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Presentation by Chris Meade,
Director of if:book, london
at the Media Futures Conference
July 2009

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. chris meade if:book new media futures
  2. 2. booklovers are in denial they like to think they live in a book-lined world. actually even the bookiest read mostly in bed, on the toilet, on the bus books have been kicked out of the front room and sent up to bed meanwhile even my mum is multimedia
  3. 3. e-readers are boring but they prove that books are an experience that happen in our heads, the book a souvenir of our visit
  4. 4. a book is… a symbol of freedom a container of culture a conversation a bounded entity a constantly changing form - from papyrus to codex to paperback and beyond
  5. 5. book groups think they’re defending free reading against the screen but have turned books into experiences that take a month and end in a meal
  6. 6. what matters? • sole authorship sometimes • freedom of expression • playfulness • reader writer relationship • range of possibilities • depth of engagement • “switching off and curling up with…”
  7. 7. compelling content seeking out the harry potter, sergeant pepper, ulysses, persuasion, the wire of transliterature
  8. 8. imagination & digitisation “Blake was always using new technologies, often abusing technologies, not for the sake of an interest in the technology per se, but what he could use it for. He believed that, rather like learning a language… if you speak a different language maybe you ask different questions. And the language of the digital age is one that Blake would have pursued.” - Tim Heath, Blake Society
  9. 9. • • • • if:book’s fictional stimulus & the motfothotbook
  10. 10. if:book