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  • PMI on Facebook: Dissemination, promotion, information + customer service roles  examples
  • PMI on Facebook: another roles (building community, emergency request from public, etc.)
  • Pmi socmed july2013

    1. 1. Ahmad Husein Sr. Development & Comms Manager Indra Yogasara Head of Sub-Div Publication and Documentation, PMI-NHQ How Indonesian Red Cross use social media
    2. 2. Indonesia: fact & figures • 110 million internet users (2011) -- 40% female, 60% male • 65% users access the internet at internet café, 48% through mobile, 19% at home • > 5 million bloggers • 2,6 million become Kaskus (internet forum) member • 4th largest Facebook users (> 47.3 million, below India) • 5th largest Twitter (> 29.4 million, below UK)
    3. 3. PMI and social media • Main platforms of PMI socmed: Facebook, Twitter. • FB account: Palang Merah Indonesia established in 2009, followed by Palang Merah Indonesia fanpage. • The PMI fan page has recently 57,178 like/fans • Twitter account: @palangmerah has now 117,400 followers; > 18,800 tweets • PMI’s socMed role: building community & relationship; managing reputation (disaster response and normal); RCRC dissemination and promotion/humanitarian values; fundraising; customer service; beneficiary; general info
    4. 4. RCRC dissemination and promotion: Red Cross’s high effort to reach vulnerable people Customer service: consultation on blood donation procedures
    5. 5. Building community: reach public figures to involve in Red Cross work – social media Customer service: emergency need of blood type AB Fundraising in Jakarta flood. Red Cross thanks a public figure who donated some money for affected people
    6. 6. Communicate with community/ beneficiaries
    7. 7. Twit from a follower: I call to RC Jakarta ext 317, served by Ms Dara. Very informative *two thumbs* Keep public updated on any disaster events  e.g. earthquake in Bali, October 2011 Public dissemination and campaign on Red Cross Emblem Law process. Meaningful recognition by public figures (national media, NGOs, internet societies)
    8. 8. Strength factors • Appointing 3 admins Twitter and 1 admin Facebook to manage the accounts from the very beginning phase • Pro-active admins and volunteer followers to spread the messages • Building networking with public figures and national humanitarian network (media, NGOs, govt, private sectors) • Get support from IFRC to improve their capacity building (socmed training – inhouse/external; consultation; networking) • Not spreading only specific ‘Red Cross’ emergency response news but also other related preparedness info
    9. 9. Problems and challenges • Account standardization -- hundreds of local accounts (provincial, branches, individual) • Still individual-based managerial – no quality control on messages they release • No formal editorial/admin team and personnel (national, provinces, branch) to manage the effective posting/information flow -- legal/official support • Mostly in BAHASA. Very limited in ENGLISH version (only in emergency times with translation support from IFRC and ICRC) • Still much rely on Twitter and FB (Youtube? Scribd?)
    10. 10. One PMI, (maybe) too many voices
    11. 11. Measures to tackle problems • PMI are starting to develop a clear socmed guidance supported by IFRC, ICRC, PNSs  a rule and guidance to make socmed, how to create account so PMI can identify them easily (in systematic order/name) • Improving and reorganizing all PMI presentation in FB and Twitter  official account • Considering FB and Twitter as recruitment tools for targeted youth audiences • Have consulted to one board member to endorse the need for having formal designation on editorial (admin) board team • Socmed skill training for all editorial board (NHQ, provincial level) • Considering to posting in English version regularly (selected topics)
    12. 12. Thank You Terima Kasih