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  1. 1. Feedback Averages Boys Girls Total Gameplay 6.2 7.3 6.8 Visuals 8.4 8.8 8.6 Fun 7.9 6.9 7.4 Re-playability 7.3 7 7.2 The averages for audio have been left out as they could not be fairly rated as there was an issue with Safari that prevented the audio from playing. Gameplay: “Instructions weren’t very clear. Controls were hard to use due to positioning” “Missed the instructions at the beginning controls are hard to use” “Controls were too far apart” -It’s clear people are having issues with the controls due to the positioning of them; we need to do some research into a better control setup. -It was mentioned that someone had missed the controls at the beginning, just rushing into the game. And they didn’t want to have to go back to the main menu, so they didn’t know the controls; we have spoken about implementing the controls into the pause menu for easy access. Visuals The visuals were the highest rated thing in the game. “Really like the graphics” The graphics went down really well and I don’t think people really had any problems with them, the graphics were well made. There is one issue though where the parallax background will randomly disappear and we don’t know why this happens; we assume it’s an issue with Gamesalad for now, unless we can find a reason why this is happening. Audio -There was a terrible issue with the audio, it didn’t play. I did some research into this and found out safari does not support *.ogg files, further research revealed that the best format would be *.m4a so I will change all the audio to that. Fun “Good but it was quite difficult” We have thought about implementing a check point feature as to not make it too difficult that the player decides to quit, this will also be joined by a life system, 3 life’s, once they’re gone you restart from the beginning. In the game we intend in having a “life up” system, if you collect a certain something you’ll get an extra life. “It was fun just frustrating”
  2. 2. We’re aware that it can get frustrating as when publishing it the control become a bit glitch, we think this maybe fixed if we export it for Mac and publish it on there. We recently removed the end part of the obstacle course to make it easier for the player; we may need to make the level a bit easier as it is the first level. “Very enraging, but engaging” Many people did enjoy the game, we just need to find the right balance between it being easy and hard and frustrating, frustration is needed for the game to be addictive so there must be some level of this in the game. Re-playability “It would be less frustrating if there were checkpoints” Re-playability scored a total of 7.2, so the re-playability of our game is quite high; I reckon we could get it higher if we made the game less frustrating by putting the checkpoint feature into the game. Most people said they would replay the game, which is good, most people who said they wouldn’t are the same people who complained about the controls, so we also need to fix this feature to bring the number up a bit more.