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  1. 1. SpainOur Country
  2. 2. Where do we are?
  3. 3. Facts and figures Extension 500,000 Km2 47,000,000 inhabitants 17 autonomous regions 8.116 municipalities Latitude: between 26o and 44º N Longitude: between 19oW and 5o E Coastline: 7,500 Km Calling code: 34 Highest peak: 3718m (Teide) Time zone: CET Currency. Euro 1€= 30.1260 SKK 1€= 4.29318 PLN 1€= 1.95603 BGN Capital: Madrid Internet Country Code Domain: .es Member of the EU since 1986 Compulsory Education from 6 to 16
  4. 4. Political system Constitutional monarchy. King Juan Carlos I Spanish Constitution. Enacted by referendum on 1978 Bicameral parliament: The Congress of Deputies and The Senate 17 regions so 17 autonomous governments Regions are subdivided in provinces and municipalities
  5. 5. Stereotypes• It is hot in Spain! – It depends on the region• Spanish people speak loud. – More or less…• Spanish people like bullfighting. – Just a minority• Spanish people play guitar and dance Flamenco. – Absolutely not!• Paella is the most popular Spanish dish: – True!• Spanish timetable is crazy. – True. Lunch at 14:30, dinner at 21:30…• Having a siesta is usual in Spain. – Well, some are great supporter of it, but not everybody!
  6. 6. You probably know of… Pablo Picasso Cervantes Santa Teresa Gaudí José CarrerasRafa Nadal Fernando Torres Antonio Banderas Pedro Almodóvar Penélope Cruz
  7. 7. But you never heard of…Joaquín Sorolla Javier Marías Vicente Ferrer Calatrava José Carlos MartínezMª José Martínez Pau Gasol Sara Baras Iciar Bollaín Gema Mengual
  8. 8. Maybe you’ve heard ofBenidorm La Sagrada Familia La AlhambraMuseo del Prado Real Madrid vs. Barça Sanfermines
  9. 9. But never heard of Tarifa Burgos Cathedral Segovia AqueductThe Guggenheim Canoeing down te Segura Spring Festivals in Murcia