Best Strategies In Asking A Girl Out


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That was in fifth grade and I made sure that I had a fresh hair cut, neatly dressed with what was the teen trend during those years.. My special one was in a queue waiting for her turn in the Ferris wheel.

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Best Strategies In Asking A Girl Out

  1. 1. Best Strategies In Asking A Girl OutI dont forget the very first time I ever asked a girl out.That was in fifth grade and I made sure that I had a fresh hair cut, neatly dressed with what was the teentrend during those years.. My special one was in a queue waiting for her turn in the Ferris wheel. I triedto gather all my senses and boost my mind with more reassuring thoughts.I remember so well, my "hello" seemed like a cracking peanuts being chewed but at least, was loudenough for her to hear.. Soon after a few moments of uneasy silence, I muttered out a "want to ride theFerris wheel together" so softly that I don’t even think dogs could hear it.Somehow, she deciphered the words coming out of my mouth and gave me the "are you joking?"appearance. My courage popped out like a exploding bubble. The next I knew - I was already walkingdown the road with my head hanging low.Asking a girl out was one thing more challenging than memorizing elementary geography. That is howearly I recognized this concern.But then, that became a history. I look at that day as an isolated case of getting turned down whenasking a girl out. Now, I can say to you that it not a complicated task to ask a girl out.Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that will make asking a girl out so easy and effective thatyou’ll never have to ride the Ferris wheel alone again.ConfidenceThe secret of getting a "yes" lies in the degree of confidence that you display. This likewise holds in anydating things you want to engage in.Girls appreciates to be courted with confidence that when you talk to them with nervous voice, it spoilsyour image that even if a girl may have had a crush on you initially, you will get an opposite reply. Ladieswants to see in you that you have the courage to go after what you want, at whatever cost. It booststheir self-image to be wooed this way.When you ask a girl out, you want to portray all the signs of a high-status, confident man.When you talk to her, gaze directly into her eyes like you are determined to know her better and let herknow your intentions.. If you do this the proper way, that is without sounding too confident, you maynotice that she might attempt to avoid your gaze - a sign that she is interested.Speak in a well
  2. 2. modulated voice - this is vital. Confidence can be depicted thru this. Don’t be obnoxiously loud, butmake sure that you are talking in a clear and firm manner so that she can hear exactly what you aresaying.And don’t ask her out with a question. Use statements and oversell the event. Further discussed thruexamples below:Inappropriate Way to Ask a Girl OutYou: "do you have plans already tonight?"Her: "Oh, I do not know. Might just stay home and relax."You: "Do you want to go to this concert with me?"Her: "Wow! Much appreciated but maybe not now because.....Proper Way to Ask a Girl OutYou: "Last week, I dropped by this bar that is newly opened and it is really amazing because they haveseveral perks. You should totally come check it out with me on Thursday night."Her: "Oh, I don’t know, I have a lot of work I have to get done."You: "You don’t understand. It is totally fascinating to have a service of what they offer in their start upmonth. Besides, they offer really special drinks uniquely prepared by their bartender. The music?Superb.Nothing else could I ask for. It certainly completes the night."Her: "Wow, sounds interesting. Id start squeezing some time to make way for it...."You will spoil your chance of getting a positive response if you offer an option that you cannot convinceher that it is worth her time. Now obviously nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, but using statementsand acting in a confident manner will sky rocket your success rate.Be FlirtatiousAnother important factor when asking a girl out is to have a fun and flirtatious vibe.Through teases, humor and playful words, you are letting her know that you are really fun to be with.Role-playing is yet another amazing tool you may employ. It will surely amuse her if you get her involvedin a fantasy vacation where you will be putting the details of a "castle in the wind" with her. You are
  3. 3. actually appealing to her imaginative side if you do this. She will start envisioning fun moments with youand it will be likely that she will love to have another time sharing this moment with you.Here’s an example role playing situation I like to use:You: "I absolutely adore Hawaii. The beaches, the ocean, the awesome weather… that’s it, we arequitting our jobs and relocating to Maui."Her: "Hahaha, that looks fantastic. But, how in the world can we manage the expenses?"You: "Easy. Let us do some profit-generating jobs like selling sea shells pendants and necklaces. You willbe the CEO and accountant because I am not good in math. Plus it cuts into my Coronas on the beachtime ;) "Her: "We’ll see about that mister…"Once you give a "fun guy" picture in her mind, you will be getting a favorable reply if you will ask her outbecause she feels that she will be having fun.In Person vs. Over the PhoneAsking a woman out in person is the best option. If you talk to her in person, she can physically see howyou convey your message in a confident manner and you will be observing the unspoken messages thatshe wants to tell you.I am not saying that you should not and could not use the phone. Ring her.What about text messages? It is something that you must try to avoid if you are aiming to get a girl outfor the first time. Note that text messages are just text. Right with that fact, you know that you aredevaluing your chances.Texting can be a powerful tool in having a girl nod to your request but that is if you know the key to do itperfectly. It is another avenue to explore in a more detailed way.If you are still starting, the best option ever is "Call".How Do You Ask a Girl Out - Time and LocationLastly, which is as vital as the previous discussion - when and where should you tell her about going out.Try not to offer Friday or Saturday because aside from the fact that it does not look unique than otherdates she may had before, these days schedule may have been filled already.
  4. 4. Thursday night is still the best because you feel like it is weekend but you eliminate the rush of aweekend night.As far as a specific time, late-afternoons to mid-evenings are great to schedule a date. Happy hour isperfect if you take her out for drinks. Its not only about cutting the cost but getting more fun becauseyou will be having the best spot to savour the fun.Avoid lunch because that is usually reserved for friends. You don’t want to get stuck in the friend zone,do you?Setting the perfect time is ruined if not spent in a perfect place. So give it time to select one that isworth all your efforts. Select a place that does not resemble much of a traditional date; rather, a fun-filled outing to break the monotony of the week and the charges of its challenges.If you’re confident, flirtatious and pick a fun, pressure free spot, you’ll never wonder, how to ask a girlout? ever again.