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Visual assets

  1. 1. Making visual assets for Gamesalad Digital Right Management (DRM) What DRM does it make it so you cannot use other peoples graphics, for instance you could not create a Mickey Mouse game because Mickey Mouse belongs to Disney, but if you were to go and ask Disney for permission to use their character you may do as long as you credit them, this basically stops people from making unauthorized games containing characters they donʼt have the rights to use. Dimensions For the dimensions the x and y of an asset must be in a multiple of 4, if not Gamesalad will stretch it and make it look horrible, so if your asset was 12x7 it would stretch out to 12x8 and look horrible, whereas if you make your graphic at 12x8 it will look a lot nicer and not be resized. Also itʼs impossible to create any other shape than a rectangle, even if you make the graphic as a circle it will still be a rectangle, so this is something I need to be aware of while importing and creating graphics for the game. Resolution All assets must be rendered at 72 pixels per inch, this is because this is the maximum that monitors can output, itʼd take up precocious memory if you rendered them at 300 pixels per inch, which is more suited for printing out rather than computer graphics. Rendering it at 72x72 will make the game smoother as itʼs working with smaller assets rather than bigger and unnecessary assets which will lag the game and make it bad to play. File Format There are two different formats you may use for Gamesalad, these are JPG and PNG. There is one big difference between these two and that is that one can use transparency while the other cannot. PNG - Transparency - Use this format if you want to create sprites or anything else that would need to use transparency, itʼs best to just limit to only transparent elements though JPG - No Transparency - Itʼs easier to optimize a JPG to a smaller size, which makes it good for things such as the background image and platforms, as they will not need to be transparent and you can make the image size smaller this way. Optimization An iOS device saves assets at the following sizes: 16x16 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 512x512 1024x1024 It is best to use these as guidelines for when you are making assets for a video game, if you have an asset at 60x68 itʼd be best to try resize it down to something like 56x64, because if you donʼt the image will be saved as 128x128 and take up a whole lot more memory than a 64x64 would take up, 56x64 will not be stretched when being saved to 64x64 as it is a multiple of 4 and it is equal or less than 64x64 so it will be saved as 64x64 but it will keep the same quality and not be stretched out.