Strengths and weaknesses


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Strengths and weaknesses

  1. 1. Unit 08 - Strengths and Weaknesses Portraiture & Likeness I believe that the likeness of my portrait of Jennifer is very strong, even though Iʼve gone for for a simple design I think itʼs very possible to tell it is Jennifer, the structure of her face is prominent and noticeable despite the simplistic design. Though those who are not overly familiar with the Hunger Games may not recognize it since the design is a bit more abstract than others. I like the way Iʼve done the shadows and highlights on her, rather than using complex shadowing and highlighting Iʼve stuck to the theme I decided on for the whole thing and it works very well. Composition I like the way that I have layered my cover, I spent a fair amount of time deciding how to layer it and finally deciding on putting the flowers at the very back and having some of the leafs in front of my Jennifer to make her seem to blend in with the forest more as I wanted her to become part of the forest, hence the color scheme. Looking at the cover now I feel like I could have used the space under Jenniferʼs face better, it feels a bit empty and I feel as if I could have been a bit more creative with that part as the background looks very nice and I like the simplicity of it all but thereʼs a thin line between good simplicity and where it just looks lazy, though this was not the case I feel like I should have used this space much better. The way I have placed the tree branches I made I think works well as it kind of acts as a frame for the cover and I like it as it stands out from the background. Typography I decided to create the font myself rather than use stock fonts as I donʼt feel like the fit with my design and would probably ruin the image, I tried to make it look like sticks creating the words. I feel like I should have written ʻCatching fire issueʼ or something along those lines rather than just Hunger Games, I think this would have looked more professional. I think the way Iʼve created the style of font though works well especially for the theme I have gone for in my cover, it looks simple and more impressive than using just a simple font. Though I could have worked on the sticks a bit more, added more detail to them and made some of the sticks look a bit broken to add some more life to the font and make it seem less computer generated and more real and also more interesting to look at. Since I made the font myself for my cover I couldnʼt change any tracking or leading settings, but because I drew my font it creates a very natural tracking and leading which fits the theme that I wanted. Colour I wanted to choose a different colour scheme as I knew that everyone would go for fire, so after watching the trailers I noticed a lot of forest scenes so I decided to make this my main theme for my cover, I did research on good forest themed colour pallets and I picked my colours accordingly, looking at it now I
  2. 2. Unit 08 - Strengths and Weaknesses think it works well and the colours blend together well. I could have had more variety in my green colours as there is a lot of the same green in my cover which makes it kind of boring, also the colour I used of the Hunger Games logo kind of stands out but not in a good way, I used brush strokes to try give it a bit of texture but it ended up looking like a bad gradient, so I would probably have improved that by using a solid colour instead or working on it a bit more to make it look more natural. I wrote down the codes of the colours I used in a pages document as I went along as I wanted to use a minimal amount of colours in my cover designs (I have uploaded this document to my blog as evidence), using this I was able to remove unnecessary colours from my cover by keeping categories on what type of colour it was (e.g. Greens or Blues).