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Digital Media Marketing For Headphone Brands


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Digital marketing ethos needs to be carried out in a well thought out process.

Here is the 360 degree overview of the digital campaign for international audio brand like Skullcandy on the Indian webosphere.

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Digital Media Marketing For Headphone Brands

  1. 1. For Headphone Brands
  2. 2. Like any other well thought out successful campaign online, a plan for the entire digital marketing ethos also needs to be carried out in a well thought out process.
  3. 3. To pen down the objectives & challenges Conceptualizing the strategy Building the strategy and making it practical Regular progress measures and adapting new strategies
  4. 4. To build a new community which would work best for Skullcandy in India, targeting the taste and preferences of the local community. To build a more dynamic and engaging website for the brand as compared to the existing one, adding an element of fresh experience for all visitors on the website. To place Skullcandy prominently in the mindset of the Indian consumers.
  5. 5. To break the clutter in the existing industry and create a niche platform for Skullcandy India. To build a consistent communication for the brand across all online platforms. To increase engagement online, hence increasing the transactions online. To create unique brand ethos for Skullcandy India, separate from Skullcandy Global.
  6. 6. Bird’s eye view approach Tech Social media Creative Media Ads
  7. 7. ‘ Experience online made optimum’
  8. 8. TECH Revamping the Website Product Authenticity Program (Warranty) Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. Transforming the old website in its entirety, filling it with most relevant content supported by rich professionally conceptualized photography and graphics are some of the things that were on our checklist.
  10. 10. A look at the older website
  11. 11. Dedicated brand-pages for easier access to your favorite brand. 1.
  12. 12. A fully-responsive website2.
  13. 13. Intrinsic product -details3.
  14. 14. Dynamic content and image Gallery4.
  15. 15. All of these elements helped us in the complete transformation of the website A look at the newly revamped website Resulted in..
  16. 16. Along with the revamped website, another element which needed the complete transformation was the ecommerce shop for the brand.
  17. 17. Before – The older shop online After – The new shop online
  18. 18. ‘ much needed element of warranty’
  19. 19. The Product Authenticity Program or simply the Warranty was the direct result of the need to identify counterfeit products from genuine purchases. It was primarily introduced on the website, also spreading the word on all social media platforms. This resulted in quick solutions to problems listed below. Authenticity of all Skullcandy products Easy to use registration process for warranty
  20. 20. The ‘Register for Warranty’ tab is placed on the top right hand corner on the home page for easier access for all customers.
  21. 21. The Unique Item Code (UIC) can be found out easily from the packaging of the Skullcandy merchandise and verified through the online ‘Register for Warranty’ tab on the website. How does the registration process work?
  22. 22. ‘social - connections’
  23. 23. Social- Media ORM Content platter Social-Media concoction On- ground activities
  24. 24. ORM With the introduction of the Skullcandy India support tab on the Facebook page, all the queries have been streamlined, resulting in faster turn-around time for the queries to be answered and a hassle-free engagement with the fans and customers.
  25. 25. Content Platter When it comes to content-building, the bucket–list is certainly a high priority. Some notable elements used in the campaigns were..
  26. 26. Topical1.
  27. 27. Festive/ Campaign specific2.
  28. 28. Music-specific3.
  29. 29. Brand-specific4.
  30. 30. Communication ElementsEngagement Shared Value Mass- personalization Be Useful and Relevant Personalization Useful and easy to use
  31. 31. Another important element is to figure out the channels for the social presence of the brand. Brand Skullcandy India had a good mix of content for various social-media channels including content created for blogs.
  32. 32. The social-media concoction for Skullcandy India consisted of the different platforms in the social media ethos, including a regular, updated relevant content rich blog.
  33. 33. Keeping the essence of the brand alive, Skullcandy India successfully connected the masses to the brand.
  34. 34. #HuntForSkullcandy The campaign involved searching for three different headphones on the newly launched website and sharing the same on the Facebook page.
  35. 35. #SkullcandyHoliDJ This specific campaign was designed for Facebook, Twitter and the Website, to share the festive season of the much popular Holi festival, there by celebrating and sharing some of the special moments with the fans at large.
  36. 36. Skullcandy Selfie The campaign was to bank on the latest trend of Selfie, asking users, fans to share their Selfie with the twist of Skullcandy headphones. The campaign turned out to be huge success with the fans.
  37. 37. #GuesstheBands
  38. 38. WebsiteGeneric contests Events Future Trends News Talking about us The website had a good mix of topics covered in it’s content-bucket !
  39. 39. Future trends We were successful in capturing the current trend. For example the very popular all men premier Hindi cappella group ‘Penn Masala.’
  40. 40. We created a #SkullcandyFC Experience Zone for the bloggers. On-ground activities: SkullcandyFC Expeence ZoneBuilding organic conversation's
  41. 41. The concept behind the bloggers outreach #SkullcandyFC Experience Zone was to engage with the bloggers and hence showcase the limited edition of FC headsets represented by four legendary football clubs. Invited Bloggers to #SkullcandyFC Experience Zone Experience Interaction building relationships Organic Reviews, Relationships with Bloggers, tapping into their community
  42. 42. User-generated Due to the successful on-ground bloggers’ outreach activity, we were able to build several constructive, organic conversations with many bloggers, resulting in many organic feedbacks, reviews.
  43. 43. ‘ Enhancing reach’
  44. 44. Emphasis was to create a dedicated community of Puma headphone lovers & generate brand awareness.
  45. 45. ‘ stuff of colorful imaginations’
  46. 46. Creative Cover and banner Graphics Conceptualized photography Campaign centric The creative bend..
  47. 47. Cover graphics are based on the innate knowledge of contemporary designs and fresh concept-visualization every time.
  48. 48. Conceptualized photography Campaign specific graphics1.
  49. 49. Brand-specific images were created 2.
  50. 50. Life-style images were captured 3.
  51. 51. Festival-specific images were also created to acknowledge the occasion 4.
  52. 52. Graphics relevant to featured entries in the contests. 5.
  53. 53.