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WebKitGTK+ status and roadmap to WebKit2 (FOSDEM 2012)


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By Mario Sánchez Prada and Philippe Normand.

In the talk we will talk about WebKitGTK+ [1] current status and work done in the last months since last desktop summit. A lot of things have happened in these months, we will summarize the various WebKitGTK+ improvements in rendering (accelerated compositing), accessibility, networking, etc. Also we will cover WebKit2 architecture and initial version of the API, we will detail the roadmap for WebKit2 support for WebKitGTK+. And or course some nice demos :).

The talk should be interesting for embedders and those considering integration of the web with the free desktop.

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WebKitGTK+ status and roadmap to WebKit2 (FOSDEM 2012)

  1. 1. WebKitGtk+: Status and roadmap to WebKit2 Philippe Normand <> Mario Sánchez Prada <>
  2. 2. What is WebKit?
  3. 3. What is WebKitGTK+?  
  4. 4. Who is using it?
  5. 5. Previously on WebKitGTK+... GObject bindings for the DOM Support for GTK+ 3.x Improved HTML5 support WebSockets Disk network cache (libsoup) WebGL support Full drag­and­drop support More accessible Increased test coverage (up to 26000 tests) Stable release (1.6) GTK+ 3.x is default. Kept GTK+ 2.x support More GObject bindings for the DOM Independant JavaScriptCore library Basic support for WebKit2 (WebKit2GTK+) Spell checking APIs Lots of bugfixes
  6. 6. WebKit2: split process model
  7. 7. WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries
  8. 8. WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries
  9. 9. WebKit2: Some details Three different processes: UI Process Web Process Plugin Process IPC Mechanisms: CoreIPC ­ an abstraction for general message passing, including event handling (sockets) DrawingArea ­ an abstraction for a cross­process drawing area (mmaped file) WebKit2: Current status Apple and Qt already released WebKit2 browsers Cross­platform C API exists, internally used GObject API Work­In­Progress (WebKit2GTK+) Most challenges of the split process model solved Tests running, need to deploy more test bots
  10. 10. Unstable releases (1.7.x) More WebKit2GTK+ API written Drag'n'drop on WebKit2GTK+ WebInspector on WebKit2GTK+ Support for gtk­doc on WebKit2GTK+ MiniBrowser ported to WebKit2GTK+ API Initial implementation of WebAudio WebGL enabled by default Initial support for accelerated compositing Performance boost (e.g. JavaScript, rendering...) Upcoming releases (1.8, 1.10...) Keep working on the WebKit2GTK+ API Accelerated compositing (OpenGL) Implement fullscreen HTML5 support (Video) Finish WebAudio implementation Port multimedia to GStreamer 0.11 HW accelerated Video rendering Accessibility enabled on WebKit2GTK+ Port more apps to WebKit2GTK+ (yelp, ephy...) ...
  11. 11. Accelerated compositing
  12. 12. Fullscreen HTML5 support (The HTML5 logo is CC Attribution 3.0 Unported, by the W orld W ide W eb Consortium)
  13. 13. Accessibility on WebKit2GTK+
  14. 14. Accessibility on WebKit2GTK+
  15. 15. Accessibility on WebKit2GTK+
  16. 16. Wrapping up Mature port of WebKit, used everywhere Very active (and open!) development process Perfectly suitable for writing modern browsers Great option for embedded systems Also great for web­based desktop applications Comes with a promising future (WebKit2, AC...) Released regularly (every 6 months) It's accessible! ;­) Reporting bugs and Contributing Mailing lists: webkit­ webkit­ IRC channels on #webkitgtk+ and #webkit
  17. 17. Q&A Thanks for attending! Philippe Normand <> Mario Sánchez Prada <>