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  1. 1. The color scheme works well and the way the color of the fire carries onto Jennifer's face was well received, though the brushed used to create her face could have been softer. This design has a lot of potential, if I were to try make her part of the jungle rather than in front of it like I have with the fire one it could look very effective and look very different compared to other designs as most will go for fire. Also Owen liked the way Jennifer seems to be part of the fire rather than just covered by fire, though this effect could be stronger if I had used the softer brush The simplistic style was also well received with things such as the brush strokes used for the fire being praised and all the very simple background also since it is pretty much just the one color which looks nice and goes with the fire feel I was trying to get. The simplicity of this design was also praised as it fits into the Little White Lies theme, though I should be careful about the background as it seems to be a little to complex for the style I was going for and possibly I should try going for a solid background rather than the brush strokes, but what I might do is use a bigger brush and try get a similar overall both designs were well received but I believe that my second design of the jungle has a lot more potential and can become a better design than the first does, I must make sure that I do some research and experiments to get the textures and feel I want from this design.