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5 Keys To Reaching New Markets


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Managing Partners: Daniel Kraft, Stefanie Lightman

Published in: Business, Technology
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5 Keys To Reaching New Markets

  1. 1. The 5 Keys to Opening New Markets and drive more revenue
  2. 2. Set Expectations Reaching a new market takes time Today, more information is available BUT attention spans are shorter Understand your sales cycle and plan accordingly Don’t give up! Measure, Tweak, Maintain
  3. 3. Make Solutions that Answer Create a compelling value proposition What NEED are you addressing? What is your unique APPROACH for addressing the need? What is the BENEFIT per cost? How are your solutions superior to COMPETITIVE ALTERNATIVES?
  4. 4. Socialize Social networks has exceeded use of email and other traditional communication. The conversation is happening, don’t just participate CREATE and DRIVE.
  5. 5. Work the Ecosystem
  6. 6. Share the Success Stories Strong testimonials can help engage potential customers and close business. Providing: Credibility on the product, services and working with you as a vendor Evidence that the solution works Closure for the potential buyer
  7. 7. Get Started Set expectations internally Make solutions that answer customer challenges Socialize with potential buyers Share the success stories
  8. 8. Stefanie Lightman, Partner ifridge & Company