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Hazel Malapit, "LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report"


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Hazel Malapit
LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report
Washington, DC, USA
MAR 27, 2019 - 12:15 PM TO 01:45 PM EDT

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Hazel Malapit, "LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report"

  1. 1. Hazel Malapit IFPRI | 26 March 2019
  2. 2. What is empowerment? Access and future claims to material, human, and social resources that serve to enhance one’s ability to exercise choice The capacity to act independently and to make choices, including decisionmaking and negotiation processes Well-being outcomes, such as good health and nutrition Agency AchievementsResources Source: Kabeer 1999
  3. 3. Rural revitalization must include opportunities for women and girls to… Increase access and rights to resources (land, water, technology, and other assets) Increase decisionmaking power Increase well-being Agency AchievementsResources Source: Quisumbing, Meinzen-Dick, and Malapit 2019
  4. 4. A framework for guiding design and implementation of programs and policies Reach Benefit Empower Include women in program activities Increase women’s well- being (e.g. food security, income, health, nutrition) Strengthen ability of women to make strategic life choices and to put those choices into action