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Residence permit


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Presentation author Mr. Aivars Kažis (kazchis-kazys) propose to invest money in the deal that is named RESIDENCE PERMIT project on the base of the Pavilosta ( Triangle (precedent: Bermuda Triangle) as 3 urbanizating cities districts:
1) Kuldiga -;
2) Ventspils -;
3) Liepaja - with neighbour Lithuania state's Butinge (Oil terminal etc. ideas) willage inside as interests area.

The people, who decide to live on Residence permit base there in Lettland (, can possibility to purchase the documents for to arrival in 2 holding sectors of the Latvia republic for to political or economical refugees:
1) Riga central - capital city and the regions around it is very expensive and good only for to very rich person;
2) Pavilosta Triangle as the 3 provinces territory is 2 times more cheaper and so is very good for to poor people.
Problem: In Lettland only 1 institution : RIETUMU BANK ( is working with the non-residents personally and there is shedule - Black list of states (Nigeria etc.) with what banking office is not working due the terrorism risk.

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Residence permit

  1. 1. 1 Hello, dear e-friend ! I received Your e-mail mentioned bellow: Hello Mr Aivars ! A friend called me and asked for help from his family to live in Europe-Latvia. Tell me what you can do for that 2 people have their visas 3 or 6 months. If possible, help us to have the residence card. Her husband (who is my friend) wants to buy the house in Latvia. His wife and daughter to become Latvia (find a house for rent not too expensive) and see to buy after. Tell me what you can do for papers as (insurance, or house rental, accommodation) how much? 1- name : Ms imangbe Augusta Franklin date of place of birth: 16-08-1987 at Warri nationality: Nigerian passport number: A05276916 and daughter 2- name: imangbe Kayla Oghosa date of place of birth: 08-04-2013 at Lagos nationality: Nigerian passport number : A05276598 Mr Essomba Tina Simon Pierre Director World Peace Elite Association "For justice and peace in the world, let everyone, everywhere know and enjoy human rights." address: P.O BOX 14246 Yaounde-CAMEROON Tel: 00237 75121753 / 00237 98759141 E-mail: / / I would like to respond on Your questions on the base mentioned bellow as some different My personal own maded shemes, where all is based on the money deal, that means, if You have the Latvia republica GOVERNMENT’s asked money amount, than You can to purchase the RESIDENCE PERMIT documentation portfolio, of course, in the other cases You only as tourist, maybe as TRADE-TOURIST, can to travel free up to 6 month for to explore the situation.
  2. 2. 2 Residence permit in Latvia republic Expensive value as ≥ 143 000 EUR in capital-city Riga and other major cities 2 times lesser in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE as ≥ 72 000 EUR in regions of Latvia Rietumu bank: "PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE" Dealer: Mr. Aivars Kazchis (Kažis) in Pavilosta town Contacts with Mr. Aivars Kazchis:; +371 27 867 957. Client is connecting: E-mail: Phone:+371 67025555 Buying the Visa in that bank Buying the an Invitation in that bank "Pavilosta Triangle" as future free-zone (precedent: Hong Kong in China) Kuldiga city and district Ventspils city and district Liepaja city and district
  3. 3. 3 Changes in the Terms and Conditions for Obtaining a Latvian Residence Permit 16-May-2014 / Products & Services Latvian parliament has approved amendments to the Immigration Law, which stipulate how foreign investors and their family members can obtain a residence permit in this EU member state. The amendments taking effect from 1 September 2014 pertain to the conditions of obtaining a residence permit by those who buy real estate in Latvia or place a subordinated deposit in a Latvian bank. According to the amendments, the minimum threshold of the real estate value for such transactions is increased to EUR 250 000, with the minimum cadastral value of such property being EUR 80 000. If the cadastral value is below this amount, an evaluation of a certified appraiser is required stating that the market value of the facility is not less than EUR 250 000. Such conditions are applied to real estate acquisition in all regions of Latvia. According to the amendments, the acquired real estate must be one functionally related and developed facility. The acquisition of a land plot with no buildings on it, agricultural land or forests will not be considered as grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia. The duty for obtaining a residence permit is determined as 5% of the real estate value. Prior to the amendments taking effect, investors will be able to buy real estate for obtaining a Latvian residence permit in accordance with the terms and conditions valid up to now – the minimum value of a facility in Riga, Jurmala and other big cities of Latvia being about EUR 143 000, and in the regions – about EUR 72 000. The Law anticipates that the currently valid terms and conditions will be applied to real estate transactions registered in the Land Registry up to 31 August 2014. To obtain a residence permit by placing a subordinated deposit in a Latvian bank, the stipulated amount and the deposit term remain unchanged. However, starting from 1 September an investor who wishes to obtain a residence permit will also have to pay EUR 25 000 to the state budget. The terms and conditions for obtaining a residence permit in the event of investing into a business remain unchanged – from EUR 35 000 or EUR 150 000, depending on the number of employees and the annual turnover of the company. Starting from 1 January 2015, investors will be provided an opportunity to obtain a Latvian residence permit by buying interest-free public securities with a nominal value of EUR 250 000, having also paid EUR 25 000 to the state budget.
  4. 4. 4 A residence permit in Latvia allows its holder and his family to reside in the country on a permanent basis (which is not a compulsory condition), as well as to travel in the entire Schengen territory visa-free. Eleonora Gailisha Mass Media and Public Relations Phone: +371-67020506 Fax: +371-67020563 E-mail: Look at the copy from WEB-site of Residence permits for foreign investors “Rietumu” was the first bank in Latvia to offer its customers full advisory services and support in obtaining the residence permit in Latvia. We help our customers to become EU residents since July 2010, when amendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia came into effect. The residence permit of the Republic of Latvia automatically guarantees free movement of persons within the Schengen area, currently consisting of 25 European countries. Having fulfilled one of the below criteria, an investor may apply for the residence permit valid for the period of 5 years: Placement of term deposit / acquisition of bonds Investment in real estate Business establishment Subordinated term deposit or bonds ≥ 300 000 EUR Term ≥ 5 years Value of which is ≥ 143 000 EUR in Riga and other major cities Or ≥ 72 000 EUR in regions of Latvia Investment amount ≥ 35 000 EUR taxes per annum ≥ 40 000 EUR, employees ≤ 50, annual turnover or balance sheet ≤ 10m EUR Or ≥ 150 000 EUR
  5. 5. 5 employees > 50, annual turnover or balance sheet > 10m EUR Fastest and easiest way to the residence permit Real estate deals from our partnerApella Invitation is required Temporary residence permit will be available both for investors and their family members – spouses, underage children and persons that are under the surveillance/official care of such investors. Upon expiry of the term of residence permit investors and their family members are eligible to apply for the renewal. Starting from 2 April 2012 upon obtaining a residence permit you will get an EU national ID card instead of the insert in your passport The above stated terms and conditions on obtaining a temporary residence permit apply provided the term deposit is placed/the investment in real estate is made/or business is set up after July 01, 2010. Please note that starting from 1 September, 2014 new amendments to the Immigration Law will come into effect. These amendments pertain to the conditions of obtaining a residence permit by those who buy real estate in Latvia or place a subordinated deposit in a Latvian bank. You can find detailed information here. “Rietumu bank” is ready to provide full advisory services and other support to its customers for obtaining a residence permit of the Republic of Latvia. Welcome to Latvia! Welcome to Europe! How to establish good organizational structure of job, when RESIDENCE PERMITS are asking africans people ? Mr. Aivars Kazchis propose to do all things through the slowly analyze and “step by step” system so:  invite in the Residence Permit projects job at first the rich africans-brigadiers as leaders;  that african-brigadiers must to invite the under-commanda of people from any Africa country;  the job in Lettland is seasonal up to 5 months, the Visa allows to live there up to 6 months;  1 month for to job seekers there is free for to traveling and social, climatical etc. obstacles exploring.
  6. 6. 6 3 possibilities for to purchase the RESIDENCE PERMIT in Latvia republic (the summs will change after 1.09.2014.) Placement of term deposit / acquisition of bonds. Subordinated term deposit or bonds ≥ 300 000 EUR Term ≥ 5 years Fastest and easiest way to the residence permit. Investment in real estate. Value of which is ≥ 143 000 EUR in Riga and other major cities Or ≥ 72 000 EUR in regions of Latvia Real estate deals from bank partner "Apella". Business establishment. Investment amount ≥ 35 000 EUR taxes per annum ≥ 40 000 EUR, employees ≤ 50, annual turnover or balance sheet ≤ 10m EUR Or ≥ 150 000 EUR employees > 50, annual turnover or balance sheet > 10m EUR. Invitation is required. In Latvia republic with the RESIDENCE PERMIT documentations officially is working only one banking institution: the Rietumu bank; In PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE, as in future free-zone based on 3 urbanizating big cities, with the Residence permits documentation unofficially is working only Mr. Aivars Kažis (Kazchis) through His own holding-firm "Aivara Kaža (Kazcha) Agroserviss". Kuldiga city: Ventspils city: v Liepaja city: 1. 2. 3.
  7. 7. 7 The RESIDENCE PERMIT profit from 2 neighbor states as Latvia and Lithuania republics, because PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE exist that involves placdarm of the ancient lettishe tribes zone: Butinge Oil terminal etc.. Some african economical refugees will stay to live for to work in Lithuania republic, too, that are inviting workers and financial sources through the lithuanians RESIDENCE PERMIT laws, but they will can arrive Latvia republic, because that is bordered with PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE zone. Kuldiga city Ventspils city Liepaja city Mr. Aivars Kazchis (Kažis) is bureau organizator on the base of Butinge willage-city. The central staff of an Butinge's office is working on the nearby lettishes parish Rucava base. The central main office of Mr. Aivars Kazchis (Kažis) is based on the Pavilosta town address: Parka avenue – 20, Pavilosta novads, Lettland, LV-3466, that is geographycally in the center of Pavilosta Triangle’s 3 urbanizating towns: Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja ( that is + Butinge Oil terminal in Lithuania).
  8. 8. 8 Everybody on Earth must to learn, so the RESIDENCE PERMIT idea in Pavilosta Triangle structured and based on the IGLALI-complex rising, must be the maximally nice beatifull school placdarm for to an young african people organized as universal trade schooling of intellectual job. iglali-complex as struggler against the BENELUX- complex racialistically global strategy and ideology on an the Earth planet. IG-aunija: Estonia republic LA-tvija: Latvia republic LI-etuva: Lithuania republic IGLALI complex author: Mr. Aivars Kazchis In English translation: ESLALI complex. Question : “Where must be the Central school of an the african refugees?” Answer : “In Pavilosta, where is living Mr. Aivars Kazchis – project author !”
  9. 9. 9 What to do if the african-refugees have much more the money that isn’t possible to spent through the RESIDENCE PERMIT portfolio purchasing ? In that case We are organizing the mutual Aid memory as the notarial Contract of the Business deal – WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR MONEY and that $ will transferred in to the My bank private account and so after that action I will pay taxes 15% and give the planned profit 25% for to own budget, but the other money overcomes as investments in the deal or different objects purchasing, leasing, renting etc. mode. 15 % must be paid as tax payment for to the Latvia republic government ! Up to 25 % must be planned as so named “profit” $ for to Me personally, because it is unprofitable holding level. 60% = investors $ that We can use for to young people schooling etc.. Mr.baron Aivars Kazchis (Kažis), Parka - 20, Pavilosta town, LV-3466, Lettland,, +371 27 867 957 . Best Regards !