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A day in the life at westside high

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A day in the life at westside high

  1. 1. A Day In The Life At Westside High School Iris Garcia Digital Media Period 2
  2. 2. Welcome To Westside High School
  3. 3. The Commons The Commons is a place to hang out with friends, do homework and eat lunch.
  4. 4. Court YardThis is alsoanotherplace to eat,hang outwith friendsand playsports.
  5. 5. Fields These are some of the soccer players playing on one of the many fields we have here at Westside.
  6. 6. CourtsThis is justone of thecourts wehave here.
  7. 7. North Houses North 2 (N2) is home to the magnet program Health Science Technology (HST).North 1 (N1) is home tothe magnet programComputing Science andEngineering.
  8. 8. Closer Look At HST
  9. 9. South House House for Fine Arts.
  10. 10. East HousesE1 (East 1) home of themagnet program Business. East 2 (E2) is the house of the magnet program Media Relations.
  11. 11. Closer Look In East 1