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Ifa prague 2012 telescope

  1. 1. TeleSCoPEA Code of Practice for Telehealth Services IFA Prague 2012 Malcolm Fisk, Roberts Roze and Pierre Boutet Health Design and Technology Institute Coventry University 1
  2. 2. TeleSCoPE European Telehealth Services Code of Practice European Commission Contract 2009 11 11 www.telehealthcode.eu12 partners in 7 member states Validation in 2012 with 20+ servicesFinal launch of Code at Medetel 2013 2
  3. 3. Coventry University (Project Coordinator), UK MKS Electronic Systems Ltd, Slovenia STII-BAS, Bulgaria Lievens-Lanckman bvba, Belgium ICT-CNR, Italy Work Research Centre, IrelandPartners InHAM, Belgium Apertech Informatics Ltd., Hungary Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Italy Telecare Services Association, UK National Federation of Disabled Persons’ Associations, Hungary National Council of Disabled People’s Organisation of Slovenia 3
  4. 4. Aims of the Code  To respond to Commission Call regarding need to build trust and establish quality standards  Facilitate debate and discussion  Offer framework on basis of whichauditing and certification can take place  Change ways of thinking about telehealth 4
  5. 5. Change Ways of Thinking?  Telehealth including health and wellbeing … an ‘integrated vision’  Telehealth giving choice and control to more patients/service users  Giving attention to the way technologies are configured and used  Putting effective moral compass in place Not so much ‘providing for’ but more giving users ‘access to’ services 5
  6. 6. Telehealth Services – Examples (1)  Activity and gait monitoring  Health & motivational coaching  Medication compliance  Fall and seizure monitoring  Social alarms and telecare Lifestyle monitoring (incl. nutrition, sleep, exercise) 6
  7. 7. Telehealth Services – Media (2)  Fixed phones  Mobile phones  Smart phones  Tablet PCs  Interactive TV… via mobile, terrestrial and satellite networks 7
  8. 8. TeleSCoPE: European Telehealth Services Code of Practice Framework European and Service Country Contexts Location (A1-A3) (B1-B2) Moral and Ethical Communications Issues (A4-A8) Networks (B3-B5) Governance and Hardware and Other Financial Technological Considerations (A9-A19) Considerations (B6-B14) Interpretation and Personal Data Response (C9-C12) Management (A20-A23) Contact with Patients, Staff and Staff Service Users and Management Carers (C3-C8) (C1-C2)
  9. 9. Draft Code Sampler (1)  EC Directives (A1.2) EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (A1.1)  Country laws and regulations (A1.3)  Clear mission based on honesty, openness and giving ‘precedence to views, opinions and choices of service users’ (A6) Photo: Verklizan / Innospense BV 9
  10. 10. Draft Code Sampler (2)  Good governance (A9-A19) e.g. financial management (A9) staff skills / knowledge (A10) insurances (A14)  Service location (B1-B2) e.g. Photo: Shimba Technologies Ltd. health and safety (B1) locations security (B2) Communications networks (B3-B5) Photo: Verklizan / Innospense BV Ltd Photo: Mediche 10
  11. 11. Draft Code Sampler (3) Personal data management e.g. (A20-A23) data owned by service user (A20) highest level of confidentiality (A21) storage, sharing, erasure (A21) Photo: Hebrides Today access by service user (A21.4) audit trails (A21.5) Personal data is ‘any information relating to an individual whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life’ EC Memo 12/41 Photo: Verklizan / Innospense BV 11
  12. 12. Draft Code Sampler (4)Interpretation and responses e.g. (C9-C12) authorised staff (C9.2) confidential context (C9.3) appropriate action (C9.4) importance of protocols (C10) reviews (C9.5) in-person and virtual visits (C10, C10.3) Photo: Mediche Ltd Photo: Verklizan / Innospense BV 12
  13. 13. What Next?  Validation of the Draft Code – you can help!  Testing of the clauses – in context of different service types  Getting the ‘balance’ right – not too prescriptive Developing blueprint for its adoption in member states – for regulation, auditing, certification 13
  14. 14. An Invitation  Sign the declaration andreceive a copy of the Draft Code  Give us your feedback – suggest improvements identify omissionstell us about how it fits services that you manage or are involved with Join us next year at Medetel – for the Code launch! Photo: Verklizan / Innospense BV 14
  15. 15. TeleSCoPEA Code of Practice for Telehealth Services Thank You Prague IFA 2012 mfisk@cad.coventry.ac.uk rroze@cad.coventry.ac.uk pboutet@cad.coventry.ac.uk 15