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Best car diagnostics services shop


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We are specializing in hybrid repair and automotive services. We give best quality services in best price. Most of our client is Toyota prius hybrid owners.

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  • I still can't believe how great this worked. My drill battery, several AA and AAA batteries, and my camera battery work great again! This is super fun to do too. ★★★
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Best car diagnostics services shop

  1. 1. Today, most cars are controlled by COMPUTERS. The fuel injectors, the spark plugs, the steering system and more are all told when to fire and when to move by an onboard computer system. If something’s going wrong with your car or engine, your onboard computer can tell you about it. If the computer senses something is wrong with one of your car’s systems, it will turn on a dashboard light, like “ABS Brakes” or something less specific, like “Check Engine.” The best thing to do when your check engine light appears is to bring your vehicle into Maxat Hybrid Repair
  2. 2. Maxat Hybrid Repair are specializing in hybrid repair is quickly gaining attention in the neighborhood for fantastic automotive service. Our services are popular for being affordable with first-class workmanship. We are a full service workshop, with experience in a hybrid vehicles. MAXAT is ready to assist you with any issue with any vehicle from the most complicated hybrid battery problems to oil changes. MAXAT is committed in giving its customers the best quality work at the best price. Do not hesitate to call and compare for we are confident that we will gain your business.
  3. 3. Fuel Injector Services Maintenance Repair Battery Rebuild Collision Repair Heating & Cooling
  4. 4. Monday 9:00-17:00 Tuesday 9:00-17:00 Wednesday 9:00-17:00 Thursday 9:00-17:00 Friday 9:00-17:00 Saturday CLOSED Sunday CLOSED
  5. 5. Our address: 11353 Pyrites way #15, Rancho Cordova 95670 CA Tel: 916-801-9544 Website :