Castle Crashers is a Beat ʻem up/RPG/Action video
game, it has been developed by “The Behemoth” and
was published ...
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Castle crashers


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Castle crashers

  1. 1. Product Castle Crashers is a Beat ʻem up/RPG/Action video game, it has been developed by “The Behemoth” and was published by “Microsoft Game Studios”. The game was a great success selling over 2.6 million copies by 2011 on the Xbox 360 alone. You can play one out of four knights in the game, four princesses have been kidnapped by a dark wizard, the King commands you to go rescue them. The enemies vary as well in the game, including such enemies as; a cyclops who you fight multiple times, a giant cat-fish, alien space invaders. Price On the Xbox 360 marketplace the game can be purchased for £9.99, you can also download a demo of the game for free, something that is becoming more common lately to try tackle piracy and enforce the “try before you buy” sort of thing. The game is quite costly compared to other indie games, their prices vary between £6 to £8, making it one of the more expensive and premium games, but still a lot cheaper than mainstream games going for about £60 nowadays. The DLC packs can be purchased for £1.29 from their respective market places. Place The game was first released for the Xbox 360 in August of 2008, it was later released for the PlayStation 3 in November of 2010, over 2 years after its original release, and again another two year later for PC on September of 2012. The game can only be obtained via a download, meaning no box sets or anything were ever released, but it is contributing towards an all digital future. Despite the game being originally demoed in 2005 on a Nintendo Gamecube at Comic-Con nothing has been said about a Nintendo platform release. Multiple DLC was released for the game, for the Xbox 360 there is currently 4 different DLC packs you can download, 3 of the costing just £1.29 and the other one being a completely free download, all the money made from the DLC goes to cancer research, which encourages people who support cancer research to get the DLC, making the game more appealing to a bigger target audience. Promotion The game was first demoed at Comic-Con 2005, at Comic-Con 2006 it was given itʼs official title “Castle Crashers” and was announced to be coming exclusively to the Xbox Live Arcade. It was in 2009 that it was announced that it would finally be coming to the Playstation network. Since the game was an Indie title they could not afford much advertisements as more mainstream game developers, they relied on going to conventions such as “Comic-Con” and other means, such as social media and gaming blogs online to spread word about their game and build up hype, ultimately this worked very effectively.