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First I created some thumbnails of general ideas I had in
my head, I created as many as I could for each idea I had
as I d...
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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. First I created some thumbnails of general ideas I had in my head, I created as many as I could for each idea I had as I didnʼt want to leave anything out incase I wanted to come back to it at another time and use some aspects from it in my final design. as you can see from my thumbnails I had a very wide variety of ideas I put down, from simple ideas to much more complex ideas. I chose green and brown colours for her skin as to make her seem more ʻforestyʼ, I wanted her to be part of the forest rather than just within it and the idea of changing her skin colour I think worked really well. I selected two of my thumbnails which I liked the most out all the rest, I then created two draft version of these designs based on changes I wanted to make, the fire one I didnʼt change that much as I was happy with the way it was already, though the green one I changed a lot, I decided to give it a forest feel, if you look at my first thumbnail page and at the first thumbnail, you can see that I used many aspects from this idea, such as the way I did the shadowing and highlights on her face, it is very abstract and different, I also gave it a new background which i drew with a small hard brush and I drew some leafs to try create a forest feel. After spending some time working on my design I had added and taken away many things, for instance I changed the colour of her face from a bluey green to a much more solid green, I also the leafs below Jennifer and the tree in the background which I decided on being green as I thought it Now that I have decided on my design I started work suited the theme more and was on my final design, I started by redrawing Jennifer and more abstract and stood out. I using different colours for her face, trying to use a added her bow and arrow at the forest colour pallet I tried to pick the best colours for the top right to try build up character a bit more and I also added the shadows, mid-tones and highlights of her face, as you Hunger Games logo, I felt like the design is now starting to take can see my design I have here is almost completely shape into what I want it to be. I was trying to keep a simple colour different from the draft, I chose to use lighter colours pallet, I did this by writing down the colour codes of all the colours and I used a much bigger brush on creating the I had used into a pages document so I didnʼt use to many colours, background so the effect was subtle, I still kept with the this way I could easily keep track of all the colours within my simplistic style that I wanted. design, effectively keeping it a simple design. Once I showed my two draft designs to the art director I got very good constructive feedback from him, after getting feedback from him I decided to go on this design as I feel I could create a much more interesting design out of this one than the other as I didnʼt feel as if I could have built that one up anymore than I had already done, with this design I felt like I could do a lot more. I started by recreating the whole design and redrawing it all into a better style I liked, giving it a background similar to the fire one, this aspect I was inspired by my fire design to do, by using a big soft brush set to a low opacity I constructed it from different shades of green. I added many more forest elements to my design to try create more depth and to also make it stand out more, I added the flowers to make it more interesting and I moved the bow and arrow closer to the bottom right, I added some branches for style at the top corners, I also repositioned the leafs for greater effect and chose new colours for the Hunger Games logo. The feedback I got from the art director really helped me in creating my final design, I utilized the feedback the best I could to take full advantage of the professional feedback to further develop my idea into what I had in my head. The font at the bottom of the cover I created myself as I felt like the normal stock fonts just didnʼt fit the design so I drew it myself which really does fit in with the theme of the cover and makes it a lot more interesting and also makes it look as if more care has been put into my cover and also it looks more ʻrealʼ and less like it was just made with a computer. Overall I am very happy with all the progress I made with the cover and I am happy with the final design.