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PEBF - 2014


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Presentation author: Mr. Aivars Kažis (kazchis-kazys) there is telling about an the private opinion based on the idea of Pavilosta Earth Business Forum technology resources.
Pavilosta town is in the urbanization center of Lettland ( lettishes 3 cities ( + + districts territory as future free-zone (precedent: Hong Kong) placdarm inside that is lithuanians Butinge willage as ecological interests area, too.

Monarchial heraldry person Mr. A.Kažis proposal is to organize the sector PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE as the free-zone "Zeltene" business on an the Arabs World Money Investments portfollio base through the 1 Pavilosta dollar / PAVILOSTA $ = 1 Troyan ounce gold worth ideas, involving the micronation "New-Yerusalem" perspectives system.

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PEBF - 2014

  1. 1. The Question of – 2014: “Where it, that PEBF, will be happen on Earth in Lettland ?” The PEBF will begin soon on the shortest Earth river : Saka shores city - Pāvilosta town base !
  2. 2. 1 PAVILOSTA EARTH BUSINESS FORUM (PEBF) 1st conference: “Arabs Way” 99 ideas. JUNE 23, 2014 HOLDING FIRM “AIVARA KAŽA AGROSERVISS” Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta town, Lettland, LV-3466
  3. 3. 2 PAVILOSTA EARTH BUSINESS FORUM (precedent: Davos forum founded on 1971 by prof. Mr. Klaus Schwab) Project of the Pavilosta Earth Business Forum is founded by Mr. Aivars Kazchis and co-founded by spouse Mrs. Anna Kazche Pavilosta Earth Business Forum slogan: “In the dark all cats are gray!” The Pavilosta Earth Business Forum symbol is gray rabbit. Theme: “Arabs Way” 99 ideas. (1st conference) Sponsored by MECY GROUP International. Pavilosta - 2014
  4. 4. 3 The axis of the COMMON BELIEF between lettishes and arabs is based on 2 points in agricultural sector Old generation of businesmen are with milk and cows Young generation of businesman are with honey and bees Author of idea: Mr. Aivars Kazchis (Kažis) Production issues as results of agricultural branches Condensed cows milk Cow's milk cheese Bee pollen Bee venom Divination – dowsing rod results about the common deal as COMMON BELIEF of lettishes – arabs axis.
  5. 5. 4 Extraterretstrial healing of life on Earth through Raudive Voices idea in that We are involved when people begin to live after death. Lettishes dievturu = piethists monadic cycle as symbol of Life & Death Squirrel wheel as PERPETUM MOBILE sign in the philosophy Monade sign is not only a sign, but a symbol of Life and Death opinion ! The big Panoramic whell Business project in Pavilosta Triangle.
  6. 6. 5 People panoramically are living on Earth alike in the SQUIRREL WHEEL and they must to save their free time resources in Pavilosta Triangle on the bicycles base!
  7. 7. 6 Electrons in their atomical orbits functionally are producing electricity. The Game of Force is the similar like to movie “The game of Thrones” on the seas and dray lands, too. Accumulator of electricity Electric power engine Only on electro-bicycles base You will have much more health and the economically free time resources !
  8. 8. 7 Computerization model on the Pāvilosta's schools SYSTEMS base that allows to do the intellectual knowledge free-marketing. Pavilosta Secondary school. Author: dealer holding firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss"; Precedent: SILICON VALLEY technology devices; "Alienware" computers. P a v i l o s t a S e c o n d a r y school as net-base Pavilosta Music school. Pavilosta Art school. Alienware laptop for to every teacher Alienware office computer in every classroom Only ALIENWARE people are winners and growth up their businees !
  9. 9. 8 Kuldiga photos Ventspils photos Liepaja photos Mr. Aivars Kazchis - baron (owner of project)Mrs. Anna Kazche – baronese (project owner )
  10. 10. 9 Prosperity foundation “IGLALI” owner Mr. Aivars Kažis (Kazchis-Kazys)
  11. 11. 10 . .
  12. 12. 11 . . .
  13. 13. 12 Kazchis's Family Common Cash club "Vieda" 2 salons parent-funds and the 4 children trust foundations in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE. Dealer: holding firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" Owner of holding firm: Mr. Aivars Kazchis as dealer person Salon "Anna" fund Daughter's Rita TRUST FUND "Latgale" Son's Kalvis TRUST FUND "Vidzeme" Mother of the children: Mrs. Anna Kazche Salon "Aivars" fund Son's Āris TRUST FUND "Kurzeme" Son's Madars TRUST "Vidzeme" Father of the children: Mr. Aivars Kazchis Mentioned trance-foundations exist only inside PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE !
  14. 14. 13 Transcedental Business practise in Lettland: PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE organizational job; evolution steps as influence's gradient through arabs etc. investment- projects. Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", office Pavilosta, LV-3466 Owner: Mr. Aivars Kazchis; office in hotel "Nicava". West-Lettland influence on to obstacles of life. Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" Owner: Mr. Aivars Kazchis; office in "Maritim Park hotel", West-Riga. East-Lettland influence on to obstacles of life. Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Holding - firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" Owner: Mr. Aivars Kazchis; office in hotel "Latvija" East-Riga.
  15. 15. 14 PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE Radical proposals for an to Arabian investors "MECI Group International" etc. about the LELB christians 40 000 hectares purchasing, because lettishes national religion - countralists must begin and to develop on the Earth globally as anti-christianity. Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Job organizator: Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", office Pavilosta, LV-3466 . Owner of the project: Mr. Aivars Kazchis; Pavilosta, Parka avenue-20, LV-3466. Countralists office in West- Lettland part of Riga Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Slokas street - 37, Riga, Latvia Republic capital-city Job organizator: Holding- firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", office Pavilosta, LV-3466 . Countralists office in East- Lettland part of Riga Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Dzerbenes street - 14, Riga, Latvia Republic capital-city Job organizator: Holding- firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", office Pavilosta, LV-3466 . ALE : Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate providing and self-realization in the large scale area globally, because the every War & Terror begins when young people are attacking the old people, so , for that reason, the INTERNET resources development is not only the intermedium, but mediation job experience for to Peace & Work, too.
  16. 16. 15 Mr. A. Kazchis's family business in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE on the base of Family enterprise - koncern "Saka" base that is placed on the territory of Saka parish. Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Manager: holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" Project owner: Mr. Aivars Kazchis; Former kolkhoz "Centība" Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Husband Mr. Aivars Kazchis Prosperity foundation "IGLALI" Address: Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, LV-3466. Former kolkhoz "Ulmale" Kuldiga office Ventspils office Liepaja office Wife Mrs. Anna Kazche Business foundation "ESLALI" Address: Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, LV-3466. The Union of the 2 family foundations are giving the 2 emisaries : husband Mr. Aivars Kazchis and His wife Mrs. Anna Kazche as the central members of that unit and that means than under bellow that are rising their children Trust-foundations as influence from PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE to the other sectors of lettishes interests developmet on Earth globally, not only in Lettland or Baltic states + Konigsberg, too.
  17. 17. 16 Table-board of 11 mesiah-soters missions based on the lord marquisdom 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Mr. (baron) Aivars Kazchis (ALE emperor : Kagenieks – 1 ) Private order based on the 11 chairs: precedent AMORC; struggle against rosicrucians – fundamental ortodoxals as pagans. Private Order measurements are based on holding- firm “Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss” maneuvers.
  18. 18. 17 The center of an INFORMATIONAL MARKET : Pavilosta as capital of a new situation. The friend-cities: Belleville (USA), Darmstadt (German), Elblag (Poland), Nyköping (Denmark), Montebelluna (Italy), Nynashamn (Sweden) and Turku (Finland). The an informational datas source: Abo Academy University students job 1995 from Turku city (Finland); article ” The Baltic sea cities Business network” that is based on the Urban Environmental protection ideology base. The friend-cities: Karlskrona (Sweeden), Kobe (Japan), Libeka (Germany), Århus (Denmark), Kotka and Turku (Finland). The friend-cities: Arendal (Norway), Gdansk (Poland), Liepaja (Lettland), Panevezys (Lithuania), Selfoss (Iceland), Silkeborga (Denmark), Wilmington (USA), Savonlinna and Turku (Finland). The friend-cities: Baerum (Norway), Deventer and Zutphen (Netherlands), Frederiksberg (Denmark), Kaunas (Lithuania), Limerick (Ireland), Lüneburg (Germany), Uppsala (Sweden), Veszprem (Hungary, Tampere and Turku (Finland). The friend-cities: Baranovichi (Belorussia), Brooklyn (USA), Kalmara (Sweden), Liepaja (Lettland), Karlskrona (Sweden), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Kristiansand (Norway), Kiel (Germany), Plymouth (UK), Rybinsk (Russia), Seattle (USA), Kotka and Turku (Finland).
  19. 19. 18 Educational base – Pavilosta Secondary school as filiale of Latvian Agricultural University for to african interns as refugees in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE condition on the micronation “New-Yerusalem” spiritual support fundament on the base of arabical investments. Pavilosta Secondary school reorganizational project trended to polyglotical private owned gymnasium - HIGH SCHOOL. 1.Faculty of Agroculture 2.Forest Faculty 3.Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 4.Faculty of Engineering 5.Faculty of Rural Engineering 6.Faculty of Food Technology 7.Faculty of Information Technologies 8.Sport department as Faculty of sport 9.Language Department as Faculty of languages Pavilosta Private Gymnasium project author: baron Mr. Aivars Kazchis; Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta town, Liepaja canton, Kurzeme county, Lettland - Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate, LV-3466,, +371 27867957.
  20. 20. 19 Pavilosta town as a center of PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE on the base of Earth global micronations administration decisions and rules making for to fight the United Nations agressivity and gangster-mafia’s piratical structures ortodoxal ideology. Earth Micronations General assembly (EMGA) Earth Micronations Security council (EMSC) Earth Micronations Trasteeship council (EMTC) Earth Micronations Economic & Social council (EMESC) Earth Micronations Court of Justice (EMCJ) Earth Micronations secretariat (EMS) Author of the sheme: baron Mr. Aivars Kazchis based on the an United Nations structure as precedent; Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, LV-3466, Lettland,
  21. 21. 20 Pavilosta Country academy 12 universities as polyglotical Waldorf-school project by the precedent : Latvian academy of Agricultural and Forestry sciences. Author of the Pavilosta Country Academy project: baron Mr. Aivars Kazchis, Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, LV-3466, Lettland, ; the trend is an the intellectual job structure’s organization in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE.
  22. 22. 21 How to organize free-arabs investment’s job in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE as The Central holding placedarm for to arabs society on Earth globally through Lettland school reorganizational ideology based on gymnasium – college standards or High School waldorf-pedagogy. By the radiesthesia pendulum an intellect-services on planet Earth for an to arab investors are possible only in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE with planetar global elsewhere influence on the true ecology base: piezocrystallical minding sources 2 primordiums. Chi-minding of Male primordium: males- emissaries as soters; formula of leading people (99+1). Sha-minding of Female primordium: females- emissaries as mesiahs; leadershipment by formula (99+1). Mr. Aivars Kazchis fund "iglali" Mrs. Anna Kazche fund "eslali" Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate by the Common Generation Belief relligion ideology deal in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE 3 cities. Kuldiga city Ventspils city Liepaja city Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" : owner - Mr. Aivars Kazchis. Address: Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta town, LV-3466, Lettland, .