Condition monitoring, traceability, production efficiency 2014


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From sensor to ERP

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Condition monitoring, traceability, production efficiency 2014

  1. 1. Condition monitoring, traceability, production efficiency.
  2. 2. From sensor to ERP Consulting and engineering Software • Condition monitoring – condition-based maintenance • Production efficiency – increase productivity • Tracking & tracing – object identification and tracing • Energy efficiency – resource efficiency LINERECORDER – Applications for your production, e.g. • Product and process traceability • MDE – OEE (Machine data acquisition – machine uptime) • Maintenance management / condition monitoring • Order control • Process control / process interlock • Material and incoming goods management • Knowledge database • Tool management • Reporting Info screen to iPad • Ease of use LINERECORDER Agent – The data collector with ERP connection Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) LINERECORDER LINERECORDER Agent
  3. 3. Our goals: Software, hardware, consulting and implementation from a single source Higher machine uptime Higher energy efficiency Process optimisation Higher productivity Maintenance cost reduction More efficient planning Quick and easy installation and integration Industry-independent use Traceability Bi-directional data transfer Formats ASCII Connector DB Connector PLC Connector Serial Connector SECS GEM Connector Systembus Connector TCP/IP Connector ZVEI Connector Message Broker Connector ASCII File XML, CSV... Machine Database Hardware PLC Software PLC Message Broker RS-232 SECS GEM SemiE5 AS-i Bus Profibus Modbus I/O-Link Unit Data Control Data TCP/IP Soket, XML Packages, Other formates Assessment for machine connections in the electronics production at Deloitte 5 4 3 2 1 0 Integration capability Reusability Scalability Orientation towards the future Performance Organisation and processes LINERECORDER Agent Hardware interface OPC UA
  4. 4. Wereservetherighttomaketechnicalalterationswithoutpriornotice.·PrintedinGermanyonnon-chlorinebleachedpaper.01/14 ifm consulting gmbh Friedrichstraße 1 45128 Essen Tel. 02 01 / 24 22-0 Fax 02 01 / 24 22-1700 E-Mail: Internet: ifm datalink gmbh Benno-Strauß-Str. 1 90763 Fürth Tel. 09 11 / 99 86 88-0 Fax 09 11 / 99 86 88-77 E-Mail: Internet: ”Using RTM we can recognise machine standstill at an early stage and are then able to schedule maintenance in the non-productive area.“ Hans-Jürgen Krupp Head of Maintenance Amcor Flexibles Singen GmbH "The graphic display of uptime losses in real time allows our maintenance personnel to immediately validate their maintenance measures." Hans-Peter Simons Plant Manager location Fulda Process Control of Production Düsseldorf TEEKANNE GmbH & Co. KG ”ifm consulting gives us great support with ongoing plant and process optimisation.“ Stefan Aumann European Petcare Maintenance Manager Mars GmbH ”Using condition monitoring from ifm consulting on machine tools we want to achieve a more predictable and efficient maintenance.“ Roland Bernhard Manager of Maintenance Planning TF-I Division Production TF MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH ”Safety-related products must also be monitored when tools are changed – here we use the LINERECORDER functions.“ Hauke David Project Engineering Autoliv ”Using the LINERECORDER software we also integrate assembly stations into the continuous process reliability and traceability.“ Dr. Hans-Peter Brandt Albonair ”The modular and scalable LINERECORDER concept meets the requirements for traceability and quality assurance of our medium-sized company, in particular because manual workstations are integra- ted into the process.“ Helmut Plättner Managing Director Plättner Elektronik GmbH ”Within a year we were able to schedule 250 hours of machine downtime during scheduled maintenance periods.“ Roland Wieser Manager Maintenance ZF Friedrichshafen AG ”ifm consulting provided fundamental support in the after-sales area with condition monitoring system solutions.“ Heinz-Jürgen Kockel Dipl.-Ing (TU) After Sales Service Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH "With condition monitoring we stand out from our competitors." Alfred Geißler Technical Managing Director DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH ”The cooperation with ifm consulting sustainably improved the reliability of condition-based maintenance.“ Hans-Joachim Schaller Technical Service Planned Maintenance Pirelli Deutschland GmbH plant Höchst ”With condition monitoring and RTM we can recognise damage at an early stage and avoid high consequential damage and production downtime.“ Michael Kreide WESO-Aurorahütte GmbH