Murcia 2


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Murcia 2

  1. 1. MurciaWhat to see
  2. 2. Our cityMurcia is placedin the South East of Spain
  3. 3. With this work we want people to knowthe most interesting places in Murcia, sothat you don’t miss any of them.This city has a lot of historical and culturalplaces, in this work we’ll talk a bit aboutsome nice places to visit
  4. 4. The cathedral• Its real name is “Catedral de Santa Maria” but everybody knows it as Murcia’s cathedral.• Its construction began in the XIV century and ended in the XVIII century. Because of this long period of time, it has great influences from a lot of styles, these are: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical• It is placed at “Plaza del Cardenal Belluga” which is the center of the town.
  5. 5. Cartagena• We could say that the most important city in Murcia is Cartagena, which is well known all over the country.• It was founded by the “cartagineses”.• It has a great port for militar and civil uses, near the port you can see the first submarine, invented by Isaac Peral• It also has an urban center which is really interesting where a roman theatre recently restored is placed.• The coast of Cartagena, which includes a big quantity of beaches and creeks is also very important.
  6. 6. Lorca• Lorca is a city of Murcia, it has a great cultural patrimony and also is a nice city to visit if you ever come to Murcia.• The most important “monument” in Lorca is its castle, which dates from the IX century.• If you wanna party in Lorca you should go to “Feria de dia” which takes place in September.
  7. 7. Beaches in MurciaIn Murcia we have a wide variety ofbeaches, such as LaManga, Águilas, Mazarrón, Los Narejos, LosAlcáceres, San Javier…Also thanks to our wonderful weather you canenjoy these beaches nearly any time of theyear, except in winter…
  8. 8. Águilas
  9. 9. La Manga• You can see “two seas” in La Manga, the so called, “Mar Menor” and the “Mar Mayor” but, in fact, they both belong to the Mediterranean sea.
  10. 10. Caravaca de la Cruz• Its placed at the west of Murcia’s Region.• It’s a very important place for christian people because of its churches and it’s special cross.• It also has some typical ceremonies as “Caballos del vino”, which is a really important day on this city.
  11. 11. Archena’s spa
  12. 12. • It is placed in “Valle del Ricote” (24 km from Murcia).• It is known for its minerals and medicinals waters all over the country.• It belongs to “Royal Spas of Europe” organization which englobes all the spas from Murcia.If you want to get relaxed this is one of the bestplaces to do it!!
  13. 13. • And now is time for you to visit these places!!The end