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3 hendy ifa prague - communication divide


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Published in: Technology, Business
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3 hendy ifa prague - communication divide

  1. 1. IFA 11th Global Conference PragueAnalog and Digital world’s collideSue Hendy COTA & Kate Crawshaw Ellis Jones
  2. 2. • Australia is ageist• Age and capacity linked in thinking
  3. 3. • Older people experience age discrimination in many ways• Manifests in all facets of life : education health services employment public attitude
  4. 4. Background• COTA provides an Information Service• Interested in usage and perceptions• Used Seniors Festival as opportunity• Paper based and on line survey• 174 Victorians responded• 1.4m Victorians over the age of 55• Assumption older people not online
  5. 5. Main activities on line• Two thirds over age 85 perform online banking• over 20% of 75-84 use social media interacting around hobbies• 37% 65-74 mostly social media
  6. 6. Concerns about going online• Age has no/little impact about going online• 90% of 65-84 felt the internet relevant• Less 20% 85 felt text was too hard to read
  7. 7. Who do you interact with?• Multiple stakeholders• Family & friends most prevalent on social media• 50% 65-74 engage with organisations on social media• 22.9% interact with product & service related pages
  8. 8. Like most about access to Internet• 25% 75-84 improved social life on & off line• 50% made it easier to conduct business, paying bills & buying products• 100% 85 had better access to information
  9. 9. Access to Internet makes you feel?• 51.2% 75-84 felt more included• 7.3% feeling stressed• 1.3% felt isolated• 83% felt more informed• 33% felt empowered
  10. 10. Outcomes•Shows increasing usage•Not connected issues remainNext steps•Redo annually•Expand to Australia wide•Add more questions