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Arabs way 99


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There are mentioned the ideas about the an ARABS SPRING development on the base of offshore-onshore technology in Lettland as Pavilosta Triangle.

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Arabs way 99

  1. 1. 1 For to : an arab man Mr. Jeremiah Emanuel Josey, MECI GROUP creator, Kuwait, and an to other arabs, too; From : lettishe man Mr. Aivars Kažis, by using the patron’s Yuz Asaf reincarnation help. Hello, e-friend dear, as I see, You can to lost destiny or much of free time,- if You no to read bellowed there ! Good Day, sir JEJ, let Us to begin with 4 sky-sides as an My personal entrance, in the World’s solar uprising, on PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE territory the only, because I’m not working with the Latvia republic government’s or Churche’s any institutions, icluding the Bilderberg Group elite as AMORC “monarchy” leadershipment, because the arabs must to connect and to deal commonly on Earth globally with the lettishes, -so We shall to winn all and so I propose to understand the difference between the “transs” & “trance” as You see bellow by 4 points ! 1) => I’m, Aivars Kažis, trance-person, of course, hm,- that means not the transpersonally homosexual man as transgender etc. the trans-man, but trance-man as an emulator or oracle, and so am identify myself by the High Knowledge of an Highest Intelligence of the Universe on base of mesiah-soterism idea through development of the Lettishes as an indigo-race, too. 2) => I’m, Aivars Kažis, trance-person, of course, hm, that means not the transpersonally homosexual man as transgender etc. , but the trance-man as the parapsychologist about the Hollow Earth dictate on Earth etc. through different poltergeists channels etc. financial sources, based on an to the anthurians as borgs knowledge’s development, too. 3) => I’m, Aivars Kažis, trance-person, of course, hm, -that means not the transpersonally homosexual man as transgender etc. the trans-man, but trance-man as wizard, who have possibilities to change the pendulum wavering – fluctuating resonance on PLUSS from MINUSS in the any far of distances, so, not only for to nearby existence’s datas, on the base of an the individual wizarding self-manipulations, too. 4) => I’m, Aivars Kažis, trance-person, of course, hm, - that means not the transpersonally homosexual man as transgender etc. the trans-man, but trance-man as druid working as voodoo-specialist on RAUDIVE VOICES (see:EVP/ITC syndrome) base etc., so I have possibility to do things that other people can’t to do. All the mentioned before I said due to that magical obstacles from My stand-point in the case of Your’s Pavilosta arrival (visitation) preparing, as I see, sooner or later You will try to do the Pavilosta trip for to quest there PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE (Kuldiga+Ventspils+Liepaja) as in the center of the free-zone’s heraldical job dukedom “Zeltene”, of course, it is the center of new style of micronations, that’s on dray-lands. There We can begin to discuss about problems that You are interested in, for example, Crop Circles as “chi” or “sha” connection through sinergy of the spiritual communication with an After-death life experience idea or thinking move etc., so, for example, We can commonly to organize very perspective the social-economical communication about the arab investors business excursion to Skolkovo as Silicon Valey type school etc. russians places, with a Russia Tsar representatives in the tscars Romanov House that is in Moscow, of course, that deal I began yet years ago and so I have the intellectual substruction for to do that chi-travel. Aivars Kažis - Кажис - Kazys Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, Lettland, LV-3466, +371 27 867 957, Holding-firm “Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss” in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE.
  2. 2. 2 “ Seven Jewish Total Lunar Eclipses have occurred in the 1st & 2nd Millenniums. .. The coming Blood Moons of 2014 – 2015… These four TOTAL lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses WILL occur on the Jewish holidays of “Passover,” the “Feast of Tabernacles” and the “Feast of Trumpets.” .. This is the only "tetrad" in the near future that aligns itself with the Jewish holidays. One should make mention here that there are other "tetrads" occurring as well. One tetrad occurred in 2003 - 2004. Future ones other than the 2014 - 2015 are found in 2032-2033, 2043-2044, 2050-2051, 2061-2062, 2072-2073, and 2090-2091… The difference between these "tetrads" and the 2014 - 2015 "tetrad" is that this "tetrad" aligns with the Jewish holidays and the others DO NOT! .. Keep in mind that Barrack Obama has declared the position of the United States is to divide the land of Israel to pre-1967 borders for the creation of a Palestine state within Israel.” In the previous e-letter You asked Me: HOW TO CONSTRUCT YOUR’s FINANCIAL IMPERIA there, that means, about the large map-fail of projects as Business portfolio for to arab investors and than My proposal must be organizated as 1 page into 1 project, so in that e-letter I would like provindentably to propose: how it is possible and what will happen after it, because the axis in the mentioned business deal of the PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE is Latvia Republic constitution as SATVERSME and because Lettland’s the all universities-academies, as the High Education schools, have own fundamental (schooling constitutions) laws - ‘satversmes’, too, so through the consecution of that e-letter, I will try to motivate the CENTRAL SCHOOL; modern academy idea. As I was said, is possible to organize arab investors job with a good results in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE as chi- place, because good precedent of chi-investments is nearby – named as „Pure Chocolate Factory” where 1 man from Sauda Arabia invested free time and free money and now that manufactura is producing 10 times more chocolate, that means, as minimum so happened 10 times more the good health, welfare and incomes growth, so You see in that sample, than arabs as investors must to go out from Middle East etc. places for to learn the new steps in their lifes, of course, they must to learn the idea HOW TO DEVELOP in the former Soviet Union. So I would like to invest some free time for to You and tell about the essence of school – schooling property, as I see, that is INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY for to all Humankind, too, because only the teaching programms and teacher projects will give peace and smiling people on Earth and only the holding-society and holding-officials will develop long terminated peacefull business area, so let Us commonly to discuss about the problem WHAT Blood Moon as the begining of an the christians Apocalypse on 2014 / 2015 ! So,- let Us to open the discussion about the system of an arabical $ investments in Pavilosta Triangle on the Mr. Aivars Kazchis-Kazys (Kažis) private chi-proposals base ! The 4th Blood Moons-2014 phase begining means that idea than arab investors etc. money will be very safe in “Pavilosta Triangle” minimum as 350, I see, after maybe up to infinity and forever years, too, dear e-friends ! 1.picture: Blood Moon as christians Apocalypse. 2.picture: 4th Blood Moons – 2014 phase.
  3. 3. 3 NEEDS THE OLD ARABS TO DO FOR TO THE YOUNG ARABS SHOOLING that is outside the Middle East etc. known etnographycal arabs territories, that means, they must find neutral Pavilosta, -around it to build THE SCHOOL. Theme, how to organize the investors job on the former Soviet Union territory, there about the Central School place for an to arabs’ youth, I would like to stress at the end of that e-letter (see: Countral academy). There I propose to begin our discussion on the matter about THE CONTRACT as Working agreement (Aid Memory) between You and Me through that mentioned further step by step proposed obstacles as job points. For example, in the all Your investors $ portfollio cases for an to arabs there in Lettland : PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE, let Us to organize all investments job on the base of My personal individual enterprise (firm) : “Aivara Kaža Agroserviss” as the holding-property organizator (LOGO see bellow) model, that deal is based on 2 ideas :  the STATUTES of peasant farm “Druvas-2” (please, ask about the document fail in Supplements) and  2) Business trance-projects analyze in PavilostaTriangle (see nearby bellow in text), I see, precedent of holding-enterprise is in Lettland the Joint Stock Company “Belokon Holdings”, too. There bellow I propose for to analyze the some themes, about the HOLDING-society idea, in the My private expanded translation from internet houmliste source: „The Holding in Lettland is mentioned more and more often, thanks to the corporate income tax amendments which enter into force on the 2013th On the first January , indicated by the Lettland State REVENUE SERVICE. What exactly is the defination of that The Holding ? An answers are hidden in that 15 points – see bellow: 1.The Holding is an specialized administrative organizator company which is managing like as owner – administrator that the other company’s total shares property at all. 2.The Holding in fact generaly no have active manufacturing of production or service, its aim is the share-holding as such so between different partners of the business stocks. 3.The Holding as a business form is widelly well-known amongst entrepreneurs because it is transparentable and easily allows you to effectively manage the financial flows . 4.The Holding in Lettland allows for the owner to reduce the risk and gives ownership © 3rd picture: LOGO text of the Mr. Aivars Kazchis’s individual enterprise as holding-firm “Aivara Kaža Agroserviss”.
  4. 4. 4 and control under the multiple companies, as well as sometimes also a good tax advantages. 5.The Holding is possible, because the Lettland State Revenue Service was conducted a tax-amendments that results in a more favorable tax regime, = HOLDING REGIME. 6.The Holding in Lettland is new style of the holding mode, but that business-holding model is nearby close moved to the Cyprus holding mode, of course, in former USSR. 7.The Holding is on 1st steps,- so are still a number of significant differences in corporate income tax and other laws gap in Lettland comparision with holding big-states. 8.The Holding develops, -so in result of the amendments is step by step abolished the tax payments of the dividends and % incomes, and reimbursement of intellectual property. 9.The Holding idealogy in Lettland develops with the very high speed, for example, also part of the bank transactions will not be used as the subject for to income tax payment. 10.The Holding is very pogressive idea there in Lettland and, for example, the income - tax shall be exempted from the profit of the shares or the transfer of shares . 11.The Holding thus gives possibility for to more efficient structuring of deals, investment planning , asset sales and other, associated with the taxes + holdings, pleasant things. 12.The Holding in Lettland is going on top due the amendments on to the Holding laws gained another advantage = ratified Double-tax Agreement ,-signed by Russia standards. 13.The Holding is free-base of money, because on October, 2012, the Agreement of Double taxation helps to reduce or even abolish the tax of Russia – Latvia dividends etc. reliefs. 14.The Holding -new style is a great geopolitical event on Earth globally for to lettishes and probably just Financial services are those that can contribute Lettland world importance. 15.The Holding as Financial services of Lettland is a great export commodity, contributing to the country's economic development, of course, that’is cool for Pavilosta Triangle, too. P.s. The Holding as the current holdings allows for Lettland to compete with countries such as Cyprus , Malta and the Netherlands, for example, through netherlandians pocket flows today at the moment 18% of the global volume of share-holder investments that provides the 1st place in the world, that means, lettishes are in the 4th place.”
  5. 5. 5 Lettland as ALE = Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate, by Aivars Kazchis’s Know-How idea, has there 2 options as holding - themes that are based on the terrible problem, i.e, to indicate than the Kaliningrad (Russia & Co.) is not civil exclave, but the militar-state influences terror, that in fact is deleting the Baltic sea region people common deal environment and is not allowing a desire to growth up without war, terror, violence and vendeta. Here, for that reason, as KNOW-HOW innovation is introduced IGLALI = ESLALI foundations dealing as the possibility of a solution for an to Arab investors business portfolio (precedent: United Arab Emirates) in a more large scale than Pavilosta Triangle (Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja with Butinge Oil terminal Lithuania). Before to analyze bellowed Main holding-datas, We must to see how works tabled sub-datas in 1.- 31. points: PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE holding-enterprise "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" Kuldiga city; Ventspils city: Liepaja city + Butinge Oil terminal in Lithuania: Baron, Mr. Aivars Kazchis, Parka avenue-20, Pavilosta, LV-3466, +371 27867957 © 1st sheme: Pavilosta Triangle datas through the Mr. Aivars Kažis owned holding-firm “Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss”. • 1) the Fixed payments; • 2) the nobles; • 3) the first-lands; • 4)the curefirst-lands; • 5)the cantons; • 6) the religious Cantonese; • 7)the curia; • 8)the enclaves; • 9)the counties; • 10)the mark-counties; • 11)the Emperordom; • 12) The IGLALI complex; • 13) the CGBR; • 14) the ALE; • 15) the Public Ombudsman; •16) the Family Order; • 17) the an Advertisements; • 18) the Noble-persons ; 19) the Common-cash; •20) the Triskelion and Triskel; • 21) the Blue-Green- Yellow flag; • 22) the School; 23) the Capital City; • 24) the Protectorate; •25) The Rancho party; • 26) The Monarchy; • 27) the Pirates; • 28) the 3. World war; • 29) the firm "A.K.A."; •30) Evangelical Lutheran Church destiny; •31) the an “Arabs Road”.
  6. 6. 6 Lettland with 2 type holdings as Know - How : IGLALI holding ESLALI holding PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE: Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja West-Lettland : (Kurzeme & Zemgale) + Lithuania + Konigsberg as interests sector in Russia. East-Lettland : (Vidzeme & Latgale) with Estiona and Abrene as interests sector in Russia. © 2nd sheme: Kazchis family Monarchial holdings 2 types in the Lettland’s rural agro- industrial complex society that exist inside an the Latvia republic order. Information Center of Interests : Parka avenue – 20, Pavilosta town, LV – 3466, Lettland, Mr. Aivars Kazchis – Kazys (Kažis).
  7. 7. 7 If they are, then everything can be done well and truly concrete and clean. If the introduction of fixed payments, it will be easy to peace. On a fixed fee basis can be made self-defense weapons. But if the robbers' weapons production begins, the fixed payment shall be terminated. The term "fixed payment" shall cease to exist if the war starts create weapons. Robbery or War toll in normal circumstances always referred to as "military tax". Military levies are constantly and rapidly changing, and they can not be equated with the concept of the Fixed payments. As the kolkhoz chairman of the Board, A. Kazchis in the collective farm "Centība" time gained in the hard struggle and so have had the high intellectual management experience that glorified Lease contractors (holding-businesmen), who was not a LEGAL PERSON, but operated as a group of THE PHYSICAL PERSONS. In the A.Kazchis's chaired kolkhoz "Centība" (~ 1986) was a Stonecutter's workshop, where He worked with a migrant workers team from Lithuania. That little-plant was producing the grave monuments as the Graves Presentation plates of polished granite (local content) and black marble (imported from Karelia - Russia quarries USSR). Every month, the foreman were settled by collective farm board, making a fixed payment: 600 rubles. The collective farm "Centība" to that stonecutters gave a collective work space and electricity, as well as gave rurally industrial type: turning, forging, welding, etc.. services on the cheap - cost prices. But electricity, renovation of the building - repairs and transportation services brigade was paided from the their own budget. Collective farm “Centība” board - management did not know how much money the stonecutters team earned in fact, because the Common Business key was the fact that every month in the collective farm’s Cash box office earnings was coming into, volumed by the contract deal, on the internal cost-accounting-based, fixed payment and the idea of that financial practise was allowed by the laws from the russians colonial forces side. Of course, that Fixed payment for the local collective farm workers appears very high, but that lithuanians - migrant workers the controlled every-month payments idea was completely satisfy and they worked many, long and productive, - it was happened in the terrible PERESTROIKA’S begining period, when so hard was to deal and all was based on military troopes presence from USSR – Red Army and Kremlin’s Secret services side. A similar atmosphere of Fixed payments will also be introduced for those the an arabs etc. investment units as rental = holding projects that will be implemented in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE’s every work sector and that will be determined by the management of offshore-onshore (micronation’s) monarchic Board of Directors (1 family):  For example, in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE an arab investor arrives with money, which makes the investment in job formation - an institution or public authority by improving its SLO: Scientific Labour Organization, the deployment of new (Internet etc..) technology, resulting in better yields and higher output produced, and so on Fixed pyments base may be organized the profitable income for to Him.  All profits come flowing into the Arabian investor's pocket, regardless of the its size and future plans for it, but interesting is than that investor does not pay to Mr. Aivars Kazchis the wage but periodically: every day, week, month, etc. are making the an individual payments, called as "fixed charges" by directing it to a cash-box of the center as holding-firm (IU) "Aivars Kazys Agroserviss" that A little bit of Fixed payments.Pavilosta dollar
  8. 8. 8 is delicate – diplomatical sensitivelly high responsible person for in the production administration, management and operational arrangements for to the dispatching purposes of common deal.  75% of the Fixed payment shall remain in an the arab’s investmentors, for example, projected “Arabs Way” deal part inside business administration management of the holding company, while 25% will automatically projected earnings remain for to Aivars Kazchis as general holder of the lessee, that means, as the Contractor-general, who shall ensures about the MAIN SYSTEM: IGLALI complex, which is the backbone - the central axis of the investor-employment rental relationshipment of marginals. Of course, You and an the other interesents can also take place in a new building and a new event - a complex construction on an to the investor monetary aid base, however, the fixed payment method and evaluation of compromises through them, will always remain the same, so it is easy to put points on the 'i' due an to the order to determine the priority for each of the the following questions: 1) production of oil + 2) diamond quarries or 3) smelting of gold in PÂVILOSTA TRIANGLE. Another important matter to understand the formation about the the event, because those individuals who establish or mastering any event, they are always entitled to the greatest PIECE OF CAKE and other privileges, such as complex IGLALI founder Mr Aivars Kazchis who are currently entitled to a 100% "whole pie", but He is a realist and always agrees to share His $-cake with the other people as businesmen. So He regale busines-friends with the "sweets" then, when that the they come to the rescue with $ help and participate with their investment, intellectual observations, or cash support as sponsors-personal investors etc. synergy-persons, because everything in life is determined by profitable earnings and, for that reason, the progressive supporters troop must be always the reproduced and rewarded with new traditions and new developments, which gives peace of mind and wich organize a peacefull system of a common business. So an very appetitly seems datas with the "PÂVILOSTA triangle": Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja (with Butinge Oil terminal in Lithuania), which, as the sector of very perspective arabical investments, is good sample for to build here a unique Hong Kong-type model (see the Chinese experience) and that is established through the views of an the agrarian relations analytically in a well-defined system of A.Kazchis's as owner + creator simultaneously. Mr. A.Kazchis is owning personal proposals based on the discovery for to create an offshore here (onshore) "Zeltene" (New-Jerusalem), acting on the private owned enterprise as holding-firm "Aivars Kazchis Agroserviss" base and through it providing the central-capital privileges only for some privileged friends, because He may to share owned money financial sources with His friend-people that, who are supporting Him in a variety of ways. As the very simplest model of the economy that helps solve the Support or Money's assistance projects, according to the $ (Pavilosta's dollar!) Sources favor, there are different STOCK COMPANY's types, so organizing this stock-kind of companies of the holding firms, that are already establishing in life the rules on to provide the most diverse level of Know-How privilegies level for these worth – papers as jointstocks. The nominals of that Know-How worth-papers as shares maybe named different for different, for example, the personnel jointstocks, profit jointstocks, Ltd limited partner jointstocks, 51% jointstocks in a complementary way, 49%-jointstocks in a comandit way, student jointstocks, pupil jointstocks, child jointstocks, parent jointstocks, teacher jointstocks, trade jointstocks, farmer jointstocks etc. . Of course, I have never forget that a controlling stake (51%) is the holding firm IU "Aivars Kazchis Agroserviss" property in all times, which consists of the nominal-shares as joint-stocks and equality wolume of the that 1 share is 1 Pāvilosta Dollar or "amero" trance-unit, which based on the gold-metal 1 Troyan ounce worth.
  9. 9. 9 A little bit of nobility: every person who works trance-cedentaly and who is able to perform trance-personal like activities as an oracle-person or a mage-person, that are who works with bio-locational pendulum or similar to the radiestesical rod like instruments, may become as landlords equal at any investments sector relating to sovereign Lettland freedom and lettishes independence. So, if You personally as individual wants to turn and to become the Lettland’s future landlord (lord-person), You must agree to an that idea than the lettishes noble people and that every noble-person there can be based only on the real trance-persons named: trancepersons who are ready to job national-patriotically, with a view to recover the Latvian national cash monet = basic "sovereign" (see in history: "Roman law" area etc..) or "lat" (LVL) at the national business sector everywhere and in the everyone other case. Of course , willed or wished all that ideas must be centralized by the holding-firm “Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss” management only in PÂVILOSTA TRIANGLE (Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja with Butinge Oil terminal in Lithuania), too, relating to foreign investments and declining the colonial order, imposed by the Russian trade (Kremlin’s etc.) colonialism and militarism that, who works as the last pirate-state on the an Earth globe. Each Lettland’s historical former kolhoz and sovkhoz (as Russians doctrina’s ordered system), now in terms of the future relationshipment, for all kinds of money - financial or material and technical investment projects, thus, must be organized on the to firstlands free-base so that 1 first-land is equivalent to 1 Brigade - station area where the leader is administrator titled as First (in German: Neuvorstellungen). Firstland must be as property-land territory that in many cases coincides and coexist by the historically original agricultural artel borders, what in Lettland were created from USSR Communist Party of Russian colonial time regime side historically then when was deprived lives of persons or property, that means, when murderers was confiscated buildings, machinery and equipment, and other assets - livestock, craft gadgets etc. through killing. Of course, the Russians Mafia (slavic gangster regime) deported the Latvians bussinesmen thousands of kilometers far away to Siberia in order to get a "Soviet slaves", because wanted to introduce the Kremlin junta's monetary model on the pan-slavic military doctrine's dictation base elsewhere on Earth planet globally, that means, in ancient times it was happened with the lettishes tribes, but at present time are in Ukraine etc. going. For example, Pāvilostas Novada (parishes union) territory kolhoz "Centība" was, from the Germans and Russians side, through the Militar Theatre actions there formed after when about 100 Jews (by germans) were killed and hundreds of Latvian house-holders were deported (by russians) to Siberia, so similar are happening in present days, when exist by Russians + Germans organized European Union as principle: “divide and conquer”. Some about the lettishes noble-people as nobiliarity movement persons. Some about the firstlands and first-landing, and firsts as ranchers (nobiliars) brigadiers. 1 Pavilosta Dollar = 1 Troyan ounce gold !
  10. 10. 10 I must to tell a little bit about the curias as a curia-firstlands territories, too, because for to trance-personell is the next step for to directive managers thinking and planing of decisions there in the Lettland’s future investment-relations options balance, when Firsts as firsted people have their own brigadiers named as cure- firsts (cure-firstlands commanders). That Health Cures districts are “curefirstlands”, too, because it combines not only the number of firstlands, but also include an operating companies + institutions located in every firstland which fall in the mentioned cure-firstlanding area, regardless of department, racial origin or under the conditions that are determined by by sea or air forces etc.. border, on the lettishes heraldically titled working personell instructions free-base. If You ask how tehnically is possible on the map that CURE-FIRSTLANDING ideas to realize and to understand, I must say than during the Soviet Union time of the Latvian Socialist republic regime, the curefirst was chairman of the local People's Deputies Council, that was led by an elected person, so in the investments future plans of the projected administration, the “village” council boss (trade-union manager) is nothing more than Curefirst. A little bit about the cantons: every one of the Latvian SSR 26 former districts of the Soviet times, also known as distrito-provinces in the Lettland know in the foreseeable investment projects must be named as the cantons. A well-known precedent can be found in Switzerland, where there exist a confederation of cantons that is good sample for to an social experiments and on that experience base there in the Lettland, therefore, will take place in a peaceful perspective confederal monarchy, the establishment of which will not go to war or terror. Because the lettishes monarchial trend will be based to on a true democracy here as consanguinity (blood- relationship) and not on to the family-hate that’s well known as so named: the principle of republicanism = piracy or race genocidar vendetism etc. very bad obstacles of the militar - weaponry development. Therefore the basic model for the introduction of the, by A.Kazchis described, the new heraldic titles business as economic model well reflect the SYSTEM of money for monetary policy in the sense when wages (salary) can be bring through settlement system that works as Joint Stock Company "Latvian Post" PBS: Post Billing System. Some about the cure- firstlanding and cure-firsts as districts administrators. Some about the cantoning and cantons as lordstates ideal through lord-cantons.
  11. 11. 11 A little bit on religious-canton I must to tell than in addition to these mentioned 26 previously in the Lettland exist an another canton as the 27th, that means, subordinatelly is pronounced the Kingdom as very specific areal of the national-religious Lettishes Tribes Protectorative movement against the christianity and ortodoxal normatives of the Churche on the base of national religion as “dievturiba” that is nearby Bahai belief, that I’m naming as the “piethism” on Earth, that’s ecologically cleaning from spiritual poisons the social society. That Cantonese, as religious-belief canton, mentally is based on the belief or mind-intellect and considerations for private meditation (stranger-person) or an evangelistic (kinsman-person) vacant basis, taking into account (Ev. Lutherans 40 000 ha lands) the holding-business situation, which is given in the religious events intellectual (masonical etc.) zone, that is sphere what fights against rosicrucians and AMORC orderd obstacles, too. This underlined the Faith, believers as piethists, Canton is located inside territorially on the aforementioned 26 cantons base and is scattered over a wide range of lettishes area of Business interests, so it is extremely difficult to arrange for a successful business and it needs specific tools or very gifted and spiritual talents. A little bit of the curia: these are double-cantonal territory, such as Liepaja-Ventspils, Kuldiga-Talsi curia etc., which are designed and constructed to be able territorially on Lettland ground to launch the Silicon Valley as precedent (see: USA California) use for to lettonical the Coastal Lowland base on the border with a Baltic sea. The cantons ar similar to an USSR time districts and that former “ussr-districts” as “provinces” are naming “lord-cantons” with a leaders as lords, but doubled territories of them in futurable projects of $ investors are named “curias” with leaders as marquises, of course, in Lettland are 13 curias commonly for an to investors. Some about the cure-anclaves and Secret council. A little bit of enclaves: its are areas that do not have the ability on to actually influence the politics or the economy on to sea, such as “Zeltene” enclave is free of any claims on to in the Baltic sea acvatory existing oil etc. geological resources and brings together only 2 curias: 1)Liepaja-Ventspils and 2) Kuldīga-Talsi, for example, Pavilosta dollars capital and people sources of job, too. Let Us to remember than PAVILOSTA DOLLAR is 1 Troyan ounce gold worth thing that is valuated the every year in the World and, of course, -are we talking about than that the enclave is a "state" in a State, so for that let Us to talk about prefects: “prefect system” as leadership in this sector, because that is an expensive deal. Some about the Cantonese as religical type of cantoning. Some about the curias and cure-landing ideas. iglali iglali / eslali e s l a l i
  12. 12. 12 A little bit of 4 counties: these are as 4 ecology areas that are naturally formed in Lettland historically as etnographicall mysticism and so secularly Mr Aivars Kazchis in created by Him the political Testamento “About 4 counts” is ordering the idea in how sequence to His children are entrusted Business Investment Portfolios. The action is based on a private-holding company "Aivars Kazys Agroserviss" as the main base is PÂVILOSTA TRIANGLE. However, private business impact rises solving through the channelling on 4 states as bases: 1) Latgale + 2) Vidzeme + 3) Zemgale + 4) Kurzeme; in the every of that count must be stated in the little Saeima. It is important to note that this trance-material or trance-personal money finacial system is subsumed in the 2 areas: 1) in Russia’s as Pitalovo territory - Abrene and 2) Lithuania’s as Būtingė placdarm, too, that means than Mr Aivars Kazchis have extrapolate the lettishe people business ideas elsewhere on Earth where it is needed. It should be understood that the job titles and heraldic rule in the Lettland nowadays temporarily not possible, for that reason, Mr Aivars Kažis is, at the Lettishes’ investment projects, implemented an emissaries idea, so Emissaryates go further, as future technology of the trance-personalism, there, and do not call the people that work with the religious ideas of faith, let's say, trended as the “missionaries - the monks”, but called-emissaries. Because He knows, than that shall do the Christians (AMORC terrorists- NASA explorers etc.), for that reason, He is calling they as “emissaries”, for that reason He says proposals as similarly like about to do the dievturians (dievturism) or so named piethists (piethism), - due to the mentioned before He establishes and organizes Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate (ALE) people on the the Common Generations Belief Religion (CGBR) base. It must be also understood that each of the that ethnographic county or the county, of course, exists in the form of the mark-county to the Latvian people, for that reason, due to the fact so are not created problems, Aivars Kazchis personally introduces "prefect" term, which will help to orient in a 2 controversial questions: 1) Republic Latvia as a state does not want resorts and are not supported, because only introduces tourism, practising the settlements - estates what are effectively suitable only for to Russia as pirate-state and, of course, for to other military super-states, including russians etc.. the paramilitary organizations activity; 2) Aivars Kazchis, with His monarchic ideals, try to achieve the Tourism objects replacement with the Resort objects, creating his own ideology and personal-union on to the Hanseatic regionalism trend free-base. Blood-cognative prefects are those people - relatives, who are united by common aim of to create a jointly- common Business center or a Joint business activity on to the that database, that is not prohibited by existing laws, such as ecology or educational questions, by using the its free sources, that means, they are not credits borrowing from banks, government, etc. and all the business movement is developing on an heraldical issues. As soon as blood relatives in the family transforms on to as prefects, as soon they began to work as an emissaries, exposed to ALE - CGBR ideas, so at this moment, all these persons acquires the free hands for to work as free-persons, and so, if there are micronations - heraldical areas (free zones etc.) in the case, they will have own brand, which becomes a source of cash income to the total family budget, so the manor as rancho , first-lands, cure-firstlands, cantons, etc., as Investment Portfolio items, may be marked with postage stamps. Some about the counties as an the earldoms’ sub-units.
  13. 13. 13 In Lettishes language, are founded items from the historical sources – messages, than English title: "Earl" has an a higher ecological quality that is different from the English "count", because that last characterise a pirate heraldism, of course, even in the translation, both give the same "count " title, for that reason, creating an the Investment portfolio, that piracy formed “counts" are put under the “earls". Based on the above, 4 “counties” + 2 "earldoms" means a 4 childdren have 2 parents, each with its own heraldic fund, in addition, these funds should never be merged together or reciprocally incorporated one into another, but 1 "countdom" has anyone of the parents 4 children and so the result is than they each have the trast-fund that operates independently, of course, although receiving support from the parent foundations. A little bit of mark-counties = eraldoms: here ask ourselves whether they are 2 or 4 or ? land and what is meant by "earldom" or "ērlnams" along with it, and is need or not need it, in the Lettland State Private business trance-actions that idea so strictly divide - split as in the competition, hm, because Latvia republic territory naturally has divided by powerful enough the water border. Lettland will never be the empire as tsarist in any of the Mr A.Kazchis' investment projects, consequently, it never become kaiserist or even some kind of Spanish royal state with the so-called Madrid The court "secrets" that are always based on espionage and so by the trance-persons, like as witches, wizards etc., killing, of course, that is not too the British royal precedent, what all is based on piracy supported by Russian militarism. The Lettland, everywhere in existing investment projects' types or even types, is an emissaries type of state, for to what the existing precedent is the United Arab Emirates with all the resulting consequences, that means, that an Arabs in has going emiratization, but the Lettishes in occurs emisarization, so trance-persons are not called as “wizards”or “witches”, but the dealers are as “crosers”. Lettishes intelligence have the naturally occurring defense capabilities, hence, the natur’s matrix helps to lettishe people, regardless of all, to riss the painful questions, in other words, Lettland are inhabiting the so- called chosen people tribe-nation, call it how you want, because important in this field is that lettishes may use Death- touch, so-called: Astral weapons from the After the Grave the shaedow-people side, as self-defense. In the Arab world the ‘astral battle’ is not known as ‘the Death Touch’ struggle, because it is called as the gin (dzhin) war’, where fighting realized between them, and into struggle-field are the so-called ‘shadow persons’ or Afterlife living spirits (men) and soul (women), of course, inside this battle, between transpersonal figuras, may be involved the ‘Common mind’ of the Homo Sapiens as the sense of 2 Beginings (males + females), too. So must be emphasized than the micronation "Zeltene” establishment is the base for to the lettishes nation uniting and the stream - Daugava River is not divide the Lettland politically, for that reason, there are provided the micronationally printed postages (Postal marks), where on the West-Lettland stamps portrayed is Mr A.Kazchis, but on the East-Lettland stamps replicated is His wife: A.Kazche’s portrait etc. similar data symbols. Some about the 2 earl- counties as 2 earldoms in Lettland.i g l a l i e s l a l i
  14. 14. 14 The division into two sectors do not apply to Lettland splitting or redistribution, because the story is about Aivars Kazchis’s family traditions development by the other people may use in its operations and business activity, as it is more than obvious than reigns in Eastern Lettland that the Catholicism and Lutheranism is only the predominantly in Western Lettland ideology trend. Mr Aivars Kazchis as a child (infancy) was baptized by the Lutheran church, and nobody did not ask to Him about permission, + Mrs Anna Kazche is a Catholic from childhood, so, for that reason, since the Vatican shall always be as a magic kind of the russians Kremlin Secret Service additive for an to international diplomacy, these factors were taken into account when happens the planning of the trance-personal, + trance-budget. For to the lettonical trance-Business are valid only the that data, which gives peace of mind and behavior toward warfare, so We must to do everything possible for to create an spiritual equality or balance of priorities, that is laying down by the national religion – dievturiba’s (piethism) main argument of the environment, that can be followed by the lettishes magic Death-touch, due to the lettonical nobility global scale development. Death-touch is a very harsh reality of life, yet for that reason there is a need to remind that the landed gentry- business community tends to be with an aliases that actively gives an mental activity on the vacant trance- action basis, so every student have SPIRITUAL MOTHER (Latin: Alma Mater) as School (Academy, etc..), - so thus the nobiliar family Kazchis's pseudonym: Kagenieks are applying its own technology OF DEATH-touch approach. Noble pseudonym "kagenieks” points to Aivars Kazys blood-voice relatives regiment and those who have entered in the legitimate spouse relationship and this fact confirms officially by the State Civil law Legal Forms documents, of course, with the note that the spiritual origin (ALMA MATER) address of that nickname is “Kagenieks's” quarry production plant, located on a Riva’s willage territory nearby Pavilosta town, and, of course, Kagenieks's tribal self-defense technique: Death-touch is not a secret, - it is based on the gnomes. A little bit about the Lettishes emperor-dom: it is not on the title-house, but for to an emissaries and emissarization unifying characteristical 2 monarchies heraldical title-personnel free-house based on 2 Municipal Funds or free-funds association: 1) is caused by the husband Aivars Kazchis Fund "IGLALI" and 2) his wife Anna Kazche Fund "ESLALI"; both foundations exists only in projected stage of development. Both funds only are dealed with the Lettishes emissarization levels through the free-Business investment portfolios and it attraction to Lettland different agricultural production and services projects, of course, in recognition on the fact about A.Kaža Family Club "Vieda" existence, that club exist only as project, too. This club includes two projected salons (male’s: “Aivars” and female’s: “Anna”), which serves as the an major Arab Investor groups attraction argument with the note that is not supported the Russian-Chinese “Silk Road” (the Red Army, etc.). characteristic renovation ideas, for example, drug business, weapons market etc. . Some about the Lettishes emperordom as an ALE ideas. I g l a l i E s l a l i &
  15. 15. 15 Lettland emperordom not the same as the Lettishes emperordom, for that reason Mr Aivars Kažis (Kazchis- Kazys) is supporting the last and an experience is given as an investment object for an to Arabs Investors world etc companions only in the case: 1) if investors doned money job is supported by the strengthening of family ties and 2) when by the investors the war is not happening between families as blood-relatives. So there must be application if the Hanseatic region's approach to history and the constituent data due to a professional specialists searching for work, because each operation-able, of course, years old person to have its own office - the place in the apartment where he was living at home in private. Years old specialists activity, with even the an Arab-specific investment style Sharia implementation or control, has never been difficult for the following reasons: 1) can work in their place of residence, ready for office work, because there is no need to buy furniture, etc..; 2) usually there are already able to communicate on the Internet or by telephone, or by using walkie-talkies; 3) may also be used in the USSR created during the collective and State farms channels of communication; 4) easy to create a Coordinating Council, according to the USSR's dispatcher database; 5) can be further engagement with family members in order to strengthen the free farming; 6) do not need to turn the weapons against the arbitrariness of local authoritarian regimes whims; 7) may seek the assistance of retired teachers – lecturers as pedagogues of the life and an existence. We should not to forget here that the ideas than: 1) the many retirees - older generation people is still work-capable, 2) the Lettishe youth people are exposed to authoritarian (weapons, etc.). Educational models and 3) the children do not learn in school any useful knowledge that enhance or reproduce family activity and strengthen the blood relatives among tribal relations. Of course, we should also remember the fact that is exacerbating the struggle between: 1) Lettishe people as lettonical Aborigines (indigenous) and 2) the diasporiants (foreigners), which introduces its terror laws. The governing lettonical-diasporiants are supported by big-states (Russia, America, China and India), for that reason the ruling political elite, for pecuniary interest, organizes the disturbing-the disadvantaged youth exit from the national territory, as well as organizes children's nonbirth (see condom laws, the laws of abortion, etc..), therefore, provides a Lettland’s state death and mortality, opening the door to the Russian military regime (occupation etc. neocolonial traditions) creation. For Unknown reasion the Lettonical diaspora - Emigration community has set up the very divine magic an local affair on the colonists as the Russian-speaking humans capability base so that :
  16. 16. 16 1) for to the Russian people are given more social-economical privileges than for the local Lettonical aborigines, of course, villages,cities, that near the Russian state border, are stripped from lettishes, schools are closing etc.; 2) are implemented automatical, on the strong authorieties force based householding, as the in the United States and elsewhere other places existing loto-cash earning models, such as the gambling houses - casino etc.; 3) in thus an extremely short amount of time in Lettland was created than the Russian families colonial conquerors children began to take over in political influence there,where it had failed Russia many decades; 4) the foreign-Lettishe’s community, due to the that an aboriginal-Lettishes maded National Betrayal fact, is celebrating and organizing regular boheme-gatherings for to try maximally centralize power in their own hands. Lettonical diaspora are those lettishes people, which are based on the slogan: "Ubi bene ibi patria", which, in the translation from Latin, refers to the place of residence so: "Homeland is there, where getting along well," and because the emigrations's - former exiled lettishes system, such as the World Free Latvian association & Co, is completely no matter what will follow and what is already happening behind their actions. Because their main purpose is actually to increase the political impact of emigration-circles for to an the achievement of the beneficial legislation, such as … on the Russian-speaking persons grouping base would arise the some any lettishes separatist formations such as the Eastern Latvian Association (formerly the Russian Latvian Society), in order to be created fake institutions, for example, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, which is always sown misconceptions on the fundament of public social by russophoby definated lies. A little about the complex IGLALI: there are 4 landtags as 1) Lithuania (with Königsberg) 2) Western-Lettland + 3) Eastern-Lettland 4) Estonia, of course, with the note that the word "IGLALI" arises from the former Soviet republics of 3 initials (Latvian tongue) that is set as i -Net pseudonym by Mr Aivars Kažis, but “ESLALI” (English tongue) is nickname set by his wife Mrs Anna Kaže and all that is dealed because exist the management risk of household business there on the base of Kremlin’s terror. The an IGLALI (eslali) complex formation is relatively difficult problem when that tries to resolve by military measures, for example, in Konigsberg established is the Kremlin (russians)– White House (americans) band, which is reasonably attached to the Secret Space "star gate" major hub for program against Humanity, because an the military activity is going not only on to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact based derivatives, but also on the Russian-American "Soyuz-Apollon" spacecraft pilot "test" program that works decades long, as a result so was killed the president of the United States J.Kennedy, for without imposing the political responsibility on to the no one grouping, and therefore, so there has been running the russophobia’s “Smersh” etc. secret type banditry. Lettland's budget, in connection with the foregoing, may to experience a range of negative procedures or activity, and may result in mass riots and religious clashes, so each upgrade has been organized with the experimental approach and through regional models, such as trance-national capacity of the Lettishes sense of principles as trance-resources basis, so that you can use USSR experience, say, Kuban economic boom approach designed by the Arab investors paradise "Pavilosta Triangle" or micronation “New-Jerusalem” , as a basis for to putting the United Nations organization General Assembly practice precedentable use by an the emissaries job. 3 monarchies : Some about the IGLALI (ESLALI) complex ideology.Latvia Lithuania Estonia
  17. 17. 17 A little bit about CGBR: because Internet facilities exist, so it is possible between the persons to communicate and through home studies to self-educate, for that reason 2 generations: the 1) old-people and 2) young- people are not fighting each other in routine wars that are really becoming in the every 50 years period, that means, i-net job is helping in the inter-generational replacement through strategically planed schooling and concordative (oral agreement) relations free-base. Therefore, the Lettishes people, due to the national survival + existence purpose , must to to find and evaluate datas on the manner in which are the cyclical periods started as militarization, through N.D. Kondratieff (4.03.1892.-09.17.1938.) indirectly and vicariously founded polar-regularities: 1) for the globe 2) for the continents 3) for national blocks - association or 4) invidually for to one country, of course - at having research, it is important to achieve a comprehensive peace coming measurements instead of fighting or terror. A little bit of ALE: Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate is the political order as frame, which necessarily imposes every investment portfolio, which comes from an the Arab Money funds or their investment-partners. On this basis, it is realistic to specify that the Latvian emissaries in other parts of the globe where an adequate investment interests in Holdings, which is based on self-supply and self-triggering, of course, through the free- principle standards in the rural economy and agro-industrial sector based on spirituality and medium job. For example, the in Lettland must be created 6 farms, 18 settlements, 30 orders, 51 monasteries, 120 community and 272 communes, of course, to introduct of such a Know-How working model for to portfolios of an the investments preparing, elsewhere on the planet. A little bit about the Public Ombud: it occurs when the really are merging KPTR and ALE environment, that is happening by the creating BRA: Free Producers Organisation or association that acts as a broker - dealer, earning for its work at least 5% of the net profit as income. Of course, taking into account the fact that ombudism blood-voice thing, so here all is happening at the blood- sibling, or monarchic, despite the fact that the ombud-persons services in many republics, so in the militarized states the parliament is trying to introduce. Therefore we must to understand and remember, why an the ancient Lettishes ombudsmans, like kings or royal type leaders by russians etc. was succeeded to kill, to drive out from the homes as well as to take into exile and enslave or simply deported, exposing to genocide or to racial type segregation, due to it, and as a result, the Latvian people are now dying out intensively because there exist a broken national resistance. Some about the CGBR: Common Generations Belief religion. Some about the monarchy as Allunited Lettishes Emissaryate political sources. Some about the CGBR as Public ombudism that as base of the an economical sources.
  18. 18. 18 A little bit about Family Order: This is a family Mrs A.Kažis' Order, containing the concordative 12 "chairs" as: 1) the director (Leader of the Directorate); 2) an advisor (enclaves’ Chairman of the Board); 3) an alderman (Cavalier or Dome’s spokesman); 4) the senator (priest or the Elders' meeting as Senate manager); 5) the Apostle (hierarch or reciters puzle-unit manager); 6) the soter (mesiahs prior or overseer as the "centurion"); 7) the nuncio (manager the board or the notifying trubadoor ); 8) the para-teacher (Pharaoh or policeman - steward); 9) the zemstian (clerk or manager of the Nobility); 10) an admin (oracle or Sensorate’s manager); 11) the monarch (Aivars Kažis as the owner of the monarchy); 12) the wife of the monarch (A. Kažis' spouse). A little bit of ads 9.07.199.-9.09.1999. took place in a private placement of advertisements in the newspaper "Kurzeme Expresis", of course, for many people that datas is similar like to mushrooms as the very good. There the Mr. A.Kažis personal datas had been factorized into 21 groups, so that was seemed a triangle type sector joining as the Pāvilosta Triangle establishment through the trance-formula (7 x 3 = 21). Thus, by the mentioned method was given a lawful basis for to the legislative constitutional monarchy’s order establishment in the one of the former Soviet Union - Russia's colonies as the Latvian republic (LR) there. LR currently is booming as the monarchic environment, based on consanguinity links and "blood-vote" system, that at the present day yet is not by nobody not questioned or not overturned or intervened with a dirty ideas. Some about the Family Order’s 11+1 chairs. Some about the an Advertisements - 1999 in the newspaper “Kurzemes Ekspresis”.
  19. 19. 19 A little bit about the title-persons of the lettishes nobiliars : they are office-persons of an existing investment policy on the that rule base, which is not determined by the current monarch-states (England as United kingdom or Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco etc.) introduced procedura for an to the title application. The that Lettishes private Monarchy owner A.Kažis has introduced ethnographically notional new titles and a completely different ratio of power in terms of title, like a king-dom meets the title, that represents the canton, mentioned in USSR time as the district (province), of course, the base of titling is not christianity, but vicanism. For to Lettishes the Marquis titles are allocated only to those who actually operate in politics, not the for military, as it once happened in the past with the French royal title experience, so , in Lettland the marquis- titled people must to adminstrate territory mamed as double-canton: anclave (4 districts) as minimum. For to Lettishe civilians as the highest title is “baron” always deemed because it is a foodstuffer, the Nourisher- person as an agronomist etc. agrarian who so ensures the necessary profit of prosperity, for a reason, in lettishe language the word “barons” is used for to that people, who are feeding – nourishing ( “barot” = “feed”). A little bit of so named the Total-cashing: it's Money and Financial lawful as the free-base model, which provides that the Investment Business resources are kept in one onother as alternative place that are not in banks, but in the Total-checkout stations. There they total $ sources are guarded and propagated, of course, by the introduction of the modern Internet - cyber banknotes as Pāvilostas dollars ($ 1 = 1 troy ounce of gold), with the following classification ranging from the lowest values: 1) Zikers 2) Verdins, 3) Guldens, 4) Dukats, 5) Dalders. My idea of Know-How: money banknotes are chiped through chip environment, so each one paper banknotes is integrated at least the one chip, because microchips secrets are cheaper than secrets that are in typographically printed money, so it is very profitable to organizate the SILICON VALLEY precedent in Pavilosta Triangle. Business team - the investigators brigade must will to investigate and to assess the historical facts of the fact that is relating to the establishment of Reifeisen Total-cash in Germany taking over of the positive experience. Some about the heraldical noble personell as nobiliars. Some about the Common Cash-box money activity development on Earth.
  20. 20. 20 A little bit about triskel-symbol 2 kinds: due to the fact that one of the ancient Latvian tribes (Krives - Kriviches) was the Celts, this 3-way or 3-beam rotation symbol is needed be used to describe the fact or idea about how around of a common backbone = national Lettishes value axis is orbiting the Common Business activity. For example, at Pavilosta Triangle’s fast urbanizating 3-City Association (Kuldīgas, Ventspils, Liepaja) area takes place schooling intellectualism, of course, bearing in mind that TRISKELION (via the Sun-clockwise) represents the masculine, but TRISKELE (turns against the sun - counterclockwise direction) refers to the feminine. Therefore, in the domestic investments, on the Common belief-based projects, is accepted to use this the symbol on the Latvian Republic flag colors (RWR: red-white-red) background and in the festive celebrations the people must wear the badges - brooches as decorations: Triskelions - men, but Triskeles - female . A little bit about BGY or blue-green-yellow flag: there is reason to believe that the ratio of 1: 1: 1 and sequentially from the top BLUE + GREEN + YELLOW is expected Latvian flag, which occurred before the current red-white-red, which forced the super-state Russia with his Secret Service (SMERSH etc..) what was the Kremlin's bloody dictation. Historical datas in terms of Russia's tyrannical enforced by red-white-red flag colors definitely say that they comply with the ancient tradition of the Austro-Hungarian gypsy tribal system, as indicated by the fact that even today in Austria uses the same flag colors. So for Latvian monarchic future projects it is recommended there only the Blue-Green-Yellow colors, for to create a new heraldic spiritual atmosphere and so to create it through the Latvian ethnographic support of the poltergeists spirits – souls (sheadow-people as dzhins,-the lettishes named “velis” etc.) from Beyond the Grave. Some about the Triskellion and Triskelle as religious fight of the money symbols. Some about the - - flag as lettishes development base.
  21. 21. 21 A little bit about the school: that is in future projects in Pavilosta Triangle as an the academic institution that educates on the classrooms base and gives the freshest insights on neuro-lingvics, neuro-programming and distance learning, of course, the every city have own colour: Kuldiga-blue, Ventspils-green & Liepaja – yellow. Business people are needed the an very academic-style country academy: Countral Academy that would prepare leaders as well as pedagogs - teachers in the diffrenet learnings so when they will be acquired with the most diverse background level trance-datas, because there are necessarity to enable them for to open their private schooling institutions as private gymnasiums, private colleges and private universities, too. Future school-masters as the highest level of pedagogy people, of course, are at present days the very necessary in the courses of training system for to improve the knowledge of older people and those retirees who have difficulty walking, but are perfectly capable of working with computers and Internet connections. A little bit about Pavilosta as an the Earth capital-central city: it is undoubtedly on the globe needed already, and must not stay longer as a Moscow etc. another a big city, but the new building blocks should be initiated in a completely new, globally beneficial the place where it brings peace, harmony and spiritual atmosphere good. Nowadays, in the light of an the historical experience datas directly Pāvilosta and PĀVILOSTA’s the Triangle is able to provide a unified management as an IGLALI (in English: ESLALI) complex center for to the Green farming (in English: Organic farming) and an the other organic growing methods,-so there is possible begin Earth capital. Of course, the monarchial style of managemental business there is occasionally good, so absolutely is necessary to make the transition from conventional rural type Agricultural science fielding on it underneath greenhouse = polyethylene or polycarbonate cover, under-the-glass etc. underneath sheeting-covered area of the business. This reformation as rural Reformation activity will need to be made due to the fact that on the Earth globally is constantly taking place by the various superpowers organized an the atmospheric tampering with tera-formical poison chemtrails (barium etc.), in that case there are in the Internet a lot of bad datas from United States. Chemtrail poisons that are that base-mixed on biochemicals, neuro-chemicals, magneto-chemicals or electro- chemicals with an ingredients: radio-isotopes, radiation-radionuclides, which are specifically for to the military purposes widely used by the Russian military-persons, for example, in the case of “Yellow Rain” by aircrafts. Some about the an academician style of the School idea in Pavilosta Triangle. Some about the an Earth planet’s “radar” as central main capital-city Pavilosta town.
  22. 22. 22 A little bit of the Lettland National protection as resistance against Kremlin etc. terror: the Lettishes case must be constituted on the basis of Sufficiency movement or “Sāta motion” historical precedent base, engaging the youth + parents of the children. In the case of that Sufficiency movement in the near some decades past, on the 2nd World War doorstep , before Kremlin organized anexion of all the national territory, the Lettishes people themselves began to adhere to the "dry law", thus remaining regardless from the drug business – alcoholism (alcohol in United Nations statutes is narcotic). Lettishes nation in the very short time and, of coure, in the very short period of the Lettland national history, then set up a club-net or national patriotic club-system that switched people from spirit drinks on to beer drinking and thereby achieving a healthy life creation, for that reason that is good experience: how healthy live. It is important nowaday in Lettland on the all national territory to establish political movements and social currents, which helps to resolve the issues without war and terror, - so must be organized the Lettishes National Congress for to establish the National Senate + National Assembly that for to lead the monarchy. A little bit of Lettland’s nobility: the that in 1999 was started up by Mr Aivars Kazchis leadership and projected political management organ is called LMP: "LATVIAN MANOR'S PARTY", which is under the guidance of the monarch (Mr. Aivars Kazchis as Kagenieks-1), which is guided by and based on the family’s children or family blood-relatives support of the financial transactions . LMP in activities is intended to rely only on to the an ecological farming, such as Green housekeeping called “organic-farms” or Organic Farming, by introducing the “worming” ideas in the composts of mixed turf with an different ingredients, for example, sea grass and so producing is developed on the California Red Worms base. LMP politically introduces a new (Slow Food) public catering control system in order to prevent human obesity that resulting from the Fast-catering (Fast Food) techniques - a new type of restaurant are called: “mielastnīca” as food outlet, where visitors are sitting nearby the kitchen of the restaurant and see what the cook does. LMP is establishing two types of nobility, because of the need to create both national (1) and the private (2) manors, each of which is entitled to open his own school or course-base for their own purposes, creating their own theater, dance, etc. amateur artistic form, rissing the problems of rural crafts on self-management base. Some about the lettishes Nacional Protectorative Movement ideas. Some about the lettishes national patriotical Nobiliar movement as Rancho party. iglali eslali
  23. 23. 23 A little bit about the monarchy: it is a question of what the Working People will do in their future plans with Lettland as the territory of the former USSRway which today exists as colonial powers - Russia presence, represented by the Kremlin Secret-service. World Course of history shows,-due to lack of experience, must by the people national forces the every fascism be controlled, for to struggle against Bermontian type of troops, for example, leaded by Kremlin the banditry groups, which seems impossible to understand, because the weaponry is elsewhere where is the christianity. For these reasons, full attention must be directed to the fact that each of the former socialist republic could be an active monarchy with a minimum of royal-type formation environment, for example, Lettland have 26 lord- doms or Kingdoms locally as former districts-provinces with one the spirituall 27 king-dom as Lutherans based. Of course, must be also defined in the other former USSR republics the perspectives development of: Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Armenia, meaning with that than so there are the monarchy holding on free-business base. The royal houses modeling on the the former USSR, as basic ideology of monetary policy, must be created in an the active-way displacing Christianity, as impact of Vatican, by introducing in republics the national religions as national political currents, sample in Lettland is vicanism = dievturism, that based on the national belief sense. A little bit of piracy: it gets as raiderism problem and the main Reider-warrior in this area, today actually speak Russian, established the CIS: Commonwealth of the Independent States, led by the Russian military and led by the marxists-leninists as the flibustiers from the Mausoleum in Moscow as the spiritual center, because Kremlin have 7 Satan stars “onlined” the 24 hours daily, based on Venus planet okult – ortodoxal (sex etc.) system. CIS is sponsored and supported by English (British) royal system, so very dangerous resource here is Russo- American's "Soyuz-Apollo" Star War project, where the one without the other has never do and not do is the 1) United States and the 2) Russian Federation, - about that thing are many datas in newspapers and TV or Radio. For example, Americans have even abandoned their shuttle projects because cheaper and more convenient for them are to rely on the Russians as "taxis" - launch vehicles, with which the Slavic folks, in principle, has taken over the entire globe, so Kremlin people step by step are developing the 3.World War activities now, too. The Kremlin thereby exposes the entire planet under to his colonial interests and beneath Russian doctrine, therefore, there on Earth the russians try to kill the every ethnicity or nation, which interfere to conquer and enslave world an slaughtered are all people who are fighting against slavical or Kremlin interests elsewhere. Some about the lettishes monarchies in Lettland and others in former USSR. Some about the piratism actions through Lettland’s electorate delegates activity.7
  24. 24. 24 A little bit about 3World War: so there is noticed below, by Mr Aivars Kazchis providence, provided and explained, than on the terrorism acts base, war stimulated in 2014 due to the Russian orthodox military aggression against Ukraine (Crimea annexation),-due in foods are russian’s biochemicals, -due etc. voluntarism. In 2014 Russia begans to force, with an military attacks, on to Ukraine, which is not only the United States - NATO influences sector, but also the other major powers, including China's area of interests, too, so for that reason, the European Union began to use the an restrictive economic policy as prohibitions of Food veto etc.. Necessarily in future must be required the Russian militarism weapons destroying and elimination of the Red Army, signing Unconditional capitulation, by the Russians-led the CIS must be distributed in 2 influence spheres through Ural mountains, as the demarcation line between the United States and China's foreign policy sectors. A little bit about the that Lettsihes language shortened phrase: “SRATIU "AKA"” : it is an Individual Enterprise (firm) "Aivars Kazchis’ Agroserviss" that in that context is not acting as a merchant - an commercial enterprise, but as an holding informal-person or a legal person that operates on the holding-system free-base. For example, in case of foreign investments, the firm pays the LR for to the State Revenue Service requested 15% - Income tax from the investment-portfolio, of course, has be cashed himself projected a profit of up to 25% while the rest 60% of investors' money leaves for to the investors so that they can make plans for holding, locating projects. Here it should be noted that after an expanded the full definition that MR. A.Kazchis owned holding-firm is called: “Between-farms Production Logistics and Marketing Individual enterprise "Aivars Kazchis' Agroserviss". Lettland’s flag for an to Investment Project of monarchy - ALE: the Allunited Lettishes Emyssariate; precedent - United Arab Emirates. 1:1:1 Some about the 3 World War (3WW) activities development in Lettland. Some about the holding-firm’s “Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss” future.
  25. 25. 25 Flag for an to Lettishes Investment Projects faith (national-patriotic religion as the World Common vicanism) - CGBR: Common Generations Belief Religion; precedent – Bahai’ World Faith. Quotation : Blue Green Yellow Triskele (female) or triskelion (male) signs Latvian Republic red- white-red flag Lettland national- patriots Belief flag Kuldiga Ventspils city Liepaja “The bourgeoisie from all countries, unitel !”
  26. 26. 26 Let Us to stress some about the interesting process, in Lettishes language named as LELB: Latvijas Evanģēliski Luteriskās Baznīcas) – Lutheran churche religion elimination by the lettishes national-patriots organized assimilation base, because the christians terrorism must be destroyed maximally fast through business way. Christian Church philosophy is based on the terrorism - piracy and always works through a magical theme or psychiatric standardization, by the using of psychotronical weapons system or psychedelic poisoned communion food - Oblates slabs or psychotropic substances based drinks. The Christian church is always trying to expose people under to the Orthodox (unquestioning etc.) Terms, of course, the Bible - terrorism ABC Study book gives its clear demonstration as a mandatory rule how the Mankind spiritually, etc. must be subjected under only the Vatican as a Control center, so determinating how above all is Kremlin politically in order World to lead with the occult methods from Moscow as the capital of the Earth, where everything is forced by the most diverse style weapons and armaments technologies. Warning: arab investor's pilot-project name or place in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE throughout is based on the risky christians - Lutheran terrorists churche psychiatricaly psychodelic thing. Arabs "MECI GROUP" as investors dealer-firm contact datas for an to e-communication and the leading sources. 1. Investment-projects portfolio proposal in Liepaja city + Butinge Oil Terminal in Lithuania as interests area. 2. Investment-projects portfolio proposal in Ventspils city as interests area. Lettishes holding-firm as holding- enterprise "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" contacts and banking datas. 3. Investment-projects portfolio proposal in Kuldiga city as interests area. Personal private contact datas with lettishes holding-firm owner Mr. Aivars Kazchis- Kazys (Kažis). An planet Earth's equator length is 40 000 km The lettishe terrorists - christians Lutheran church owns 40000 ha The magic „trick” with No. 40 000
  27. 27. 27 The proposal is to balance the this situation by appropriate measures through an the Arab world-different the Money Instrumental programs, called "Allunited Lettishes Emyssariate" financial investments that are invest an arabical people on the territory through model system of PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE: urbanizating 3 cities – Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja business job. That ideas are influencing on to the Baltic (Scandinavia etc.) states through the new principle of resorts idealogy by the health healing for an to arab people, named as „An arabs Way”, of course, Health & Wealth cures project that is possible to organize on the IGLALI (ESLALI) complex base. For the mentioned before obstacles deal the Mr Aivars Kazchis-Kazys propose, through the own holding-firm as an the enterprise “Aivara Kaža Agroserviss”, to organizate the 100% full complex of an arab investors 99 projects, named as ARABS WAY projects in the Pavilosta Triangle (Kuldiga + Ventspils + Liepaja) centralized area of interests of the FUTURE TECHOLOGIES as Silicon Valley precedent, of course. It is worth to stress about the small forms of an the economical development or yoga-type marginalies as the private own models of the business acitvity, therefore, the subject of discussion is going on Lettishes “urbani”, and there must be clarified than the term "urbāns" is by Mr Aivars Kažis definated on the anti-basis of cooperation and cooperative environment as such (precedent : “kibbutzim” in Israel) . Else there should be noted (in addition pluss to the mentioned before the an excogitated by A.Kazchis “urbans” as Know-How fact) than precedent of the cooperatives association type model-union in 1988 gave the Siberian Russian scientist – economist Dr. professor Krasnoschokov Vasilyevich Nikolay, due to expose the Soviet colonial territories under one single RUSSIAN doctrine at that the USSR sovietology based time, asked by the Kremlin's current adept-people system as CPSU (communist) cadres nomenclature. © 25% of investitions's income profit shall, as a reason from deal rental result, be granted for to the holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss" through the Mr.Aivars Kazchis-Kazys foundation named as "Prosperity fund IGLALI". Liepaja city: + Butinge Oil terminal in Lithuania. Ventspils city: Kuldiga city:
  28. 28. 28 © Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", Parka avenue - 20 , LV-3466, +371 27 867 957, Purveyance & Supply urban Transport vehicles urban Technical Assistance urban Cereals handling - storage Urban Potatoes producers Urban Roughage producers Urban Urban-school: Educational Urban Of the Informatics care Urban Construction of buildings Urban Veterinary Of care orban Household Service Urban Urbans Co-cashbox Chair Managemental configuration of the project „Arabs Way”.
  29. 29. 29 © Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", Parka avenue - 20 , LV-3466, +371 27 867 957, . Ventspils: "Common Acquisition & Purchasing organization"; MARKET (are 36 hectares). Kuldīga: "Savings Loan company" ; Co- Cashbox (needs 36 hectares). Liepaja: "Medical Care Society" ; RESORT (needs 36 hectares). In Riga city are: 8,5 hectares. By legislation the an authorized Co-operative organizational forms attracting into the "PĀVILOSTA TRIANGLE" as dukedom job model according to the existing "Nordic Industries" Ltd business parks hectares situation in Lettland (project). „PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE” duchy. In Riga city are 8,5 hectares: “Agriculture & Fisheries product recycling & Sales joint-company.” In Jelgava city are 23 hectares: “Sports, Recreation & Transport Facilities joint-use & Maintenance company.” „Agricultural machinery, machine & Tools Common User & Maintenance company.” In Salaspils city are 12,5 ha: „Information Service Company.” In Riga city are 20 ha: In Rezekne are 7 ha: „Apartments, Garages, Cottages & Gardening company. " Pāvilosta needs 36 ha: „Companies union”. „Chair.”
  30. 30. 30 Mr. free-duke Aivars Kažis-Кажис-Kazchis Ventspils: Kuldīga: Liepāja: Pavilosta Country Academy : 12 universities scenario creation. © Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", Parka avenue - 20 , LV-3466, +371 27 867 957, . Mr. free-duke Aivars Kažis-Кажис-Kazchis “Pavilosta Triangle” duke-SCHOOL for to 120 000 students. “Chair” Project author: Political-economy: Kazdanga Curorts techology: Jūrkalne Urban-mechanics: Priekule Metrology: Ēdole Diplomatics: Irbene Sublimants: Zlēkas Domestic Agronomy: Vērgale Zoo-engineering: Snēpele Tourorts technology: Cīrava Directors: Kalēti Piethism: Rucava 10 8 6 4 2 11 9 7 5 3 1 12 * Explanation of scheme: Turorts - tourism objects; Sublimants - dried plants; Piethism - common vicanism; Chair - Management. * Note: Heraldic titles school graduates allocated as Lettishe-titles or free- posts: Manor-man, First, Cure- first, Lord, Marquis, King and Baron.
  31. 31. 31 Separate individuals + family-run job forms in fact. 1 family-run economic form of the work (Holding Company). 1 individual owner of the company (Holding Firm). Holding-business scheme due the kolhoz "Centība" dismantling and reorganization on to the private model. Amelioration Firms Amelioration Firms surplus inpurchasing firms. Dairy,meat,etc.firms. Veterinarycarefirms. Tribal-livestokfirms. Agrochemicalservicefirms. Ameliorationruralfirms. Surplusinpurchasingfirms. Collective marketing or job forms of public or private processes for to economic activities. Latvian republic regional Local authorities owned agency-farm. Contract based Public Relations commercial free- job Association. Job scientific organizations the Public funds agency- farm. Latvian republic the state-owned enterprises or state-farms. Private business design sample on to the Liepaja district, Saka parish the former's kolkhoz “Centiba” labor model basis. 1 owner- run peasant farm or ryot-farm (Holding Farm). Statute- agency of Comandits community secured labor activity. © Author: Mr. Aivars Kazchis-Kazys, Parka avenue-20, LV-3466, Pavilosta Triangle, +371 27867957, Consulting and Social issues Service Company. Repairing, Construction and Building Materials Company. ThePlaningservice. Manufacturers AssociationBoard Passportizationunit. Construction-repairbase. Constructionmaterials. Carpentryandjoinery. Forestrydepartment. Livestock products the inpurchasing, processing, marketing and manufacturing company. The crop production inpurchasing, processing, marketing and manufacturing company. Inpurchasingfirms. Cereals,beets,etc.firms. Instruments, work equipment + facilities, technical systems of monitoring and control, metrology hardware + farm mechanization, energy input an engineer-technical cares the departments company. Machine + tractor park exploitation, maintenance + repair firms. Energy sources acquisition and farm KNOW- HOW etc. Mechanization firms. The product distribution, materials inpurchasing, transport firms. Metrology and KNOW- HOW developments introducment firms.
  32. 32. 32 Dragon Grand-chess : author - Aivars Кажис - Kazchis - Kazys 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f g h i j © Milk dragon = cow : symbol of the new chessman on the chess-board; Dragon is a knight and a bishop crossing.
  33. 33. 33 Lettonical of aborigines viewpoint Pieth- rancho Private- rancho State- rancho Lettonical of diasporas viewpoint National congress National assembly National senate Lettishes national Protectorat movement idea - system. © Holding-firm "Aivara Kazcha Agroserviss", Parka avenue - 20 , LV-3466, +371 27 867 957,
  34. 34. 34 In Latvian republic should continue Agrarian Reformation, which in the Soviet Union began through soviets disintegration, for that reason must be created the 2nd stage of the Land-reform, which leadership creates within the Manors Economic Management Centre on an the address of Park Street-20, Pāvilosta, due to that is needed an the Arab-investors money for to set up a new Monetary model with Pāvilosta Dollar (P$) as an axis. In the formation of “P$” must be taken into account the circumstance that finished the Konigsberga's land- lease agreement (with the United States, France and other allies consent), that to the Russia was concluded up to 50 years after the end of of the World's War 2, and between the Great powers commenced a new stage of the World's reallocating process, which in political circles of the diplomatic services is called as the NEW ORDER. Must be taken into account the current economic situation, than a New-order legislation provides for the suspension of the Russian troops as militarism and the liquidation of the Kremlin's power by any means, through engaging the armies from the United States and China,- in that matter is good for an to the Arabic investors the idea than Mr Aivars Kažis provides the establishment of the IGLALI (English: ESLALI) Business Complex based on the PĀVILOSTA-Triangle territory, with a Central Office space located in the motel "Nīcava". The self-payment of projected “Arabs Way” investors job is not high, because management is localizated on the long-termed traditions and based on the local specialists – aborigens who operates with the holding-datas experience as polyglots : lettishes, russian, english etc. former USSR languages well-knowers, for that reason is very easy to understand the idea about – WHAT TO DO and HOW TO BE with a development of the $ sources. Lettishes folk 99 projects for an to arab investors in PAVILOSTA TRIANGLE, by the inviting the workers from all Earth.Lettishes Earth Crewn system. Eng. Agronomist as Co-holdinger (51% joint-stocks) Mr. Aivars Kazchis-Kazys (Kažis) from one side on base of private address: Parka-20 in Pavilosta town, where He lives with a family and where is centralized all options and experience on Internet base, by involving 40% of $, because the free-money of investors are streaming further through 7 sub-objects that are based on Common deal without concreete precize properties of lands. “Ulmale” “Rīva” “Saliena” “Minde” “Upsēde” “Akmeņrags” “Lutherans churche” Arab investors circle as $ dealers on the base, for example, of “Meci Group International” as leader-specialists: are dealing through motel “Nīcava” as holding-property center of the management of IGLALI complex, when the people are working as job-tourists up to 6 months (with 1 month as furlough), of course, i-net professional specialists must be africans, because black-rase have very specifical genom for to the long termed hard work with computers, but the brigadiers – managers must be arabs, who all are working without residence permit and when they are finishing, then arrives the next travelers – “excursionists” for to job there several months etc. etc. so further without the limit. © Author of the that 34 pages – slides presentation: Mr. Aivars Kazchis-Kazys (kažis); +371 27867957,