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Uma Lele, "Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India"


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Uma Lele
Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India
JUN 6, 2019 - 12:15 PM TO 01:45 PM EDT

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Uma Lele, "Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India"

  1. 1. Prabhu Pingali, Anaka Aiyar, Mathew Abraham, Andaleeb Rahman
  2. 2. A job well done
  3. 3.  India’s space program—Least Cost mission to Mars  Member of Club of Advanced Technology producers  Manages largest democratic elections fairly  BUT  Rapid Growth without Rapid Poverty and hunger reduction  Scarcity Within Plenty  A huge climate change challenge going forward
  4. 4. Source: India's Impressive Cost Effective Space Program
  5. 5. Source: India Manages World's Largest Democratic Elections
  6. 6.  Differences among states ◦ Lagging—calorie deficit, ◦ agriculturally led –slowing productivity ◦ urbanizing states- growing obesity and food related health challenge  Slow Diversification of agricultural production  Importance of Rural-Rural Migration  Impacts of Climate Change Needing Stronger Responses  Creating Rural-Rural-Urban Linkages
  7. 7.  Decentralize  Adopt a More Eclectic Technology Policy-e.g GM crops  Lagging states—follow a differential approach to infrastructure, NREGA  Adopt a Pro-Active Climate policy—  Promote Private Sector  Address Land tenure Issues  Build Farmers organizations  Gender
  8. 8.  Ending Hunger: possible for caloric adequacy but uncertain for access to food diversity, especially micro-nutrient rich food.  Ending all forms of Malnutrition: declines in the incidence of child stunting & wasting, but sharp rise in obesity rates.  Double Small Farm Productivity: unlikely for the least developed countries & lagging regions in emerging economies.  Adaptation to Climate Change: Unlikely for small farms in arid zones & flood risk areas.  Sustainable Production Systems: possible where policies are right & where technology adaptation to smaller scales is possible. Source: Prabhu Pingali. TAAS Lecture, Delhi
  9. 9.  India Needs a comprehensive Agricultural Policy and Implementing Mechanisms  Establish an Ag. Council Under the Prime Minister?  Strengthen Accountable Decentralization—  Bottom Up and top down Accountability  Give Niti Aayog Strengthened Role In Allocating Resources  Source: Vijay Kelkar, India’s Fiscal Decentralization  Establish Independent Monitoring, Evaluation Office
  10. 10. WEF's Global Gender Gap Index (2018) Ranked 108 out of 149 countries UNDP's Gender Inequality Index (2017) Ranked 127 out of 160 countries UNDP's Gender Development Index (2017) Ranked 163 out of 179 countries, Group 5 [Countries are divided into five groups by absolute deviation from gender parity in HDI values] The Economist Intelligence Unit's Women’s Economic Opportunity Index (2012) Ranked 98 out of 128 countries Source:,,, and What Needs to Happen? #2 India's Ranking on Gender Indexes Needs to Improve to Improve Food and Nutrition Security!
  11. 11. Source: food-and-nutritional-security-innovations Thank You