IFS Applications - keeping business agile


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IFS Applications - keeping business agile

  1. 1. IFS Applications™Keeping business agile
  2. 2. Agility begins with usability The tools we use to run our business are supposed to enhance our productivity. But too often, we wind up spending a lot of time struggling to use these very tools. That is why IFS, with our focus on user productivity, is taking simple and intuitive usability to new heights. So you can spend more time taking care of business, and less time struggling with your technology.
  3. 3. With an appealing design and familiar, intuitive tools, IFS Applications all but eliminates the need to learn how to move about and use the system.Intuitive. Efficient. Attractive. When was the last time you read through the manual, or attended a course, before using a self-service check-in terminal in the airport? We have made IFS Applications™ a “walk up and use” enterprise application. While domain-specific knowledge in purchasing, manufacturing and other areas will always be necessary, we have made our technology as easy to use as surfing the web or using an iPhone. Simple and effective tools to navigate, search, and perform actions remove the biggest time wasters when using enterprise software. All this combined with an attractive design makes for an application that creates user excitement rather than user frustration.
  4. 4. Take searching out ofthe dark agesOne of the most frustrating things about using enterprise software iswhen you try to find anything in the vast array of screens and query boxes.It can feel like using the web before the days of Google™, when in order tofind anything, you paradoxically had to already know where it was! That iswhy IFS introduced the industry’s first integrated enterprise applicationsearch, making searching your enterprise data as easy as using Google.This search capability comes integrated with IFS Applications at noadditional cost, and delivers targeted and effective search results that astandalone tool cannot match.With IFS Enterprise Application Search, searching in IFS Applications is as easy as usingGoogle. Results are presented in order of relevance and can easily be categorized to helpusers when the number of hits is large. IFS security features guarantee that the searchresults only contain information the user is authorized to view.
  5. 5. Sharing unstructured data like web links, pictures and other files is now as easy as addinga sticky note to any record. Passing tasks back and forth is as easy as sending an emailor adding a task to an associate’s “to-do” list.Perfect for ‘sticky’ situationsNew collaboration methods we call ‘Sticky’ notes make it easier for usersto find, share and use both structured and unstructured information.Enterprise data is visible to all in the relevant business context, rather thangetting lost in an individual’s mailbox. Seeing all relevant data—includingdocuments attached to a record—is easier than ever before. Sharingthoughts and comments with colleagues is intuitive. IFS Applications hasalways handled structured processes, data and workflows, but now makesinteraction more fluid and less formal.
  6. 6. Tangle free navigationWhen it comes to using software, two things are certainly true—it iseasier to recognize than remember, and everyone knows how to use aweb browser. Unfortunately, enterprise software often requires users toremember a great deal about how to use the interface. IFS Applications changes that by working just like a web browser. Users will recognize navigating with hyperlinks, using “favorites” shortcuts, the “back arrow” and other tools to help you find the way. With IFS Applications, you surf your enterprise as easily as you surf the web. Innovative tools like the visual “Recent Screens” let users stay orientated when multitasking or working with large amounts of information.
  7. 7. Personal touchNo one works in exactly the same way, which is why IFS Applicationsallows the user experience to be adapted to the needs of the individual,as well as the environment where it is used. Novice users can start witha simple, minimalist look and add more and more features and screenelements as their skill level advances.IFS Applications can be used with a minimal set of tools visible, freeing up screen realestate on small laptops and ultra-mobile PCs. Users with bigger displays can take advantageof working with multiple windows and keeping more tools and related information visiblesimultaneously.
  8. 8. The clear well structured navigation enables users to ‘touch’ their way to their destination with fingertip ease.THE GENTLE TOUCH Touch-sensitive screens are becoming more and more popular with users, particularly in the world of tablets. With just the tip of a finger you can swipe your way to your destination, open up menus and search and move items—in other words you can do pretty much anything you like. IFS Touch technology is now very much part of IFS Applications and enables users to effortlessly cruise the entire application with fingertip ease.
  9. 9. Collaboration couldn’t be easier. IFS Talk provides the perfect situation for work colleagues to communicate with one another.BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS IFS Talk provides the business community with a way to communicate within IFS Applications in a similar fashion to the way they do in their private lives. For example, with IFS Talk an IFS Applications user can now post a question onto a message board, rather like the Wall in Facebook, and then use IFS Talk to discuss in detail using the ‘communicate in context’ feature. Just imagine how much easier it will be for people new to a project to bring themselves up to speed using IFS Talk—the ‘pulse’ within a company.
  10. 10. PURE AND SIMPLE As business becomes more complex, our software must become simpler. As we are all taking on more work and wearing multiple hats within our organizations, the software we use must allow us to learn new business functions with minimal training. Our software must move us forward, not get in the way.
  11. 11. En0334-1 Production: IFS Corporate Marketing, March 2012. Printing: DanagårdLiTHO AB, Ödeshög, Sweden. www.ifsworld.comThis document may contain statements of possible future functionality for IFS’ software products and technology. Such statements of future functionality are for information purposes only and should not beinterpreted as any commitment or representation. IFS and all IFS product names are trademarks of IFS. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. IFS AB© 2012