Delivery of Facilities Management Sought Through Partnership


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Paul Wayman, Shared Services Project Manager - Assets, Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Partnership

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Delivery of Facilities Management Sought Through Partnership

  1. 1. Assets Workstream Presentation toWest Midlands Property Alliance 5th November 2012
  2. 2. The drivers Why are we doing this?. . . . National context Next Comprehensive Spending Review – there’s more to come This isn’t easy and is rarely the easiest option It’s fundamentally about good relationships It takes time and requires trust This needs political and managerial leadership at all levels of our 3 organisations
  3. 3. Size and scopeValue over £30mCommon functions are: Repairs and maintenance Catering Cleaning Capital projects Landlord functions Caretaking Strategic asset management
  4. 4. AimsTo identify the benefits of working togetherCreate a resilient service fit to meet future challengesCustomer service improvements
  5. 5. Memorandum of Understanding“By working together we recognise that each authority willbe better able to deliver efficiency savings and reduce costwhilst building resilience across our organisations and thusimprove the quality of services our customers and quality oflife of our citizens experience.”“It is the purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) to act as a Statement of Intent which will support therealisation of these benefits” 2nd March 2012
  6. 6. Assets & FM Priority - number 1Repairs and maintenanceDelivering service to schools corporate buildingsThreat – Academy status external providers – tightbudgetsOpportunity – understand costs create sub regionalpartnershipBenefit – Cashable non cashable
  7. 7. Our approach. . . . Find out how much current service costs to deliver Compare costs Determine the options for delivery Identify benefits Members choose delivery option (including do nothing) Implement
  8. 8. We have identified a wide range of benefits andestimated savings be realised over the next two years 2012-15Assets & FM (without WCC) £1.1mNote – This is an overall benefits picture which includes non-cashable savings, as wellas some which are already accounted for in existing savings plans – this will need tobe refined when establishing budget lines
  9. 9. The story of the Assets & FM workstreamWe have: Prioritised service areas based upon their potential for collaboration Learnt the importance of aligning policy as part of collaborative procurement through the asbestos and water hygiene contract Explored the potential for collaboration in Catering and Cleaning services Successfully extended the Solihull Partnership model for repairs and maintenance so that it can be offered to other organisations, with N&B starting in 2013 Built individual positions for each authority on the feasibility of joining the Partnership contractOur next steps are: To explore the potential for a single service for the delivery of Assets and FM services To bring Portfolio Holders together to review options