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Gadget Gateway


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Gadget Gateway – Gadget Gateway is a dedicated online resource developed in the West Midlands by the JIP and individual councils. It provides information and advice about AT equipment and their local authority services to service users, staff and the general public alike – a collaborative approach to raising awareness and helping people to help themselves.
Presentation by Richard Haynes, Gadget Gateway

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Gadget Gateway

  1. 1. Gadget Gateway Richard Haynes Update 10 July 2012 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  2. 2. What and why? Because it is not about the technology, it is about people 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  3. 3. The importance of telecare and ALT Because it is about better safeguarding 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  4. 4. Lisa was previously groomed via the internet, travelled to Leeds and was sexually assaulted.  " She now has a GPS loc8tor, which has a geo boundary function which means that if she goes beyond certain safe areas an alarm is sent to the providers Aspirations and they can track where she is on a computer.  The GPS device also has an SOS button, so if Lisa finds herself in a risky situation she can summon assistance without having to make a call.  Lisa had lost a lot of confidence after the assault and was very keen to have the GPS device to increase her security. Due to the added protection this device provides, Lisa is now more independent and moving on to a home that has less staff. In the future she will be able to become even more independent. The GPS device has increased Lisa s confidence. " 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  5. 5. Tom who lives in the countryside just outside of Ross-on-Wye, used to need a member of staff to shadow him on a bus travelling into Ross where he would complete some shopping and then go on to visit his girlfriend for a few hours. He occasionally gets confused in finding his way to his girlfriend s house and won t ring or ask for help. Because of this staff have had to shadow him and then support him when he gets lost which is very rare. This requires 1:1 staff which has an effect on shared care for others in the house as a whole. " Now staff can monitor his movement accurately using a Skyguard MySOS and a computer to see his whereabouts in Ross and support him by phone / person if and only when he needs support.  This will increase his independence and reduce the risks Tom faces whilst enabling staff to be used in other areas in the home. " 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  6. 6. Is demand diminishing? • Fewer people are being supported and the Institute for Fiscal Studies is asking could more health services be charged for? • How do we help people to help themselves? Because demand continues to rise, but resources are not, and what is our response 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  7. 7. The demographics change together with the pressures to reduce public spending point to a critical projected increase in unmet need There is an urgent requirement to develop market capacity through the retail sector to support self help! DoH, CSED, TCES Program 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  8. 8. 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  9. 9. Ratings and Reviews • Ratings and Review of Standalone solutions as well as Linked Equipment 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  10. 10. • Customise 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  11. 11. More than a web site • Comms plan • Marketing/ materials e.g. Flyer and Q&A • Network Forum/ Online • Help desk/ and email support ...its a shared service, its a solution! 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  12. 12. Communications Plan • Hit the ground running + with your project WAVEs Tool Kit  Timeline of project to provide key stakeholders, staff an • overview Stretches resources  Presentation materials to provide through team meetings, briefings with what to expect Wave 5: Gamma further where  Software overview presentation material Wave 2:  Resource schedules Theta Wave 4: Beta  Checklist of key stakeholders to make early contact with Comms /corporate Wave 3: Alpha Wave 1: dept.s are stretched Delta • Awareness: • Solution scope Prepared • Communications • Change • Briefings communications • Stakeholders • Project Overview inlcuding letters, email and flyer 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  13. 13. Some out of the box marketing • Tailor the design as you want • We can add simply your logo and contact information • Use for internal and external comms • Download materials from the web share 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  14. 14. A free network share 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  15. 15. Support desk specifically for your ALT Catalogue 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  16. 16. Outlook Reviews Feedback Ratings Over the next 12 months we are looking to expand the users to get real feedback and deliver real benefits 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  17. 17. Getting the message out there... • IPAD Kiosk with ongoing revenues through ecommerce platform (kiosk) • People on hand to provide Professional market analysis based on ONS and DH data (person) • Training in association with TBC • Update service to keep product range in step with care and support and health needs and kiosk maintained (maitenance/ shopfitting) • How much? From £6,600 per site in year 1 and £3300 per year support – revenues potentially paying for this cost and providing sustaining net positive returns. 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12
  18. 18. Getting the message out there... • Turn key solution, everything from what products to stock (with input from yourself of course), to the training locally through to an online ecommerce tool • Can set up the revenues either through your existing organisation or set up a social enterprise! • Don’t need to worry about maintenance or repairs (fair usage applies) Help • Way lower cost than a new ILC and can have a presence in far more locations – GP surgeries, Pharmacies for example can be hosts. • Expert advise on product ranges and buying in to a national brand with a strong marketing plan 2012Tuesday, 10 July 12