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IFPRI WCAO Newsletter1

  1. 1. WHAT’S GOING ON IN WCAO? West & Central Africa Newsletter 01 •February to August 2012PRESENTATION OF THE GLOBAL FOOD POLICY REPORT IN DAKAR IFPRI WCAO welcomes a new29 June 2012- As part of the series of meetings entitled researcher, a new“Rencontres Stratégies et développement , organized by IFPRI research assistant andWCAO in partnership with development oriented institutions in 4 internsSenegal including ANSD, DAPS, DPEE, FASEG, ISRA and IPAR, a seminar was held on June 29th 2012 at Radisson Blu hotel inDakar to present IFPRI’s Global Food Policy Report . IFPRI IFPRI WCAO is happy to welcome new team members. From IFPRI headquarters and partner institutions including UGB, UCAD and ENSAE, they will all be helping IFPRI to find sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty in West and central Africa. Learn more about them on page 5)Director General, Dr. Shenggen presented the French version ofGlobal Food Report that was first launched n Washington lastJanuary. During the event Dr. Shenggen Fan highlighted the mainfeatures of the report, while Dr. Ousmane Badiane focused on theAfrican region. The Seminar was chaired by Baba Dioum, formerIFPRI trustee now general coordinator of the Conference ofMinisters of Agriculture of West and Central Africa (CMA-WCA),discussants were officials from the ministry of agriculture and ruralequipment and the ministry of livestock. This first RSD was attended bymany IFPRI partners, ambassadors, students and the press. 1
  2. 2. IFPRI opens its doors to ENSAEstudents  June 22, 2012- As part of the series of open-doors to students, one of the first schools targeted by IFPI WCAO was ENSAE (Senegal’snational school of statistics applied to economy)attended a presentation of IFPRI, the institution’smission and research tools. Presentations were made byDr. Ousmane Badiane, Dr. Ismael Fofana, Dr. Sunday Capacity Strengthening at DAPSOdjo and research assistant Mamoudou Tankari. Theday ended with a tour of the library with a presentation of IFPRI knowledge tools, ebrary and useful websites byCheikh. May 17, 2012 –One of IFPRI WCAO mission is to SAKSS workshops held in WCAO work with local institutions, share the researcher’s  knowhow and strengthen capacities. April and June 2012- This mission is well two capacity- illustrated through the strengthening cooperation between workshops were held IFPRI and DAPS. in Dakar, for attendees from 37 The first immersion countries. The workshop was held on March 22, 2012 in the premisesworkshops provided trainings on the CAADP agenda, of DAPS in Dakar and focused on computable generalSAKSS concepts, monitoring and evaluation, equilibrium models.agricultural policy analysis and knowledge management The objective of the workshop was to introduce DAPStools. The country SAKSS capacity needs assessment managers and professionals to computable generalwas also launched which, will help governments and equilibrium modeling techniques and its use in decisionstakeholders identify capacities, analytical tools, and making.information to generate credible, timely and high qualityknowledge products to inform and guide agricultural A series of workshops are being led by Ismael Fofanasector policies on planning and review processes. and Tanguy Bernard and are currently being attended byAssessments for 15 countries are to be completed by the DAPS employees. A 2 days course which aims is also toend of September 2012. introduce and give an overview of impact studies. 2
  3. 3. IFPRI WCAO opens its doors to Fleur and Nick win thethe media. “OIKOCREDIT Young Researcher Award”  Friday, 20 April 2012- To celebrateWorld -March 2012 -Nicola Earth Day, Francesconi and Fleur Wouterse from WCAO IFPRI WCAO were awarded with the hosted a press “OIKOCREDIT breakfast Young Researcher conference in award”, based on thethe Dakar office, an opportunity to reflect on the many paper they presented in Berlin at the conference onglobal challenges : climate change, lack of water, arable “Cooperative Responses to Global Challenges”, organized by Humboldt University (Berlin) and UN-land and food insecurity.This meeting also allowed DESA (NY). The award was assigned after the scrutinyjournalists to have a better knowledge of the Institute, of over 100 papers from all over the world on topicsof its activities, resources, statistics and publications related to cooperative organization and collective actionavailable for their profesion, policy makers, researchers for development.and students.The speakers of the press conference were:Dr. Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI Director for Africa andDr. Ismael Fofana. Various topics were discussed such AGRODEP holds it first workshopas IFPRI’s history, role and mission, Implementation of in DakarCAADP, Forgien Land Investment and Food Security in West Africa. March 13, 2012- The African Growth & The Thematic Research Notes Development Policy series are launched (AGRODEP) Modeling  Consortium held its -April 2012- IFPRI’s West and first training course Central Africa Office has recently in IFPRI WCAO on March 13-15, 2012. Twelve launched a new Policy Note series AGRODEP members from nine African countries targeted to policy makers and attended the training course on "Building and Updating analysts in the region. Under the Social Accounting Matrices” (SAM). Participants were leadership of Fleur Wouterse two introduced to the national accounts tables before beingthematic Resaerch Notes have been published, the 1st reconciled into a single framework: the SAM.one on “Foreign Direct Investment in Land in West Participants used a GAMS-based program to reconcileAfrica” and the 2nd on: “Patterns of Growth and information into the SAM framework. They also learntStructural Transformation in Africa”. These how to transform a SAM into an input-output tablepublications are a series of 4 annual ones, a gathering of used by global CGE models. The course was conductedcontributions of expert researchers of other institutions by Ismael Fofana.on a commun theme; the two first editions are availableat the resource center. The next Thematic ResearchNote will be on the issue of social protection. 3
  4. 4.  direction, and to connect with colleagues. Rise is a meaningfulWCAO team at the -February 2012 -This year the process that intends to contributeannual RISE in DC WCAO team was well represented to the improvement of IFPRI at RISE (Retreat for IFPRI Staff research programs and the overall Everywhere). This annual welfare of the institute. After gathering created opportunities for RISE a whole day was devoted to dialogue across divisions, offices, the WCAO retreat, an opportunity and job functions. RISE enabled to overview this year’s activities to gain a better understanding of and overall strategy. the CRPs and IFPRIs strategic Birthday celebrations at WCAO Each month we celebrate WCAO team members’ birthdays, here are the pictures of Sunday, Ismael, Ligane, Mariama, Kader and Hawa’s birthday celebrations. 4
  5. 5. They just joined the IFPRI WCAO team! Dr Agnès Le Port/Post Doctoral Fellow She is from the PHND division. She has a PhD in Epidemiology since 2010 and holds a Masters in Public Health in Developing Countries. She worked on malaria during pregnancy and infancy, in Bolivia, Senegal and Benin. Her research interests focus on Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and Care. Abdoulaye Cissé/ Intern He is from Gaston Berger University and is working on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for West and Central Africa with Dr Ismael Fofana5