Casual or core___which_are_you


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Casual or core___which_are_you

  1. 1. Casual or core – which are you? Find out what sort of gamer you are by filling in this table. Look at the criteria for a core gamer answer yes or no to the question and then support your response with an example of how you consume you games – use specific games and experiences. CORE CRITERIA Technologically savvy – YES/NO Yes EVIDENCE I can connect my console to the internet via my laptop by creating an ‘Ad-hoc’ network as my wireless router does not have much range Yes and No I don’t have the most up to date consoles, I have the Xbox 360 but not the new Xbox one, I also have a variety of old consoles to play old video games on can you hook your console to the net easily or upgrade your PC? Have the latest highend computers/consoles – which consoles/formats do you own? Willingness to pay to Yes play – how much would you invest in a new game or console? Prefer violent/action games – are you more Yes I like games such as Call Of Duty, Mortal Kombat and Left 4 Dead. I don’t play many non-violent games. Yes I like being given a challenge and think how I could overcome the challenge. No I normally only play for about an hour, unless I really get into the game or playing with a friend Yes I’m always looking online for new information about the story line of the game or new releases No I very rarely discuss games with my friends, and I never use forums online Yes Once I get into a story game I play to the end, which I have done with all the Assassin’s creed games. Bioshock than Angry Birds? Prefer games that have depth and complexity – do you like a challenge? Play games over many long sessions – long haul or short bursts? Hunger for gamingrelated information – do you use game related website or read game magazines? Discuss games with friends/bulletin boards – is this a common topic of conversation with your on and offline friends? Play for the exhilaration of defeating (or completing) the game – do you try to play to completion? Depends on the game, I recently purchased the season pass for Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 to get the new zombie packs for £34
  2. 2. Much more tolerant of frustration – how long do Yes Depends, I don’t really get frustrated anymore, unless I keep dying on Call Of Duty or something No I just play to have fun with my friends, not to get the best scores as I know I don’t have the time to achieve that. you give a game if it’s hard to play? Engaged in competition with themselves, the game, and other players – do you strive to get the high-scores and be the best? HARDORE OR CASUAL? Hardcore