Beat Chart - Squidiverse
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Water planet (level one)
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Beat chart


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Beat chart

  1. 1. Beat Chart - Squidiverse Level/Environment name Water planet (level one) Time of day Mid-day Story elements for level Squids father has been kidnapped, and Squid must go on a quest to rescue him from King Crab Progression: gameplay focus of the level You must find all the clues and get to the end of the level without dying, all the clues can be gained by completing a challenge, which makes the game more fun, rather than just finding them and collecting them their is a challenge you must complete in order to collect to gain the clue. Estimated play time of level 1 minute and 30 seconds - clean run through 5 minutes - including attempts Color scheme of level/environment Purple, blue and orange. These colours are very prominent in the level, Squid himself is purple, the enemies which are crabs are orange and the bursts of water and most likely the background and theme of the whole level will be blue, cover in water. The purple and blue work well together as they create a sort of sci-fi feel, this adds to the overall effect of the game being based in space and gets across the space themes within the game. Enemies/bosses introduced and used Crabs, the crabs patrol left and right and the player must either jump over them or hit them with a rock to kill them. Mechanics introduced and used Walking (left and right), jumping, throwing rocks The mechanic of throwing rocks can be used in a variety of different ways, for instance he can use them to kill crabs, or to hit button that are other wise unreachable in order to progress through the game Hazards introduced and used Falling, bursts of water - If the player hits a burst of water or falls off the level Squid will die and the level will restart from the beginning. Power up found in level/environment N/A New abilities, weapons or gear introduced/unlocked The environment around Squid will change meaning he will have to use his mechanics in new and different ways each level, for example, on the water planet Squid must throw a rock at a button to enable a hidden moving platform Treasure amount and type the player can find Stars and clues. The clues are important to find as they enable the player to progress to the next level, without them the player cannot achieve their goal, the stars are to represent how well the player has done in the level, if theyʼve managed to collect all the stars they know they have done well, but if they have only collected a few it is reflected in their overall score, and is not as good. Bonus material found in level/environment N/A Music track(s) to be used in this level/environment Chip tune music track to play through-out the level, 8 bit sounds effects. There will be a big variety of sound effects used, such as jumping Iʼve got an upscaling chord sequence which matches the feel of jumping. Also for collecting the stars and clues there will be an upbeat quick sound just to show the player has done something right, for when the player dies or gets hit there is a very dull sound that plays which shows the player has done something wrong. For shooting a rock a quick one note sound is played, but it rises rather than staying the same pitch, to add to the overall effect of throwing a rock.