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The Importance of Lead Response
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The Importance of Lead Response


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Learn the "5 Minute Rule" of lead response to close more sales and marketing leads by improving lead response time.

What do a belated birthday greeting and mistimed punch line have in common? They’re just not as effective when they’re late. The same is true for responding to inbound marketing leads.

In fact, research shows that leads convert 22 times more often when you make contact within the first five minutes.

While traditional marketing automation platforms help you capture, nurture and score leads, at some point in the process you may actually want to get on the phone and speak with a prospect to close a deal.

To help you connect with leads while they are still on your website, today we’re introducing our first voice-based marketing automation integration with HubSpot.

Here’s how the Ifbyphone LeadResponder For HubSpot works:

First, you identify which web forms you want to trigger a phone call. Within the app, you simply select which reps should receive a call, choose when they should receive a call, and make sure you request the lead’s phone number in the form. By turning web form submission into immediate phone calls, you improve you chances of turning web form leads into customers.

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