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IFS Offshore service solution map pdf


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IFS Offshore service solution map
IFS Applications for Oil Field Service companies is an industry solution that includes top-rated offerings for project management, material management/logistics, maintenance planning, work/service order management, resource allocation, document management, financial and performance measurement, as well as human resources.

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IFS Offshore service solution map pdf

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE CONTRACTING Sales Contract, Contract estimation, Scope, Revision control, Variation Orders, Valuations, Sub Contract, Service Contract PROCUREMENT Agreements, Rental, Pur. Requisition & Order, Global Part Catalogue INVENTORY Locations, Serial Tracking, Quantities Transaction history SHIPMENT Transport Order, Picking, Transp. Doc. EDI/B2B MAINTENANCE Equipment Navigator, Corrective & Preventive, Condition Based, WO Scheduling, RCM, Reporting & Analysis, Equipment Monitoring, Isolation & Permits PROJECT MANAGEMENT WBS & Proj. Planning, Time Registration, Procurement/Inventory, Risk Management, Project Documents, Progress HSEQ/Audits Incident Reporting. Fire Safety Management, Material Hazard Information, Audit Planning, NCR Handling, Workflow FINANCE MANAGEMENT General Accounting, Common Business Model, Traceability, Project Accounting, Assets, Budgeting HR Employees, Employee Information, Rotation Planning, Workforce Management, Competences, Certificates, Travel Expenses, Training Administration BUSINESS PROCESSES APPLICATION SOLUTIONS IFS APPLICATIONS FOR O&G OFFSHORE SERVICE OPERATIONCONTRACTINGNEW BUILDING LOGISTICS MAINTENANCE Mobility Document Management Connect/Data Migration/Web Services IFS Functional Instant Replication Business Processes Finance & Human Resources SUPPPLY CHAIN