Metris Compressed Air Brochure


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Metris Compressed Air Brochure

  1. 1. Innovation for cost reduction in pneumatics. Leakage monitoring. Measurement of compressed air consumption. Measurementofcompressedairconsumption R
  2. 2. MODE/ENTER SET Decentralised monitoring, measurement and display of compressed air consumption. Many sources, including the cam- paign ”efficient compressed air“* clearly indicate the growing interest in the optimised use of the energy carrier compressed air. This is a sub- stantial saving potential for operating costs. efector metris helps to explore this potential. Measurement of compressed air consumption Optimised consumption of compressed air Allocation of consumed quantities The integral 4-digit LED display plus the status LEDs allow infor- mation to be avail- able at the point of monitoring. Whether peak consumption, present or accu- mulated consump- tion: Set switch or alarm levels can be accessed and programmed via pushbutton. All settings can be protected using the electronic lock function. 8 Nm3/h 12 Nm3/h 5.5 Nm3/h * See
  3. 3. 480 6,096 16,176 63,360 144 1,488 3,984 15,840 1.0 12.7 33.7 132.0 0.3 3.1 8.3 33.0 1.8 20.8 58.5 235.2 1.2 11.1 30.9 123.8 1 3 5 10 Hole Ø [mm] Air loss at 6 bar [l/s] Air loss at 12 bar [l/s] Energy loss kWh at 6 bar Energy loss kWh at 12 bar Cost at 6 bar [EUR] Cost at 12 bar [EUR] The installation of several measur- ing points in the compressed air system clearly shows where and how much com- pressed air is con- sumed. Thus the consumption can be allocated to production processes or prod- ucts for optimising cost structure. Decentralised location of efector metris in the sup- ply pipe to the individual machine unit. Location of efector metris in the supply pipe prior to distribu- tion to several installations or machine units. Leakage monitoring Two reliable indications of air leakage are the increase in consumption of com- pressed air with unchanged machine load and the continuing consumption of compressed air when the machine is no longer in operation. Leakage at a glance. The compressed air meter´s integrated pipe length ensures easy mounting and high measurement accuracy. Easy to mount in the supply system. R Annual energy costs due to leakage: kWh x 0.06 EUR x 8000 operating hours/a.; Source:
  4. 4. MODE/ENTER SET From now on: Accurate monitor- ing of compressed air consump- tion with efector metris. The low purchase price makes it possible: To measure compressed air where it is used. Even very small leaks are detect- ed and can be repaired in good time. The quantities consumed can be directly allocated to the relevant production units. In situ display of total or current consumption. Switching, pulse or analogue outputs for further external processing. Determine maintenance intervals depending on consumption. Measurement free from pressure loss due to a special design of the measuring probes. Response time in the millisecond range. Calorimetric measuring principle Integrated display for direct indication of consumption. Even small leaks can cause unneces- sary electricity costs of several thousand Euro per year. The calorimetric principle measures the standard volume flow irrespective of temperature and pressure – quickly and over a wide measuring range. Leakage detection, energy cost reduction and environmental protection.
  5. 5. *SP = switch point, **ASP = analogue start point, ***AEP = analogue end point Application Electrical design Connection Compressed air in industrial use DC PNP 4-wire Technical data efector metris Output 1 Output 2 (programmable) Operating voltage [V] Current rating [mA] Short-circuit protection, pulsed Reverse polarity/overload prot. Analogue output Pressure resistance [bar] Medium temperature [°C] Power on delay time Response time [s] Measuring error in the measuring range Repeatability Function display Switching status Display Connection 19...30 DC 2 x 250 • • 4...20 mA (max. 500 Ω) 16 0...60 (max. 90 % relative air humidity) 0.5 s < 0.1 ± (3 % measured value + 0.3 % final value of the measuring range) ± 1 % of the measured value 2 x yellow 4-digit alphanumeric display Operating temperature [°C] 0...60 Protection IP 65 III Material housing PBT-GF20; PC; Makrolon; stainless steel (304S15); Viton Material sensor stainless steel (304S15); ceramics; PEEK; polyester M 12 connector 2 x NC/NO programmable or 1 x NC/NO programmable and 1 x analogue 4...20 mA or 1 x NC/NO programmable and 1 x pulse output (1 pulse = 1 l or 1 m3) Measuring range [Nl/min / Nm3 / h] Setting range SP* [Nl/min / Nm3 / h] ASP** [Nl/min / Nm3 / h] AEP*** [Nl/min / Nm3 / h] Pipe connection Order no. Sockets Description Order no. 2 m PUR, M 12 straight, without LED E10906 5 m PUR, M 12 straight, without LED E10907 76,8 45 LED display programming buttons R 90 300 16,1 21,3 M12x1 100 111,5 Example: SD6000 4...1,250 / 0.25...75 12.5...3,750 / 0.75...225 6...1,250 / 0.4...75 0...938 / 0...56.3 313...1,250 / 18.8...75 19...3,750 / 1.1...225 0...2,812 / 0...169 937...3,750 / 56...225 DN15 DN25 SD6000 SD8000 0.039...11.67 x 103 / 2.3...700 0.0...11.67 x 103 / 4...700 0.0...8.75 x 103 / 0...525 2.92...11.67x103/175...700 DN50 SD2000 22.2...8,000 / 1.3...400 30...6,670 / 2...400 0...5,130 / 0...307.5 1,710...6,670 / 102...400 DN40 SD9000
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