & road for transportation of heavy & over-dimensional cargo.
  13. 13. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Pr oj ec t Car go> We undertake handling, transportation and delivery of project cargo from vessels hook.> The most important point in logistic service is that the delivery time should meet your project schedule.> IGL can help you achieve success. Large project logistics management and procurement services are what we do best.> We work closely with your purchasing team to make sure that everything is according to your schedule.> IGL has the experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and can help you analyze important project requirements.
  14. 14. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.ODC Cons i gnm s ent> IGL specializes in providing customized solutions for the safe conveyance of over dimensional, heavy & bulky cargo.> Our 24x7 live ‘PhoneTrack’ and on line ‘Global Track & Trace’ system gives unique advantage to our clients.> Our unique experience in this area allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy that takes into consideration every facet of the project> can arrange for over-dimensional cargo to move overseas while lashed and choked on flat racks or open-top containers.> For over-dimensional loads travelling over the road, we offer specialized heavy lift forklifts, & the necessary equipment to secure them.
  15. 15. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Logi s t i c s Sol ut i ons > Our Door To Door (DTD) program takes care of the entire Logistics process. > Each shipment will be picked-up from the shipper at Origin and delivered to Door anywhere in the world. > As business requirements have shifted, the need for higher efficiency and more economical logistics spending has increased. > IGL can provide the solution to any shipping requirement and serve as a single-source logistics window for all product or components > Periodic reports are generated and circulated to all the concerned personnel.
  16. 16. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Cus t om Cl ear anc e> Documentation for custom clearance> Carting / Receiving Goods> Examination of Shipments> Port handling.> Custom clearance of the import cargo at the port of entry.> Reconciliation of the contract after completion of import.> Port handling and arranging bonded warehouse as and when required by the client.> Registration of the contract with customs for the project clearance.> Suggestion for effective packing for economic handling and safety.> Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports, ICDs and Customers warehouse.
  17. 17. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.W ehous i ng ar> Modern and well-equipped warehouses.> Adequate insured private warehousing space.> Safe storage of goods.> Control checks on entry & exit of goods.> Warehouse space at the ICDs for storage of goodscarted at these centers. direct
  18. 18. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Br eak Bul k> Dismantling services.> Lashing and latching services.> Yard to drayage services.> Alongside vessel loading services.> Efficient tally & supervision of cargo.> Handling of cargo damage and claims.> Cost efficient handling solutions.> Break-bulk vessel arrangements.
  19. 19. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Heavy Li f t > IGL takes up comprehensive cargo handling projects for their customers. > Transportation of all machinery, raw materials, and other materials that might be required by the client > Customized services with immense expertise & industry experience. > Handling project cargo requires relevant experience, equipment & manpower. > A package deal over a certain period of time. > A successful track record of handling super heavy lifts.
  20. 20. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Pr oj ec t Logi s t i c s > Moving goods from the manufacturer to market can be enormously complex. > A single-source solution to meet your total logistics and distribution needs. > Interport uses the most efficient methods available for transportation and order fulfillment and coupled with our many years of experience > Managing your vendors and orders can be a daunting task when you factor in varying languages, culture, time zones and distance. > Our experienced personnel can help you in the planning and streamlining of your supply chain.
  21. 21. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Cont ai ner Fr ei ght St at i on > Bonded CFS Facility > Electronic Filing of PTT & IT > Website cargo availability and IT tracking > IPI Inland Program and network of out port facilities > Devanning upon availability of container > Faxed copies of DAD & DO accepted with original to follow > Bonded Transportation Services includes container drayage, LCL and head loads > Experienced Customer Service staff provides quality service > Ideally located near all piers and rail sites with easy access to major highways > Little or no waiting time when picking-up shipments
  22. 22. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Ves s el Handl i ng> Entry Inwards and Outwards> Crew Change> Hull and Engine repairs at all Indian Ports> Supply of Bunkers> Carrying out of Statutory Surveys> Survey of Cargo - Quantity and Quality> Cargo Canvassing> Sludge Disposal> Councilor Work
  23. 23. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. > >Haz ar dous Car go> Strict controls are in place to ensure that these cargoes are handled safely.> Experts in shipping / air freighting hazardous cargo that are fully compliant with IMDG, ADR and IATA Regulations.> A strong commitment to principles of safety, health & environmental protection in the storage, transportation & delivery of dangerous goods.> Specialize in handling the issuance of dangerous goods declaration, classification, packing, re-packing, labeling and transport.> Expert in handling the same as every precaution is taken by us to protect people and the marine environment.
  24. 24. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Tur nkey Pr oj ec t s > Prospection Visits > Strategic Consulting > Method Statement > Licenses and Permits > Site Survey > Equipment Procurement > Mob De Mob > Technical Calculations > Load Outs
  25. 25. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.SO / Fl exi Tanks> Revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and powder chemicals.> Our flexi-tanks have insurance coverage for incidences and our record of leakage is as good as zero.> Flexi-tanks are made up of 4 Ply with 3” outlet Valve & same is fit for 20’ box container & the standard size of Flexi is 20’ x8’.> Flexi-Tanks varying in sizes from 15KL to 24KL fit to carry any non-hazardous liquid chemicals catering even to the food industry.> Our valuable customers for worldwide locations for Export & Import through our division of ISO Tank Container business, for spot shipment, nomination / dedicated shipments.
  26. 26. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Door t o Door Del i ver y> Port-to-door and door-to-door service from shipper to consignee.> Streamlines processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills.> Integrated service includes carton labeling, freight transportation and package delivery services.> Consolidated customs clearance.
  27. 27. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Exhi bi t i on Car go We assist corporates that are participating in exhibitions abroad in transporting their marketing material to the venue of the event. Conversely, we also help foreign companies that are taking part in exhibitions held in India to bring their equipment to the event venue in a convenient and timely manner.
  28. 28. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Car go I ns ur anc e> This cargo insurance represents an essential added value to complete our service cycle.> Protecting our client’s interests is paramount at IGL.> We provide cargo and container insurance cover of British Marine Luxembourg SA Marine & Transport Intermodal cover for shipments. >> Our quality service & international presence allows us the > ability to negotiate both complete & cost effective cargo insurance.> We work only with certified international carriers and our staff of trained professionals is always available to answer questions regarding cargo insurance of any type.
  29. 29. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. NVOCC> IGL provides services to importers and exporters worldwide and also support them in total logistic solutions> In return, the Shipping Line offers favorable service with best ocean freight rates to the NVOCC.> We, as a NVOCC, sign contracts with Shipping Lines to guarantee the shipment of a certain number of units each year.> Beside arrangements for routing, pricing and documentation the company also advise stowage matters and handles transport insurance.> IGLis a young and dynamic NVOCC with a wide experience in international transport.> This department also handles ‘Groupage’ service at all major ports.
  30. 30. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.m t / Expor t Cons ol i dat i on por> We at IGL provide an import consolidation program for those consignees with multiple suppliers.> We can consolidate your vendor’s cargo into a full container for maximum container utilisation.> We endeavor to offer value added Consolidation Services to our clients & are the major force to reckon within the industry.> We have expertise in handling in hazardous, dangerous and odd dimensional cargo with very competitive rates.> We also offer volume shipment discounts, charter and part charter rates for air movement of your cargo.
  31. 31. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.W ehoue M ar anagementManaging Warehouse: Warehouse Management and Logistic needs have become morecritical to manufacturing business world over. It is time you take competitive advantage ofour services.Challenge: It is a challenge as in today’s competitive business environment you are underconstant pressure to reduce various costs without sacrificing service quality. Distributionand warehousing cost is one of them. You need a flexible logistic solution where yourdistribution cost gets reduced. What if you are able to save costs while maintaining perfectbalance between costs & services?Inventory: Interport manages your inventory in their shared warehouse very close to yourcustomer and gives you flexible distribution system to respond faster and more efficientlyto new & changing markets.
  32. 32. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.W ehoue M ar anagementApproach: The conventional approach is to expand your facilities like transport fleet,warehouses, equipments etc., and manage all service issues on your own. But, there is adownside to it. You have to incur large capital investment, high fixed infrastructure costs,administration, inventory control, warehouse management systems and worker trainingand/or managing multiple logistics providers.Alternative: We have a proven alternative and a flexible solution is already in place. It is IGLand it’s shared warehouse network. IGL is a leading total logistics solution provider canachieve economies on your behalf, leveraging it‘s warehouse infrastructure across multiplecustomers. This enables you to reduce costs by sharing space, sharing integrated ITsystems, sharing labour, sharing equipments and other over heads. Utilizing IGL’sinfrastructure & warehousing facilities means never having to invest in another dedicatedwarehouse system or hiring other space, staff or trying to keep up other improvingpractices. You can focus on what you do the best that is manufacturing and selling product.
  33. 33. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.RFI D Sol ut i ons > Real-time, accurate operational data monitoring & visibility. > Improved agility & responsiveness through end-to-end process integration throughout the supply chain. > End-to-end process integration through the integration of disparate systems, the elimination of islands of automation and the automation of any "black holes." > Reduction in product and process errors and associated rework through the automation of standard processes, which allows human resources to focus more closely on exception processing. > Elimination of lag times among processes and reduction of cycle times for streamlined product movement.
  34. 34. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.RFI D Sol ut i ons > Improved information access via insight into execution-level activities and associated performance across the enterprise. > Reduction in the risk of regulatory, mandated and customer/partner non-compliance by facilitating compliance management. > Reduction in organizational and logistical complexities and operational costs through simplified and more efficient manufacturing and distribution processes. > The goal of continuous, bi-directional and enterprise-wide data visibility can be realized, enabling the factory of the future.
  35. 35. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Net w k orInternational
  36. 36. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Net w k orNational
  37. 37. INTERPORT GLOBAL LOGISTICS PVT. LTD.Cont ac t Us Corporate Office Address: 5 & 6, Shrikant Chambers, Sion Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071. INDIA. Tel. No.: (+91-22) 6616 6616 (100 Lines) Fax No.: (+91-22) 6616 6644, (+91-22) 6616 6643 Email: