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1 gordon social aarp

  1. 1. Social Communications: What’sNext for Boomers & BeyondIFA 11th Global Conference on AgeingMay 30, 2012Tammy Gordon - @floridagirlindcAARP -    
  2. 2. Social @AARP• Vision• Social media guidelines• 6 person team reporting to Digital Strategy – manage blog and social platforms• 53 field offices manage local social• Track over 100 social accounts enterprise wide, across 40 different goals• #4 goal for AARP is growing our online communities• Pilot programs for calls to action – join/renew, advocacy, volunteering, fundraising AARP 2
  3. 3. Know Your Audience &Focus Your Priorities
  4. 4. AARP FacebookScreen AARP
  5. 5. AARP Youtube Screen AARP
  6. 6. AARP Twitter Screen AARP
  7. 7. AARP Twitter“Spokespersons” AARP
  8. 8. AARP 8
  9. 9. AARP Mobile• iPhone content and member card app • Texterity iOS and digital newsstand apps • Navigate product pages • AARP partners’ print ads available in digital facsimiles of AARP Pubs with live web • Play video clips links. Ads and sponsors on mobile apps. • Ability to clip product pages • mobile landing pages • Share by email, Twitter, Facebook • Destination for mobile promotions and • Member card with barcode site traffic re-circulation • Join / renew • Support for content display on feature phones. Access • Speed dial to the Member via Consumer Cellular phones (Coming 2Q2011) 9 Contact Center
  10. 10. Tech Channel
  11. 11. AARP Social Today• We aren’t just broadcasting at our members, we’relistening and engaging with them daily.• Staff, volunteers, 3rd party advocates act as brandambassadors, spokespersons.• Delivering local, personalized content to memberson whatever device they choose to use.• We let our members know about the hot newtechnology and why it matters to them AND makethem aware of scams, privacy issues.• Members don’t seek deals & discounts, they aredelivered to them directly.• Members don’t need to carry hard copy of theirAARP card. It’s an app on their phone. AARP 11
  12. 12. Q&AIFA 11th Global Conference on AgeingTammy Gordon - @floridagirlindcAARP -    