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2 wb dixie project supervision for scaling up (sri lanka)


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2 wb dixie project supervision for scaling up (sri lanka)

  1. 1. Embedding a Scaling UP mind set into Supervision:IFAD-funded Dry Zone Livelihoods Support Project in Sri Lanka G. Dixie, WB/ARD June 2012
  2. 2. The Project is moving towards its final stages, away from investment to longer term objectives. Project Embedding Establishment Sustainability phaseInvestment Current Operational Zone Investment phase Time
  3. 3. The project has progressed well since MTR. Accelerateddisbursement. On track to achieve almost all of its target indicators .M&E results indicate a satisfactory IRR. Key future aims areSUSTAINABILITY & the possibility of UP SCALING successes TARGETS DISBURSEMENT PROGRESS ECON RATE UP SCALE of RETURN SUSTAINABILITY
  4. 4. Housekeeping Key Issues Review of Sub-ProjectsQualitative Review of Components Budget Financial Management Procurement Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. 5. SUSTAINABILITY Progress in the DPMUs FFSsMinor Irrigation & Community Infrastructure Micro-Finance
  6. 6. UP SCALING Lessons for OthersAlternative Sources of Funding
  7. 7. Micro-Enterprise program: generated some unexpectedlypromising results, but needs to be understood better for up scaling
  8. 8. Special Studies: to Capitalize on lessons learned & promote wider uptake. But who can lead?  Upland agriculture and MI rehabilitation Investment Impacts  FFS led upland agriculture: Experiences and Lessons  Impact of Convergence of Project Interventions  Multiple Impacts of quality seed potato production  Study of Onion Value Chain  Vegetable Collection Centres: Impacts and Lessons  Microenterprise Investment Impacts  Impact of Dairy FFSs  Microfinance programme Impacts and Lessons  Forward Contract sales: Experiences & lessons from failure  Review of Land Mapping Pilots
  9. 9. No success yet on additional sources of funding to up scale / continue DZLiSP• Project started to gain interest from local press, as a step to building public support,• Provinces encouraged to ask ERD for funding to up scale,• IFAD, might be interested at their next funding round 2013, by which time team will be fragmented,• No programmed new WB agric projects, but Gemidirya being restructured might work.
  10. 10. And if you have been . . . Thanks, for listening