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Market / Competitive Intelligence Usage and Allocation


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Market & Competitive Intelligence Usage and Allocation: Best practices in creating a communication and governance framework to ensure actionable intelligence across varied internal stakeholder groups - including executives, marketing, sales, product management, and investor relations - within complex organizations competing in rapidly changing markets.

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Market / Competitive Intelligence Usage and Allocation

  1. 1. March 6-7, 2013 – San Francisco, CA| 510-984-2961 BBUUSSIINNEESSSS FFOORREECCAASSTTIINNGG 22001133 March 6th, 3:30 PM CI Usage and Allocation Create a communication and governance framework to insure relevant competitive intelligence usage for multiple end users Ignacio Feller, Former Senior Market and Competitive Intelligence Manager formerly of Align Technologies Ignacio Feller is a Certified Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional with exhaustive experience developing and managing new CI programs that improve strategic decision making and sales execution. His industry background included management consulting, electrical/electronic manufacturing, retail and medical device industries. Most recently, he served as Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence at Align Technology where he directed all competitive and market intelligence activities to support strategic and tactical decision- making across this $550 million medical device manufacturer. Earlier in his career, Ignacio gained extensive experience in all aspects of market research, competitive/market analysis, competitive strategy and strategic planning at Underwriters Laboratories and Accenture. Ignacio holds a BA degree from the University of Iowa, and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago. He is an active member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) organization, and is certified as an advanced Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP-I and CIP-II) through the SCIP CIP™ Conferred by ACI (Academy of Competitive Intelligence) Program. Ignacio is on LinkedIn: View Presentation online:
  2. 2. CI USAGE AND ALLOCATION Ignacio Feller, Certified Competitive Intelligence Professional
  3. 3. Intelligence Cycle Planning Collection ProcessingAnalysis Dissemination 2 • Identify the varying needs across the organization • CI network development • Communicating for impact
  4. 4. Identify the varying needs across the organization
  5. 5. Best Practices Gain CI Champion(s) • Help you navigate the organization Key Intelligence Topics (KITs)1 • Proven needs assessment process • Focuses CI efforts on the keep-them-up-night issues of CI clients Continuous engagement of CI clients • Be proactive! Create opportunities to engage clients • Personal relationships • Feedback mechanism for past/ongoing work Create CI Mission Statement • Define what success looks like • Set expectations 1. “Key Intelligence Topics: A Process to Identify and Define Intelligence Needs”, Jan P. Herring, 1999, Competitive Intelligence Review, 10(2): 4-14
  6. 6. Varying Needs • Topics • Depth • Format • Delivery • Frequency • …quirks . Flexible CI Solutions • KITs • Templates • Routines • Filters • Structure • Central data repository • Communication platforms
  7. 7. CI network development
  8. 8. People provide highest value intelligence External Customers Partners Sales channels Suppliers Consultants Journalists Regulators Market research firms Securities analysts Recruiters Competitors (ethically) Others… Internal Ex Customers Sales teams Ex Competitors Engineering Marketing R&D Human Resources Finance Public Relations Investor Relations Others… 80% of needed info already inside company Helps you consider “bigger picture” and check for internal blind spots
  9. 9. Extensive internal networks can be built on a shoestring budget Incentives Relationships Work towards a knowledge sharing culture • Educate users on CI process • Roadshow • Training & awareness • Be visible and accessible • CI knowledge sharing forums
  10. 10. A word on social networks
  11. 11. Communicating for impact “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” – John Naisbitt
  12. 12. Build the right dissemination platform Key features: • Secure (for credibility and… well, security!) • Current tech (don’t make it harder…) • Scalable (platform shouldn’t eat away your budget) • Collaborative (collect and disseminate under one roof) • Measurable (everything that is monitored improves…) • Searchable (empower users to find info themselves) And most importantly: tied to existing tools and workflows – always design process first, then specify software features.
  13. 13. Communicating CI: less is more Easy to scan headlines with links to details Inverted pyramid style writing Be stylistically perfect (proofread) Include implications and analysis • So What? • Now What? • What’s Next?
  14. 14. Launch a CI Product Portfolio “Push” Products • CI Newsletters • White Papers • Situation Analysis Reports • Early Warning Alerts • Webinars • Conference coverage • Profiles (company, product, technology, etc) • Competitive Landscapes • Other… “Pull” Products • Ad-hoc reports • Special projects (advisory role) • CI Education & Awareness • Self-service via intelligence portal • Workshops/Briefings (war gaming, etc) Continuous CI Deliverables • Self-initiated • Standardized • Targeted Ad-hoc CI Deliverables • Self and client initiated
  15. 15. Recommendations • Be proactive • Understand KITs and management hot buttons  deliver relevant CI products • Experiment – try various communication vehicles and formats • Customize • Tailor deliverable to decision-maker preference and style • Focus on metrics • Continually improve CI products based on client usage and key metrics
  16. 16. COMMUNICATION Case Study Align Technology
  17. 17. Delivery Platform: SharePoint Rationale for SharePoint: • Widespread adoption • Ease of use, administration and customization • Tools for managing data and collaboration • Systematic tracking how CI products are being used • No incremental licenses cost Information filtering and storage directly tied to KITs Executive Dashboard provides a snapshot view of overall competitive posture. Authorized staff can drill deeper into details.
  18. 18. Sample continuous deliverables • Daily news delivered via CI Portal (e-mail, RSS) • 1-page newsletter covering significant events of the week with added implications and analysis • Competitor product, pricing and sales messaging continually updated and made accessible to sales staff at anytime from anywhere • Other deliverables: conference coverage, quarterly trends analysis, landscapes etc
  19. 19. Ad-Hoc Deliverables • Actionable intelligence based on in-depth research and analysis • Easy to digest format • Tailored to specific decision-maker
  20. 20. COMMUNICATION Questions? Ignacio Feller Certified Competitive Intelligence Professional 408.461.5767