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2 j hamilton-prague_winter power_point_final

  1. 1. PHOTOVOICE STUDY: USING PHOTOGRAPHY TO INVESTIGATE OLDER PERSONS PERCEPTIONSOF AN AGE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Winter Experiences IFA 11th Annual Conference on Ageing Prague, Czech Republic May 28 – June 1, 2012 Presented by Jim Hamilton, MSc, MPA Associate Director, Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba Presentation compiled by Sheila Novek, MSc
  2. 2. PHOTOVOICE STUDY: USING PHOTOGRAPHY TO INVESTIGATE OLDER PERSONS PERCEPTIONSOF AN AGE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITYThis slide show presents photographs and commentary from the Age-Friendly PhotovoiceStudy conducted with 30 seniors in 4 communities in Manitoba, Canada. The goal of thestudy was to explore ‘age-friendly’ community characteristics from the perspectives of olderadults.Photovoice is a qualitative, participatory research methodology that combines photography,interviews and group discussions. Older adults were provided with cameras and tookphotographs to illustrate community features that either enhance or diminish quality of lifefor seniors. Participants also recorded journal entries describing each photograph and tookpart in interviews and group discussions.The slide show is a compilation of visual material and commentary from journals anddiscussion groups. From behind the camera lens, Manitoban seniors take us on a tour ofwhat it means to age in communities across the province.
  3. 3. © Centre on AgingWater draining off roof onto sidewalk where people walk, and ice on thesidewalk. People are careless in maintaining their buildings, letting the rainwater freeze on sidewalks, and people will fall, it will cause accidents. Peoplefalling, broken arms, legs, hips.
  4. 4. © Centre on AgingThere is no walkway between the mall and this bank – in the winter they have todeal with this large snowbank and in the spring it is mud. They have no otherway to get to the bank if they are walking. They have a parking lot forcustomers with cars, but have not ever considered walking customers, let aloneseniors.
  5. 5. © Centre on AgingThe ‘bus stop’ sign is seen on the post. The ‘box’ is for the ‘mailperson’ that isthe only reason it is shoveled out. There is no sidewalk on this side and that isthe road directly in front of the snowbank. I do not feel this is a ‘safe’ situationand very cold at -40 degrees.
  6. 6. © Centre on AgingSeniors rely on bus to go places. It is difficult to walk,slippery. They clean streets and they put snow onsidewalk.
  7. 7. © Centre on AgingA diversity of people live there in terms of age. Young move in when housescome up for sale. Young move in and older community people mix and help eachother in the community. Seniors help with the children and [young people helpwith] snow removal etc.
  8. 8. © Centre on AgingIt is difficult to scrape ice and snow from vehicles parked outdoors in winter.Often seniors have had a garage attached to their homes and then have to moveto a seniors residence or apartment. It is difficult at that stage in life to parkoutdoors.
  9. 9. © Centre on AgingA beautiful all season …walking trail encircling mostof Thompson. Some areas lengthy and challenging;some short and easy walking. Easy access frommany areas of the city. No fees.
  10. 10. © Centre on AgingThe Crolly Trail is a groomed cross country ski trail within the city limits. Veryeasy access. There are different distance loops. No fees.
  11. 11. © Centre on AgingThere are many types of fishing for all ages and price levels: off shore, from theboat, ice fishing and fly-in fishing.
  12. 12. © Centre on AgingA senior using the stick to curl. Age-friendly – allows seniors to continue to curlafter hip and knee problems.
  13. 13. © Centre on AgingSafe, indoor track for walking, jogging. Age friendly track. Can walk no matterwhat the weather.
  14. 14. The Pas Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival FestivalsCarman Blizzard Festival St. Laurent Winter BlastPhoto credit: Festival St. Malo Festival of Friends Winnipeg Beach Wonderful Winter Weekend Brochet Caribou Festival Grand Marais Winter Family Festival Photo credit: Flin Flon Bust the Winter Churchill Aurora WinterFest Blues Festival
  15. 15. Contact informationJim HamiltonCentre on Aging, University of Manitoba338 Isbister BuildingWinnipeg MB Canada R3T 2N2Email: Jim_Hamilton@UManitoba.CAWeb: