Saiful Hidayat Being Creative Thinker In The Conceptual Age


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Inspire by two Daniel H Pink book : a whole new mind and jhonny bunko, here i presented how to think creative, how to mastering six aptitude for conceptual era and what are the six career guide/lesson.

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Saiful Hidayat Being Creative Thinker In The Conceptual Age

  1. 1. Mastering six aptitudes for Conceptual Era By : Saiful Hidayat Http:// Http://
  2. 2. Acknowledgement This presentation was inspired by two Daniel H Pink Book (the whole new mind and Jhonny Bunko) and the materials on this presentation were Taken and Mashup from the internet and from wonderful presentations such as : • Visual and Creative Thinking by Kelsey Ruger • Career Advice’ 08 by Garr Reynolds • The Conceptual Age, are we there yet by • Teaching and Learning in the Conceptual Age by the Burke County Public Schools Elementary Instructional Technology Specialists This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Http:// Http://
  3. 3. Creativity Creativity:cre-a-tiv-ityn. the ability to use imagination to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods Http:// Http://
  4. 4. To be imaginative Wake your Up latent childhood abilities As children our world is dominated by stories, pictures and imagination Http:// Http://
  5. 5. Nurturing creative and visual thinking 1. Learning and removing the Myths that prevent creativity 2. Start using visual and creative thinking Http:// Http://
  6. 6. Http:// Http://
  7. 7. Creativity always comes from an epiphany Http:// Http://
  8. 8. There is always a clear path to creativity Http:// Http://
  9. 9. Visual and Creative Thinking by Kelsey Ruger Http:// Http://
  10. 10. Creativity always result in greatness Http:// Http://
  11. 11. I can’t I’m not creative Http:// Http://
  12. 12. being creative is waste of time Http:// Http://
  13. 13. creative not for adults or People with serious careers Http:// Http://
  14. 14. Http:// Http://
  15. 15. First : Beliefs From HOOK MOVIE (1991) Http:// Http://
  16. 16. Second : Consistence Http:// Http://
  17. 17. Third : use Visual thinking Visual and Creative Thinking by Kelsey Ruger Http:// Http://
  18. 18. Http:// Http://
  19. 19. Be ready to Live in conceptual era … Http:// Http://
  20. 20. It’s a New Age….. The Upcoming Era of Conceptual Age (creators & empathizers) (knowledge workers) (factory workers) ! quot; (farmers) Source: Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind, New York, Riverhead Books, 2005 “The Next decade will be the Value Era- the refining & institutionalizing of the concept of value. Value isn’t just money. Its intellectual capital, ideas, innovation”. Gordon Petrash, PWC- Intellectual Asset Management Practice Http:// Http://
  21. 21. Automation “Any job that depends on routines – that can be reduced to a set of rules, or broken down into a set of repeatable steps – is at risk.” Http:// Http://
  22. 22. Abundance “In an age of abundance, appealing only to rational, logical, and functional needs is woefully insufficient.” Http:// Http://
  23. 23. Fast Lane Http:// Http://
  24. 24. Keeping up with the competition Http:// Http://
  25. 25. Impact of Digital Technology ! % quot; ! $ # quot; $ $ $ $ &' ( ) *!, ! + - Http:// Http://
  26. 26. Creative Industry Potential Knowledge- quot; ! Creative Skilled ! Worker Labor ! Intensive Http:// Http://
  27. 27. “In the Conceptual Age, we will need to complement our L-Directed reasoning by mastering six essential R-Directed aptitudes.” 6HTXHQWLDO 6LP XOWDQHR XV 7 H[ W & R QWH[ W ' HWDLOV % LJ S LF WXU H Http:// Http://
  28. 28. The Six Aptitudes for Conceptual Age Not Just… But Also… • Function • DESIGN • Argument • STORY • Focus • SYMPHONY • Logic • EMPATHY • Seriousness • PLAY • Accummulation • MEANING Http:// Http://
  29. 29. Design / $ ! 0 1 ) .( quot; . Http:// Http://
  30. 30. Story Only argument Not anymore Why ? We were Flooded by information everyday We Need story teller who help us make sense of it Http:// Http://
  31. 31. Life is Like a Music : Symphony Http:// Http://
  32. 32. Empathy The ability to empathize and thereby build relationships will help drive projects and partnerships forward takes on equal importance as logic People and organization with this skill will thrive )2 2 2Http:// Http:// 2 3
  33. 33. Play * ( + quot;66quot; + 77 8 quot; quot; quot; * + ! ! ! # # $ ! ! 2 )2 2 2 2 4 5 Http:// Http://
  34. 34. Meaning ( quot; quot; 3 9 : ( quot; % + + ( * quot; Http:// Http://
  35. 35. “The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers. These people – artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, consolers, big picture thinkers – will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys.” (Pink, 2006) Http:// Http://
  36. 36. Getting ready for Conceptual Age Http:// Http://
  37. 37. Mastering the skill of conceptual-age worker Design Sense Storytelling abilities Synthesis Felling for Others Humor And the ability to detect the important of information Http:// Http://
  38. 38. Http:// Http://
  39. 39. Design Sense Assess not just Content, but also appearance Joint art programs Become visual literate news/archive/2008/march/march-images/ford.jsma.07.jpg Try to use image to solve problems and communicate Http:// Http://
  40. 40. Story telling abilities When writing, try to use narrative voice “the persona telling the story” Learn storyboarding as a skill Learning speaking skill along with multimedia presentation creation Werner Vogels, Amazon.Com CTO Http:// Http://
  41. 41. Symphony : Synthesis Abilities Joint Cross Discipline Projects Applied your skills and concepts To the real problems Http:// Http://
  42. 42. Empathy : Feeling for others Use web to find literature about people from other cultures and socio-economics groups Grab service learning and volunteer opportunities Join collaborative group projects Http:// Http://
  43. 43. Play : Sense of Humor Play game, such as simulations And Multi Players Games Joint varieties of sports, athletics, and other psychical activities , Not Just Computers! Joint participatory music classes that include music composition Access humor site on the web Http:// Http://
  44. 44. Meaning Use the web to find information on comparative religion, myth, legend Learn ethical behaviors as part of every projects Read this book and other books with the same subject Http:// Http://
  45. 45. Right-brained and holistic skills will mark the difference between success and failure in the business world today and in the foreseeable future Http:// Http://
  46. 46. Lesson For Your Career Http:// Http://
  47. 47. There is no plan “Career plan” Http:// Http://
  48. 48. For Your Career You can try to do this and this http://NamakuIful.comWho said I don’t have plan ? Http:// Http://
  49. 49. problem of career plan is You can try, but it usually doesn’t work out the way you planned it Http:// Http://
  50. 50. ` Try think of it his way ….. A plan is like a path So, show me the path ! There is No set path But There is a Way ….. Http:// Http://
  51. 51. to the way is Make Smart Choices And don’t let stuff Because you think (hope?) it Because you think it is will lead to something else randomly happen inherently valuable whether you enjoy it or not (regardless of what it may lead to) Most of the time successful people make Decisions for Fundamental Reason Http:// Http://
  52. 52. Lesson learn from him… Http:// Http://
  53. 53. Think strengths not weaknesses Http:// Http://
  54. 54. You should….. Focus on this Not this Http:// Http://
  55. 55. Why ….? Because….. This Successful peoples focus on Google Founder Sergey Brin ?????? ORACLE Founder Larry Ellison They were identified what they good at And make “that” APPLE Founder Steve Jobs Http:// Http://
  56. 56. Your Insanely great Your Strengths Your Passion Http:// Http://
  57. 57. Fine your remarkable and Don’t be Mediocre Because bottom line is… Your not “average” Http:// Http://
  58. 58. It’s not about you but It’s about adding value Http:// Http://
  59. 59. What is it …? It’s about using your strengths and talents to help others Http:// Http://
  60. 60. Your Mission Your Strengths Your Passion What the others needs Http:// Http://
  61. 61. Presistence Trumps Talent Http:// Http://
  62. 62. is Important… You must Persistence They are many talented people who didn’t persist, who gave up and passed by people who less talent but more grit and persistence Http:// Http://
  63. 63. How to persistence 1 2 3 Http:// Http://
  64. 64. Motivated your self Http:// Http://
  65. 65. Make Excellent Mistake Http:// Http://
  66. 66. Remember : No Pain – No Gain Http:// Http://
  67. 67. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, your never come up with anything original - Sir Ken Robinson Http:// Http://
  68. 68. Leave and Imprint Http:// Http://
  69. 69. Remember this old Proverb About …. Tiger, Elephant and a Man when they were died Http:// Http://
  70. 70. Questions when you are older Http:// Http://
  71. 71. No matter who you are and What your career path looks like.. Http:// Http://
  72. 72. Don’t wait to make contributions Http:// Http://
  73. 73. Russian Spanish Japanese Brazilian Portuguese Terima Kasih Italian % Merci French Danke German Thank You Arabic English Thai Traditional Chinese Http:// Http://