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Success story: Automotive customer Magna Flow Exhaust Products on IFS Applications


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IFS Quality Management NCR and CAPA deliver quality improvement 24/7 for IFS Applications 8 automotive customer.

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Success story: Automotive customer Magna Flow Exhaust Products on IFS Applications

  1. 1. IFS World Conference 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Magnaflow • Systems Integration • Manufacturing • Logistics
  3. 3. Introduction to Magnaflow
  4. 4. Introduction to Magnaflow
  5. 5. Introduction to Magnaflow DIRT SPORTS OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES
  6. 6. Introduction to Magnaflow
  7. 7. Introduction to Magnaflow DUB DUB
  8. 8. Introduction to Magnaflow TRANSWORLD MX TRANSWORLD MX
  9. 9. Introductions
  10. 10. Introduction to Magnaflow • Established in 1981 • Locations worldwide serving customers in 21 countries
  12. 12. Introduction to Magnaflow Research and Development / Tech Center • Design • Engineering • Dyno Testing
  13. 13. Introduction to Magnaflow OCEANSIDE DISTRIBUTION CENTER • Automated Conveyor-driven Distribution Center • Integrated ERP / WMS / CCS and Parcel Manifesting System
  14. 14. Systems Integration
  15. 15. Systems Integration Esker DeliveryWare  Receive and convert sales from fax or email to an electronic document  Capability of Optical Character Recognition or OCR  Automatically deliver order confirmation to customer via fax or email  Send and receive faxes utilizing email application  Index and store electronic and scanned documents ERP Integration  Receive electronic sales order and process error-free  Automatically reserve and ship priority orders
  16. 16. Systems Integration Original process vs. New design with DeliveryWare
  17. 17. Systems Integration Hyland’s OnBase Integration  Receive scanned documents with metadata from DeliveryWare and store in document management system  Facilitate retrieval of scanned documents Barcode Solution  Warehouse task automation  Inventory Control
  18. 18. Systems Integration HighJump Warehouse Management  Integrated with Conveyor Control System (“CCS”)  Integrated with Parcel Manifesting System  Hi-speed distribution capabilities  Pick / Pack / Ship  Replenishment
  19. 19. Systems Integration Product Information Management  Catalogs (Electronic / Paper )  Market Intelligence Data  Drawings / Pictures / Renderings  Homologations / Certifications  Part / Data Mappings to OE Data  Pricing
  20. 20. Systems Integration Microsoft BizTalk  Connect Heterogeneous Systems  Send / Receive / Convert Electronic Data  Orchestrate events depending on data process Microsoft SharePoint  Intranet  Project Management  Library Storage  Business Intelligence Portal
  21. 21. Systems Integration Project Management  IFS PM  BrightWork PM Cognos to Microsoft BI  Transition during IFS APP 8  Dashboards  Scorecards
  22. 22. Systems Integration AP PROCESS AUTOMATION Document Arrives Doc sent to reject queue Is Document Electronic? NO Scan Doc B YES NO Esker OCRs document YES PO Found? Systems Interface YES AP Clerk Validates Invoice Correct YES Systems Interface 3-Way Match? NO NO YES YES OCR Correct? NO Can Buyer Reconcile? Route to Buyer NO Route to AP Clerk to Resolve Vendor Determination Further Approval Req’d? NO YES NO Freight Invoice? YES NO Invoice Correct? YES Route to Approver YES Approved? Systems Interface Route to Specified Approver NO B NO AP Clerk Validates Invoice Correct? YES Systems Interface YES 2-Way Match? Systems Interface YES Approved? NO AP Clerk to Reconcile Documents Indexed and Stored in IFS NO B Process Complete
  23. 23. Manufacturing MANUFACTURING
  24. 24. Manufacturing Shop Orders  Private Label  Build to Stock  Build to Order Planning  Demand Planner  Multi-site Planning  MRP  CBS
  25. 25. Logistics
  26. 26. Logistics Distribution Sites  Southern California USA  Lexington, Kentucky USA  Rome, Italy  Toronto, Canada  Ontario, Canada Outbound Shipments  International / Domestic  Full Truck Load / LTL  Parcel
  27. 27. Industry Organizations
  28. 28. Q&A