Rewiring?....or short-circuiting Public Services


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presented by Alastair Neill, Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council

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Rewiring?....or short-circuiting Public Services

  1. 1. Rewiring?......or short-circuiting Public Services?
  2. 2. Why we need to ‘switch on’ communities and the private sector
  3. 3. The 10 LGA ‘Rewiring’ key propositions – • • • • • • • • • • 1. Give people a meaningful vote on local tax and spending . 2. Cut red tape: bring local services, decisions together in 1 place. 3. Merge 6 government departments, create an England Office. 4. Replace the Barnett formula with needs-based funding model. 5. Take financial distribution out of ministers' hands. 6. Strengthen local say: reduce minister power to intervene in LG. 7. End tick box, bureaucratic inspections: local user champs. 8. Boost infrastructure investment: municipal bonds. 9. A multi-year funding settlement tied to the life of a Parliament. 10. Protect local democracy: protect local government settlement.
  4. 4. Thank you LGA for fighting with a positive vision and change agenda.
  5. 5. • Relationship with government in bad place. • Negative propaganda dominates, negative spin – fundamentally, a breakdown in trust, respect. • Perception by residents of little impact of cuts: the majority view of minority services. • Damage to a generation of LG employees + talent we need to attract for next generation. – Why would a qualified young person choose a career in LG?.....and the associated professions. – Who would choose a career in Children’s Services? – Adult Social Care?
  6. 6. Herefordshire: long-term performance challenges and pressures. • In Children’s Services, Safeguarding ‘Inadequate’. • In Schools, GCSE 5A*-C attainment is lowest improver nationally over last 5 years. • In Adult Social Care, growth in demand has accelerated, with significant under-performance. • Economy: average wages £6,000 below national. • Health: County hospital with £9mill pa black hole. • Social Care Bill – further substantial pressure.
  7. 7. • We are building new business models for each of our re-focussed directorates, to be capable of delivering tough twin track: –Radically improve performance. –and…. –Manage with 40% less Govt grant (34% of gross).
  8. 8. • We must avoid ‘internalising’. • We need to transform our local public services, transform our economy – and we have the determined, talented, focussed team to do it. • Clear political focus, cross-party engagement. • And…..we lack the funds to get the job done. • So, we have had to be much more focussed. • And we have had to get out and sell the message.
  9. 9. 5-point strategy: »Re-defined priorities: • ASC • CS • Economic Devt. »Shared Services/Service Support »Integrate with Health »Local communities take on services/ assets »The private sector – uplifted role as economic driver
  10. 10. The Impact of the cuts We’ve taken out 18% of net spend. Today, Children’s + Adults, at £86 mill ……….65% of net spend. Of the remaining 35%, we need to take out a further 23% (£33 mill).
  11. 11. Integrating with Health: a Journey • Engaging with Health: one of our biggest challenges. • Starting point: mutual misunderstanding, different metrics of performance. • By unremitting effort, establishing good jointworking arrangements, emergent jointteamwork and pooled budgets. • Using winter as the testing ground. • Essential: keep close to CEx/senior team.
  12. 12. Engage our Communities • Strength: • 1 in 3 people in Herefordshire volunteers. • Growing Gaps: • Adults Living Independently • Community Services • Opportunity: • Engage, convince, transfer, coordinate.
  13. 13. Engage the Private Sector • • • • Strengthen support for the LEP. 15 year Economic Master-plan. Major new link to education and skills. Build business case for New University.
  14. 14. Status • 2013/14: narrowing over-spend gap by 70%. • 2014/15: – Cross-party engagement in prioritising. – Coalition offered, in consideration. – Draft budget developed, in consultation. • 2015-17:Medium term financial plan in draft form. • 2015/16 - The Cliff-Edge.
  15. 15. How are you approaching financial sustainability?.......