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IFK HM 2009 Eng


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Company profile Of IFK Hotel Management

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IFK HM 2009 Eng

  1. 1. “Hospitality is our passion ” Company Profile 2008
  2. 2. Hospitality is our passion About us Created in 2008, IFK Hotel Management is an independent company specializing in managing hotels and hotel complexes located on the territory of the Russian Federation. IFK Hotel Management is a representative of the international hotel operator Golden Tulip Hospitality Group. The group offers a scope of brands ranging from three to five stars in traditional city hotels, hotels at airports, long-stay accommodation, and resorts. As a representative of the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, we offer comprehensive management solutions to hotel owners, including participation in concept development, operational services, implementation of marketing programs and HR management. IFK Hotel Management is a hospitality management company committed to excellence of service resulting in “ The representative of maximized profitability and customer satisfaction for our clients. Golden Tulip Hospitality Our success is the result of innovative systems, strategies and the quality of our relationships with guests, employees, Group in Russian franchisor and clients. IFK Hotel Management is committed to the success of the properties we manage. Federation ” IFK Hotel Management draws from a half a century of traditions of the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group. All hotels managed by IFK Hotel Management are compliant with the strict corporate standards of Golden Tulip. These standards cover all key areas such as distribution, information and communications technologies, marketing, finance, procurement, principles of internal design and hotel operational guidelines. The efficiency of IFK Hotel Management will maximize the profitability of your business. In addition to company mission, vision and corporate values, IFK Hotel Management operational system is based on the following key drivers: Innovations, Fundamentals and Knowledge. We believe the synergy of these key drivers creates a comprehensive picture of a hotel’s requirements. And allows IFK Hotel Management to achieve a higher level of profitability and guest service from every investment in hospitality. Rely on IFK Hotel Management to provide the competitive edge for superior performance!
  3. 3. Hospitality is our passion Mission Our Mission is to be the superior choice of Hospitality Management Companies in the Russian Federation. And to be acknowledged by our customers, partners and employees as the number one company in the field of Hospitality Management. We measure our success based on the balanced achievement of the following goals: ▪ To improve the value of each asset we manage and achieve superior returns on investment ▪ To exceed customer’s expectations at every opportunity ▪ To provide a superior working environment for employees ▪ To be socially responsible company in all our companies policies We strive to treat our clients, partners, and associates with a high level of integrity, dignity, and respect. “ To exceed customer’s Our objective is to develop and maintain productive work environment where all individual associates are encouraged expectations at every to accept high levels of responsibility, and where they are also given the necessary authority to do things right, as well opportunity as, the right things. ”
  4. 4. Hospitality is our passion Vision To become a leader in the Russian hospitality market in the coming 10 years. IFK Hotel Management intends to put the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group brands into leadership positions in the Russian market. By 2018, the company plans to have at least 20 hotels and resorts under its management on the territory of the Russian Federation. Each of the hotels will operate under one of the following brands: Tulip Inn, Tulip Residences, Golden Tulip, or Royal Tulip. IFK Hotel Management company will seek to reshape the perceptions of the Russian people to the hospitality business as an industry. In all hotels of the Golden Tulip the guests will encounter exceptional service and friendly attitude irrespective of the star level and location of the hotel. “ To put the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group brands into leadership positions in the Russian market ”
  5. 5. Hospitality is our passion Values IFK Hotel Management believes in achieving superior results through our unique approach to hospitality management. Whether you are our customer, guest, associate, partner or owner, you can expect our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We understand that your success is a key to our growth. The core values of IFK Hotel Management are ingrained throughout our company and are on exhibit at every level. Creativity ▪ We encourage creative thinking ▪ We capitalize on new ideas ▪ We identify and share best practices “ We understand that your Commitment to Excellence success is a key to our ▪ We achieve superior investment returns growth ▪ We are the preferred hospitality employer ” ▪ We build loyalty by delivering on guest, associate, and brand expectations Team Environment of Passion and Enthusiasm ▪ We recognize achievements, celebrate successes ▪ We provide the resources and tools essentials for success ▪ We respect the balance between family and work Integrity ▪ We meet our commitments ▪ We communicate freely and openly ▪ We always checking to see that our policy and actions are morally right
  6. 6. Hospitality is our passion Our Services Our business philosophy carefully balances guest experiences, employee fulfillment, and owner return. Being a hospitality management company, IFK Hotel Management is committed to excellence of service resulting in maximized profitability and asset value for our customers. We provide a wide-ranging spectrum of services and facilities from budget to luxury hospitality properties in the territory of Russian Federation: ▪ Pre-Opening services ▪ Hotel Operations services ▪ Sales & Marketing ▪ Human Resources ▪ Consulting “ We have mastered the art of Unlike large, bureaucratic management companies, we customize the terms and conditions of our management services based on owner need, and provide a basis for maintaining this delicate balance. Our senior executive team are directly transforming vision into involved in delivering on our owner’s visions and long term goals for every property in our portfolio. successful reality ” ▪ Our team has a wide range of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry as well as extensive professional management practices ▪ By utilizing all opportunities and synergies of leading multi-branded hotel chain we provide services and facilities which result in maximizing financial performance ▪ We open up relations with our clients, partners, and associates with a high level of integrity, dignity, and respect
  7. 7. Hospitality is our passion Hotel Management Hotel owners have three service options with IFK Hotel Management: lease, management and franchising. If you as a hotel owner do not want to get immersed in all the details of running the hotel business and are happy to simply have a stable and regular source of income, the best option is to lease the hotel to IFK Hotel Management. As the holder of the lease, IFK Hotel Management will bring the hotel to the standards of the selected brand of the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group. If you are interested in the hospitality business but do not have the experience to run the hotel, we recommend executing a management contract for the hotel with IFK Hotel Management. IFK Hotel Management will build the business to international standards, provide sales and marketing, and connect the hotel to the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group’s shared services. “ All procedures, concepts Finally, if you have extensive practical experience of managing hotels, you can execute a franchising agreement with Golden Tulip Franchising and manage your business in compliance with all required standards. and models developed for management operations are made available to the franchisees ”
  8. 8. Hospitality is our passion Pre-Opening Services Ensuring Strong Foundations for Your Business. IFK Hotel Management can provide extensive support services in the pre-opening phase to ensure your hotel opens successfully and has a strong foundation to ensure continued success. With our knowledge and experience in hotel management and operations, we can assist you with every step from initial concept and site selection to obtaining the right operating equipment, supplies and staffing for your hotel. Staffing We can creatively recruit, hire, and effectively train the right people to help you accomplish your goals. Also IFK Hotel Management will organise professional training classes by Golden Tulip Hospitality Group in an effort to bring your staff up to corporate standards. Technical Support “ Assistance with every step IFK Hotel Management team provides technical support for your project starting from its initial stage. We can assist you with every step of the way from initial concept to obtaining the right operating equipment, supplies and from initial concept to professional staffing for your hotel. obtaining the right operating equipment, Pre-Opening Services IFK Hotel Management provides extensive support services in the pre-opening phase to ensure your hotel opens supplies and staffing for successfully. Our pre-opening activities will help to successfully launch your hotel into the hospitality market. As your hotel operator we coordinate all opening activities, sales efforts, advertising and promotion necessary for the successfully ” opening of your property. The scope and style of the opening activities need to be appropriately matched for the hotel itself, the surrounding community and the targeted markets. Launch With IFK Hotel Management you can be confident that before launch of your hotel it will be properly represented through all available distribution channels, all of the Loyalty Programs of Golden Tulip Hospitality Group will be launched from the first day your hotel starts operation. We are proud of the strong relationship which we have with Golden Tulip Hospitality Group and recognize that selecting the right brand and appropriately leveraging that brand for your best interest can be the cornerstone of the hotel’s overall success.
  9. 9. Hospitality is our passion Hotel Operations Our main priorities in hotel operations are to provide exceptional experience to each and every guest who visits one of our properties, and to deliver the highest possible financial returns to our owners. The Hotel Operations department is responsible for the overall profitability of each hotel operated and managed by IFK Hotel Management. IFK Hotel Management focuses on the entire guest experience, by implementing Golden Tulip high quality standards. Training There is no substitute for excellence in training in a customer service environment and we believe Golden Tulip’s training program is the best in the business. Time-tested employee training and motivational programs developed by Golden Tulip Hospitality Group will be available to the hotels’ HR Departments from the very inception. “ BRANCHE Restaurant Bar System Technology Golden Tulip is firmly committed to providing hotels with the latest in high-end hospitality technology solutions and & Lounge - new brand recommendations to simplify procedures to increase the effectiveness of operations. Technological developments made from Golden Tulip available to hotels include: revenue management systems, property management systems and much more. ” Food & Beverage The food & beverage team manages the restaurant, bar and banquet facilities offering high standards of services while maximizing profit. Five different F&B concepts were designed by the professional team of Golden Tulip specialists: from democratic George & Co to extraordinary The State Room. Procurement Procurement has a major impact on a hotel’s success. Golden Tulip’s central procurement department provides all hotels the necessary tools and services to purchase the best quality products from partner suppliers while guaranteeing the best cost savings. The variety of products offered, ranges in foods and non-food items, enabling the hotels potential savings of up to 30 % on the cost of sale. Goldnet Goldnet is Golden Tulip’s own Enterprise Resource Planning Application. It’s an Internet-based application customized by Golden Tulip to cater for the specific needs of a hospitality group. Goldnet provides one central database for all business information and processes: Customer Relations Management, Human Resources Management, Documents, Sales, Workflow.
  10. 10. Hospitality is our passion Sales and Marketing A range of sales and marketing products and services was created by Golden Tulip to target the defined guest segments: individual business travelers, meeting and conference groups and individual leisure guests. Sales & Marketing system is made available to Golden Tulip Group’s hotel operated both via franchising and management contracts. Goldres Goldres is Golden Tulip’s Central Reservation System for all distribution channels: Global Distribution System (GDS), call centres and the Internet. Through Goldres all hotels are exposed to over 500,000 travel agent terminals, 1,200 internet sites, 700 partner websites and 45 call centres around the world. “ Central Meeting Line is a E-commerce Golden Tulip E-commerce programme consists of a network of country, regional and city websites all equipped with reservation service designed real-time, on-line availability and booking options in multiple languages. Golden Tulip provides individual Golden to facilitate the booking of Tulip hotel websites with real-time on-line booking engines to all its hoteliers. The corporate websites are available in meeting facilities at hotels nine languages and the hotel websites can be made available in up to seventeen different languages. The corporate ” website is equipped with RSS (Real System Syndication) technology. Meetings & Events Central Meeting Line is a part of Golden Tulip’s Meeting & Events program developed to cover all aspects involved for the meeting & events market. Central Meeting Line is a reservation service designed to facilitate the booking of meeting facilities at hotels. Loyalty Programmes Ambassador Club and Flavours are unique concepts developed to reward the loyal bookers of Golden Tulip Hotels, Inns & Resorts. The programs are specially designed to communicate and reward the real decision makers of hotel and meeting room accommodation and enhance the guest’s hotel experience and increase guest satisfaction. Connections Golden Tulip’s Connections combines 18 frequent flyer programs awarding frequent flyer miles per stay at any Golden Tulip or Tulip Inn. Golden Tulip existing group of partners includes among others KLM, Air France, American Airlines, Lufthansa, NorthWest Airlines.
  11. 11. Hospitality is our passion Human Resources IFK Hotel Management’s human resource department is committed to delivering the tools and services each property needs to ensure the success of its team. There is no substitute for excellence in training in a customer service environment and we believe Golden Tulip’s training program is the very best in the business. Established in 1996, Golden Tulip Enterprise - Training Academy offers a large range of courses and workshops destined to improve the professional and personal development of all management and staff of the hotels. To optimize further understanding and positive results, the Golden Tulip Enterprise - Training Academy offers training courses in many languages. The Golden Tulip Enterprise - Training Academy aims to continuously improve its trainings through the close analysis of the content and the quality of trainings offered. “ We wish our hotels to attain status as preferred employer in the market ”
  12. 12. Hospitality is our passion Consulting Both large and small hospitality properties can benefit from the consulting services offered by IFK Hotel Management. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry as well as professional management practices. If your company is ready to step up to the next level of improvement, we are ready to serve you and help you make it happen. IFK Hotel Management offers a consulting expertise for the following hospitality disciplines: ▪ Human Resources ▪ Hotel Operations ▪ Sales & Marketing “ With our support your In cooperation with our experienced partners in the real estate market we can provide you with concise research and individual approaches. Services include: business will continue to grow and prosper ▪ Market and demographic research ” ▪ Feasibility Studies
  13. 13. Hospitality is our passion Golden Tulip Hospitality Group The group’s common objective is to maximize revenues and profits by utilizing all opportunities and synergies the chain offers, while implementing the highest international standards and maintaining local flavours. Golden Tulip Hospitality Group - with its head office in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a worldwide hospitality company with more than 780 hotels and 75,000 rooms in more than 50 countries. The Golden Tulip Hospitality Group franchises and manages hotels in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, the Asian Pacific Region and the Americas. In 2006, Hotels Magazine has ranked this company the 18th largest hotel chain. As a multi-brand hospitality firm, the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group offers services in three, four and five star categories. Each Golden Tulip Hospitality Group hotel is expected to maintain strict standards of quality while reflecting the “ Lobby at Golden Tulip ambience, traditions and heritage of the area in which it operates. Corporate guidance from Golden Tulip Hospitality Group is available for all key areas including Finance, Distribution, ICT, Marketing, Purchase, Interior Design and Rotterdam Centre ” Operations. Support is tailored to the needs of each specific brand and integrates extensive local knowledge of current trends and developments in the market.
  14. 14. Hospitality is our passion Tulip Inn Superior Tourist three-star class hotels. Tulip Inn hotels are all different, but expressive of such shared values as a strong regional focus. They offer business and leisure travellers a wide range of hotels in convenient locations usually in city centres or close to major access routes. ▪ Comfortable, well maintained and functional accommodations ▪ Friendly, high quality service at affordable prices ▪ Meeting facilities (Simply Meet Concept) ▪ Unique and innovative bar and restaurant concepts ▪ Exceptional value for money for business or pleasure Tulip Inns share the goal to maximise revenues and profits by utilising the opportunities and synergies that being part of an international chain offers. “ Friendly and quality service Customers: 60% business - 40% leisure. at affordable prices ”
  15. 15. Hospitality is our passion Tulip Residences Extended stay four-star Class accommodations. Tulip Residences are high standard of extended stay accommodations in configurations from studios, one - two bedroom apartments and suites and a standard of service that is comparable to Golden Tulip hotels. Tulip Residences are located in city centre locations. ▪ Spacious and fully furnished guestrooms, en suite bathroom facilities, a fitted kitchen or kitchenette, working area with direct telephone and fax lines ▪ Expanded cable TV and movie entertainment options ▪ In-unit or on-site washers and dryers ▪ 24-hour reception services ▪ Breakfast room and Lounge ▪ Free high-speed Internet access ▪ Parking facilities “ Tulip Residences ▪ Fitness facilities (at most locations) Copenhahen. ▪ Business centre / Meeting room Functional yet elegant, Tulip Residences share the goal to maximise revenues and profits by utilising the opportunities and synergies that being luxurious yet cosy, part of an international chain offers. liberating yet reassuring ” Customers: 80% business - 20% leisure.
  16. 16. Hospitality is our passion Golden Tulip Superior First-Class and Full Service four-star hotels. Golden Tulip is Superior First-Class, Full Service four-star hotel brand, offering the highest international standards of comfort, services and facilities. Each hotel has its own individual character, while reflecting the flavour of its location. All Golden Tulip hotels are situated in key locations. ▪ Spacious guest rooms and suites, cable TV and movie entertainment options ▪ Outstanding facilities and superior services ▪ Ideal locations for meetings and business events (Let’s Meet Again) ▪ Leisure and fitness facilities ▪ Unique and innovative bar and restaurant concepts ▪ 24-hour reception services ▪ High-speed Internet access ▪ Parking facilities “ Each Golden Tulip Hotel ▪ Maximum value for money offers its own individual Golden Tulip hotels share the goal to maximise revenues and profits by utilising the opportunities and synergies that character, whilst reflecting being part of an international chain offers. the flavour of its location ” Customers: 65% business - 35% leisure.
  17. 17. Hospitality is our passion Royal Tulip Luxury Upscale hotels with unprecedented level of excellence in innovation, technology and design. All Royal Tulip hotels offering the most elegant and luxurious facilities with a deluxe level of comfort and personal service. All hotels are situated in gateway city centres and business districts. ▪ Inspirational design with the touch of elegance ▪ For an unique, comfortable and consistent experience ▪ Spacious and state of the art deluxe, executive rooms and suites ▪ Outstanding facilities ▪ Efficient and speedy check-in, superior services able to fulfill a myriad of requests ▪ Flavours Lounge ▪ Exclusive and intimate Meeting and Private dining salons “ Luxury Royal Tulip ▪ In room fitness ▪ Unique restaurant concepts: BRANCHE and The State Room Amsterdam Symphony ▪ High-speed Internet access Hotel ▪ Valet parking ” Royal Tulip hotels share the goal to maximise revenues and profits by utilising the opportunities and synergies that being part of an international chain offers. Customers: 75% business - 25% leisure.
  18. 18. Hospitality is our passion For owners and investors We deliver maximized profits and strive to improve the value of each asset we manage. As a Hotel Management Company we consider all kinds of development projects whether it's a new construction, reconstruction, redevelopment or mixed-used development. IFK Hotel Management introduces an international multi-brand hospitality group offering a scope of hotel brands ranging from three to five-star in traditional hotels and resorts, suites and long-stay accommodation. IFK Hotel Management considers hospitality projects starting from 75 keys. “ Scope of brands ranging from three to five stars in traditional hotels, suites and long-stay accommodation ”
  19. 19. Hospitality is our passion Hotel Owners Why would a hotel owner want to use the IFK Hotel Management services? First of all, the owner of a hotel will gain access to the expertise and practical experience of a professional management company. IFK Hotel Management team has a combined accumulation of over 30 years of operations and management experience in the hospitality and hotel industry. Every hotel that is not a member of a hotel chain will immediately get the support of the Golden Tulip international brand, with almost half a century of history and hospitality tradition behind it. The hotel will have international service and management standards that apply to each hotel in the Golden Tulip family. Over the years of successful operation, the hotels working under the Golden Tulip brands have won the recognition and loyalty of clients throughout the world. In addition to the positive influence of the international brand, the hotel will also receive powerful sales and marketing tools of Golden Tulip that incorporate the latest on-line sales and reservation technologies. The quality and range of services will improve, which will result in more loyal customers. The hotel will also get access to all centralized “ We will develop a 10-year services of Golden Tulip, from Goldbuy procurement system to the Goldnet Intranet site. business plan for your hotel IFK Hotel Management does not do “theoretical consulting”, it speaks the language of specific numbers and facts: how ” much the owner will have to invest in his hotel to modernize it, purchase new equipment and systems to qualify for the right to use Golden Tulip’s brands. We will develop a 10-year business plan for the hotel, the key metrics of such plan to be reviewed with the owner on an annual basis with due account of operating results and market conditions. The management agreement will have a detailed breakdown of all costs, from base and incentive fees to the marketing budget. IFK Hotel Management will implement the USALI - Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry in the hotel to avoid any differences in interpreting the economic results of the hotel.
  20. 20. Hospitality is our passion Investors The international brand will considerably enhance the marketability and profit producing potential of a hotel project. No matter what the goals of an investor or developer of a hospitality project are - whether selling the project after completing construction or owning the hospitality property - an agreement with an international brand will increase the asset value of the project. A management contract with IFK Hotel Management will automatically mean that the hotel will operate under one of the international brands: Tulip Inn, Tulip Residences, Golden Tulip, or Royal Tulip. We will be ready to join in your project at an early conceptual stage to add almost 50 years of experience of Golden Tulip to the design, and their strict standards will help the investor at the construction stage. We also offer potential projects to investors interested in hospitality business: the IFK Hotel Management portfolio “ We will be ready to join in offers dozens of opportunities in different regions of Russia for investment. your project at an early We are ready to share our success with the investors in this growing market and help them stay afloat in the times of conceptual stage crisis. ”
  21. 21. Hospitality is our passion Hotel Acquisition The interests of IFK Hotel Management include investment in hotel projects and acquisition of hotels. In addition to providing hotel management service, IFK Hotel Management also has the capabilities and resources to handle the sales of your hotels and hotel complexes throughout Russia. We will consider investment and co-investment construction projects and hotel acquisitions. Please fill out the Request form on to ensure expedient consider and response to your request and project as soon as possible. You can also email all the information to our corporate address “ Construction of Golden Tulip Hamburg Aviation ”
  22. 22. Hospitality is our passion Contacts IFK Hotel Management IFK Hotel Management 7,Vavilova Street,Russia 7, Vavilova Street, Moscow, 117997, Moscow, 117997, Russia T +7 495 787 70 01 F +7 495 787 70 06 T +7 495 787 10 01 F +7 495 787 10 06 “ We want to be your hospitality company of choice and welcome your inquiry ”