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Introduction to Scrum


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Gerry Kirk's presentation at Plone Conf 2008 on Scrum for creating high performing teams.

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Introduction to Scrum

  1. High Performing Teams: Gerry Kirk What’s the Secret Sauce? IfPeople - Introducing Scrum
  2. Who is this guy?
  3. Why Scrum? Boosts Productivity Simple Framework Embraces Change Delivers by Value Fosters Collaboration Evidence- based
  4. Scrum Process
  5. Product Owner defines features in Product Backlog Card, Conversation, Confirmation
  6. Team estimates and commits to sprint
  7. Learning Game: 60 Paces ● Pairs: manager, worker ● 2 minutes ● Go, Stop, Left, Right, Faster, Slower From
  8. Daily check-ins to co-ordinate, surface problems
  9. Burndown chart measures progress
  10. Working software is demonstrated Try and impress me Mr. Product Owner
  11. Scrum Master guides, helps team be productive
  12. Scrum Master protects the team
  13. Team is cross-functional, full-time, self-organizing
  14. No secret sauce is complete without... Test-driven development Continuous integration Pair programming
  15. Pair programming
  16. Can tools help?
  17. XM
  18. Cluemapper
  19. Agilito
  20. Roadrunner 70s 4s 4s
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